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As one last act of love from Talzin towards her son, she sends Maul to a place where Sidious won´t be able to reach him, a place where the former sith lord will finally find peace and redemption after having made and lost so much.

Will the sith lord be able to cope with this place? Or he will simply set it ablaze.

Darth Maul is a character from Star Wars, which is owned by LucasArts.

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Instant fav.:pinkiecrazy:

I am considering doing a fic where Darth Plagueis survives and ends up in Equestria.

"Blast that ship off the sky!"

Out of?:unsuresweetie:

The most fearsome assassin in the galaxy, sent to a place where everything is bright and cheerful? He's going to go insane. Again.

As much as I love redemption stories Maul is pure evil so I wouldn't blame you for keeping hi. That way.

I like were this is going, but don't have Maul become good in just a few chapters. A character like him needs time to go through redemption and character development, if you make him cast his evil ways just like that it'll just make the story seem rushed and loose it's potential.

your very clever with the whole cut in half thing

I concur with the others if you must make him turn good then just make is slow and believable.

I'm going to call it now and say by the end of this story/series (if it comes to it) Maul will reform. Place your bets people. I put my soul and my tattered sanity on it.

Some spellchecking I did for this chapter:

"Maul, please have a sit."

Change "sit" to "seat."

"Even though your apologize won´t bring this pony back, you should know that he was to be encased in stone, his fate would have been sealed regardless of your actions, AND contrary to my sister, I do agree that we should use more severe punishments with scum like him."

Change "apologize" to "apology."

5512419 Thank you for the assistance =)

Ship as Luna x Maul? No sex please. PLEASE.

so what´s the worst thing that could happen? NOW YOU FUCKED UP

Let's face it. This is Darth Maul. The best "redemption" to be hopes for is for him to stop killing people at every excuse he can get XD he's too hateful for a full turn around so he'd still be rather antisocial but I'd like to see this play out ^.^

The easiest and shortest answer to the question "what did you do before coming here" would be to just get up with angriest face he could manage and shout as loud as possible "KILL EVERYTHING!" XD

Well... This has my attention.

"Hey! Freak! Once I get out of here, I will cut you in half!" One of the prisoners, the one who had spoken against Luna in fact, was threatening him, bad mistake.
Maul stood up from his bed, and walked towards one side of his cell, and looked directly at the pony.



Everypony at the table suddenly had a change of heart towards Maul, they saw him as a mere victim of evil, and suddenly they felt empathy for the former sith lord, causing them to lower their guards, especially Applejack and Rainbow... fools.

That's the Maul we all know and love! Tricking them into being nice.

Without Maul expecting it, a Pink flash came rushing towards him, instantly wrapping itself around the sith´s torso, later revealing herself as a crying Pinkie.
"So sad... so, so... SAD!" Maul didn´t know what to make out of this, he wasn´t used to affection, his whole life had been full of torture, this was the first time someone hugged him. The sith looked from Pinkie to the rest sitting at the table.
Everypony couldn´t help but to smile when they noticed the look he had on his face, it was a face of desperation mixed with confusion.
"Come on sugarcube, not everypony likes being hugged, and by the look on Maul´s face its obvious he isn´t used to affection." Applejack said, then turned to face Maul. "No offence partner."
"None taken." The sith replied, his face still holding confusion.
Luna chuckled before talking. "Pinkie tends to be very emotional, she can´t stand watching somepony suffer. None of we do..."
Maul didn´t answer, he was on a loss for words.

But that might change...


Luna turned to face him. "You know? Jedi sounds rather peaceful, whereas sith... it surely sends chills down my spine." Maul had expected this, after all, sith caused fear in the hearts of others, however he would never expect what came next. Luna smirked before talking. "I like it."
Maul was for the third time on a loss for words, and soon enough it would not surprise him, this place was stranger than he could have thought.
Maul could spot the princess staring directly at him, her eyes penetrating the Zabrak, at least until he broke the contact, this time it was him who was watching his reflection.

When people thought that Luna and Maul was going to be a thing, I laughed it off. But now...

"I must admit you don´t look like a charm at the first sight, however we shouldn´t antagonize anypony without knowing him, but why do you ask?" She turned slightly to face him, and grinned playfully. "Are you a danger to us, Maul?"
The Zabrak released a smirk, and ´mocked´"Indeed I am, Luna."
"Then I suppose I should have my eye on you at all times." Luna joked back, Maul chuckled.
"I thought it was supposed to be a punishment." Luna blushed upon hearing his words and released a small nervous laugh.

This ship has sailed!

Ahh Darth Maul, great character! :D
hehehehe nicely done!

Can't wait to see how this goes!

Man oh man, Maul be in the wrong place. He's... well... evil? I suppose.

Anywho, nice work so far.

Methinks... Maul is... destined to save Equestria... huehuehuehue eue

Nice job so far! :D

Ohoohoohoo, this is going rather well, I like how this is progressing!
You get a fave!

Keep up the great work my friend! ^^

You're welcome! :D

Keep up the good work.

Why does this have a Human tag if Maul is Zabrak?

6172662 then there would be an alien tag and besides maul is very close to a human

Poor maul he lost his brother now his mother:fluttercry::fluttershysad:

THE POWER LEVELS ARE OVER 9000:rainbowlaugh:

5453024 I think he's already insane enough to be sane

I'm quite enjoying this. I suggest getting chapters proof read though

Please don't leave us! This story has so much potential.

Almost as if something had ripped humanity from him

How do they know about humanity?

Wooooow... update, a few typos but good job man, good job.
Been awhile, nice work.

A good story so far, and also well written (according to my meager sense of wellness that is), i'm actually surprised it doesn't have at least 200+ likes... meh, still faved\liked.

7815042 I really appreciate it, glad you´re liking it!

Comment posted by ABitterPill deleted Apr 17th, 2018

(PLZ No one murder me for this, BUT I NEED THIS!)

Pony Wars Battlefront II

Solar Guard: DARTH MAUL!


Twilight Sparkle (Hero): :twilightangry2: HE CAN'T TAKE US ALL DOWN!

One mass slaughter later...

CIS: Victory is ours!

Twilight (Hero): :twilightoops: I stand corrected- (DED via Darth Maul)


I wonder what's going to happen...
either Maul's going to turn to the Light Side,
or he'll burn Equestria to the ground.
Make two timelines if possible showing both outcomes, please.

"...he was Jar Jar in a world of Rancors." Reading this line and visualizing the image made my day.

"There is no good or evil, we simply do what we think is best from our point of view." The former sith lord´s answer left most of the ponies present at the table, scratching their heads, with the obvious exception of Luna, Celestia and Twilight.

I know he's tricking them but he's not entirely wrong if one looks at it from a certain point of view.

Why is this so unpopular? This has good quality, good setup, and good reasoning, what the hell?
I truly find your lack of fame disturbing...

Thanks man, I truly appreciate it.

Wow, another update so soon.

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