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Just a small time writer from the humble Wasteland State of Arizona. I spend most of my time writing stories or playing video games. That's all that really describes me.

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When you're known as "that colt" to almost everyone in a ten-mile radius, sometimes you need a fresh start. Union Jack used to be that one colt everyone knew but nobody was friends with - playing make-believe when everybody else was playing sports, still having toys up until the age of almost fourteen (and regularly playing with them to boot), and being generally the most socially awkward pony on the block, but that's going to change today. With a blank slate and a mind to prove himself to be the cool kid he knows he is, this year's going to be his best yet - if he can avoid his reputation.

Cover art by the amazing Liixa of Gaia Online.

Currently in the process of a rewrite, sit back and enjoy!

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2nd May 2012
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18th Sep 2013