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Happily married to her long time sweet heart and domestic partner Bon Bon, Lyra feels as though their relationship needs to go even further by becoming a family. Several attempts by both mares to get pregnant fail to the point of both being declared infertile. After months of trying, the only option left is adoption. Bon Bon believes a nice filly will be a worthy life adventure in itself, but Lyra takes this as an opportunity to live out her dream of being a mother while fulfilling her life long obsession. She'll have to challenge the justice system of Equestria's newest and strangest allies, ancient creatures that just happen to be a personal obsession of hers, to reach her ultimate goal.

A Tale of the War of the Fallen Race.

Note: This story is meant for my current readers and fans, to anyone else this won't make a damn bit of sense.

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 173 )

Why so many thumb downs without reading?

Why all the dislikes?
Your WotFR universe deserves more attention.

Bonbon dropped her half of the bundle, gawking at the shear amount of conspiracy theorist stereotypes lining the walls of Lyra's special room.
"Of course I can talk! I can't be the ambassador of my species if I can't talk! Now give it back!"

Haha, classic.

This. All the way.

Ignore the dislikes, PegasusKlondike. We all love your universe.

I am not just saying that either. The first story of this chapter is well written.

Good morning every- HOLY SHIT!

I've never had that many dislikes that quickly! Abandon ship!

Nah, I'm just playin'. This little train is gonna keep chuggin' along. Hopefully the rail is secure...

My up-thumbs will help you. Stand brave, it's good to see another story out of this universe.

But yeah, I too wonder what "Wale Mrefu" is.

1208226 Inter story reference, that was a cameo meant for my Daring Do and the Eyes of the Demon fans.

1208274 Ah, I haven't read that. Explainable indeed.

The part with the binoculars using stallion made me laugh a bit.:rainbowlaugh:

Oh lawdy, this got steamy pretty fast. Not complaining.

1221740 I thought on it and tossed the comedy tag back on there. Maybe I'll include some more lame puns later on.

One question,any soul outside of its body(like Aaron in this chapter) will have a high-pitched voice?
The thought of that makes me giggle a bit.
Anyway,well done.

1311133 I wanted it to come across as more of a buzz or a hum rather than actual words. But yes, in the absence of vocal cords, your voice does get higher.

I see.In part I guess I had the wrong image.Still I think it might be a bit funny if the souls had cute high-pitched voices.

1311838 Plus they're kind of tiny. They've got that whole comically small voice thing going on.

Wow this line

....and a small fleet of helicopter gunships. Can't forget that, it's not a memorable event if high tech war machines aren't involved in some tiny way.

I don't know whether to be proud as an American at that or if I should be rolling on the floor right now.

1388036 I myself shed American tears over the freedom level of that line (said level was 1776 by the way).

Also, author, you wrote "phase" as "faze" up there, might want to correct that. Good chapter, looks like things are getting going.

1388217 Damn! Knew I missed something!

I live in a town right next to Bangor, Maine.

I laughed hard when I saw that.

1390699 Shit, right; I feel kinda embaressed now...
Hardcore-playing Borderlands 2 and forgetting about the Crimson Raiders.... damn....

1390699 For a flag, perhaps something with a phoenix on it would be suitable?

1390730 That is...rather fitting. Okay, how about a red phoenix in the center, spread eagle on a field of blue, carrying a star in one talon, a broken arrow and a lightning bolt in the other talon.

Symbolism: Phoenix is rebirth and by that proxy second chances. The star symbolizes the world we left behind and as a reminder of who we once were. The broken arrow means that we are a nation believing in peace, but the lightning bolt means we will strike our enemies with the fury of thunder.

Alright, I forsee something in the future. I have been thinking lately about my rendition of my story, and its lacking, lacking a great deal. I Figure to revamp it and see if I can drag some more ideas out of my head. Thanks for the shout out in the last chapter and feel free to use any of my OCs, as crappy as they may be. Sorry I havent noticed this before as I have been kinda busy (or lazy, depending on your perspective lol). So, message me some time, gotta compare notes and such! OH! And one other thing, the road that fred talked about in chapter 2, that was actually a railroad lol Only way to feed the hungry track laying machine.

*cackles like an idiot" i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/000/681/what-you-did-there-i-see-it.thumbnail.jpg

This chapter... I hope you throw some more goodies in there for me. When you throw richard in there, have him be like, planning the trek into the north. This is so cool! Hall of Steel!

I did initially imagine the soon to be adopted human child to be a boy.It had something to do with a random idea that popped into my mind when I first heard of this story.I could share it if you want me to.

1548931 Go ahead, all ideas are welcome.

I like the chapter so much that I would have a one night stand with it, but paper prices being the way they are...

So Terra is technically at war with the changelings? And about the Diamond Dogs, I was hoping that one day, the dogs will once again be the man's best friend. And I'm a little curious about the gazebo, who put it there, the Mother, the Sun spirit, or some other unknown diety?

Anyway, hope you write more soon!:twilightsmile:

1550795 Not truly at war, changelings are considered a dangerous, verminous and pestilent species. They just found a new source of food and tried to infiltrate it.

1550941 So just pests like rats and locusts?

1550941 Okay the idea that came into my mind upon getting word of this story was if Lyra and Bon Bon adopted a boy,then maybe he would end up being let's say special to Sophia.This could be implied in the sequel to WotFR since you told me it would take place five years after the first.To be honest,the Heartatrings couple adopting a girl was kind of predictable to me.Hope that didn't sound bad to you.

1551066 Dangerous pests that can put people into comas.

>implying it wouldn't be Israel who starts a war with Iran

Anyways, good chapter as always, I bet they're gonna end up adopting that human kid. Dat foreshadowing.

1557426 I didn't imply that the Iranians started it, but they sure as shit finished it.

Threw Rich in there I see. That made me chuckle. He isnt a very... social person. he likes to spend time with his steel leviathans and whatnot lol.
This was a very interesting look at it I must say. With the little hints at things and what not. I suppose Rich is out there going "PLAY MORE COUNTRY YA IDIOTS!" XDDDD

I should be writing my I Search Essay, but instead I have been writing my fanfiction during school. I know that feel.

I should be doing my homework for Portuguese, but I'm reading this instead. I blame ponies.

YAy! Chapter update! I am interested to see what the non-human citizens do.

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