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Forbidden. How can a book be forbidden? Books are bound pages of truth and knowledge. That’s young Twilight’s view on the matter, at least.
During a decisive moment in Twilight’s life, Celestia explains the difference between knowledge and wisdom.
Years later, Twilight responds in kind.

Edited by Bradel

The original version of the story, which became the first chapter of this one, took 6th place in The Writeoff Association's December 2014 contest, "Behind Closed Doors"

Chapters (2)
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Her nose bumped into cold and hard, and her eyes flew open.

Missing a word here.

Is this supposed to be marked incomplete?

Ironically, it isn't. I wrote the second chapter in December, took some time to edit, and held off posting completely because that other story showed up in the featured box.
From the very beginning, I thought that that idea (claiming Luna doesn't exist) had the potential to shake Celestia to the core

:rainbowhuh:5675056 Wow! That's weird.

I wrote a review of this story; it can be found here.

Wow. Uh. Wow. The second chapter is horrifying from a historian's perspective.

5672953 has it right. By destroying the book and by association the record of its impact during a period of Equestria's history, Celestia is effectively doing the exact same thing that the author of the book does. Rewriting history to eliminate something inconvenient to her worldview.

...I am still not convinced that this isn't secretly a dark story about how power corrupts and how that corruption is justified and transmitted to the unsuspecting innocent.

¡Oh my! The 1st step toward the Dark Side is so hard and the 2nd step so easy. I can see Princess Twilight Sparkle setting up MiniTruth (the Ministry of Truth), censoring everything, generating huge amounts of propaganda, and rewriting history in less than a century after the destruction of that 1 nasty book. Those that will disagree with MiniTruth will get a rent-free stay in MiniLove (the Ministry of Love).

5676369 Agreed ... the wise thing to do would have been to have published a new edition, complete with a forward by Celestia explaining the context, and perhaps a note from Luna herself. Then again, I'm against the idea of a "forbidden section," or censorship in general.

First chapter: Cute, thoughtful, and entertaining. Thumbs up!

Second chapter: Totally believable and in character! The only problem is the "Complete" tag! There's so much more to this story left unsaid! Below you can read a quick synopsis of future chapters!

:twilightsmile: I've decided that burning books is A-OK!
:ajsmug: Hoo boy! You can come burn them at the farm! Me and Big Mac just realized how much fun burning down apple trees is!
:rainbowlaugh: Hey, that's awesome AJ! I'll help get the fire started with all my Wonderbolts memorabilia! I've totally decided to drop those losers and take up Tai Chi instead!
:yay: And I can use the fire to cook some of my animal friends! Because I've decided that all of Celestia's creatures have a place... On my plate besides the mashed potatoes!
:raritywink: Oh darling, could you save some of those animal hides for me? I've just realized that all fashion is lies, and have decided to live like a cave pony, covered in the skins of dead animals!
:pinkiehappy: And I've got Diabetes! Wheeeeeee!

:applecry: ...
:unsuresweetie: ...
:scootangel: ...
:moustache: ...
:moustache: I say we push them all into the bonfire once it's started. It's for the greater good.
:unsuresweetie:, :scootangel:, :applecry: AGREED.

Technically Celestia would have been better to fulfill her fantasy here. Confront the author and make a bet that he is wrong and Luna will be back someday. If he accepts then he gave tacit approval of turning him to stone to see the return of Luna.

Comment posted by Xaldon Ajide deleted Jul 22nd, 2017

“–this one about is torturing ponies to figure out what causes the most pain.”

is about

Thanks for pointing that out :twilightsmile:

Only ONE comment? What the hay...? :rainbowderp:
This... was a sweet little tale. There are maaany stories out there depicting Twilights adventures, her possible romance with Tia, stuff like that. But a simple tale about her youth, learning about boundaries, Tia teaching her... those are much rarer. And her test was a great idea. (Actually solved it ahead of time, so I'm obviously totally smarter than... a really, really, really young Twilight. Hm. Maybe shouldn't start bragging about that one... :rainbowlaugh:)

Thank you. :twilightsmile:

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