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That was pretty fresh, I say. Kudos for doing something a bit different with the whole "screwed by a plant" thing.

It's part beautiful and part terrifying! :twilightoops:

Hmm, someone should start looking for her...

If this is a one shot than why is there an incomplete tag???

5434086 - oops! Sorry, being a noob. ^^ I'll fix that

5434099 - sorry, fixed! (also replied to the wrong comment, I'm such a noob :) )

I can defiantly say that this is the weirdest, most buckup thing, I have ever read.

5434094 - I originally planned a darker ending where she never gets found, but I decided to leave it open-ended. It's possible she could still be found and restored.

5434267 - thanks, I think! ^^

That was good and disturbing in one go....kudos


I approve that.

5434866 I don't like the premise of the fic, so I probably wouldn't like your comment either... but your avatar makes it hilarious.


Dang it, she wanted to be a tree... :rainbowlaugh:

5435091 - probably doesn't now. Being a pleasure plant's companion is where it's at ^^

Nice one for a new author.


Yeah, until some hungry pony with a stuffed up nose due to a cold comes along looking for something colorful to snack on. :twilightoops:

Wouldn't they just get plant raped?

This was... hawt. Short and sweet, yet fresh and original at the same time. The part about the plant burrowing into her skin and attaching to nerve endings was unexpected... I might have to try something like that if I ever write a clopfic. Well done!

5438012 - thanks very much, I'm glad you liked!

I'm scared to read this. Is that fear justified?

5438477 - I think it's fine! Although some people have had reactions to it that I didn't expect, so maybe I'm the wrong person to ask. I guess it depends on whether you're afraid of [REDACTED] or not. :)

This is sad and cool at the same time but, why Fluttershy? :fluttershysad:

5438813 - she just fit the vision that I had. The pleasure plant isn't technically evil, which might be the most insidious thing about it. It genuinely wants its victims to be happy, because pleasure is what it feeds upon. That's why it's able to exist even under the peaceful influence of the Tree of Harmony. In many ways, Fluttershy is the perfect subject for it, as she too embodies that same kind of peace and harmony.

That's why she couldn't really fight back (well, aside from the effects of a plant invading her nervous system). If the plant was doing this to a friend, she'd probably put an end to it if she could. But because it was herself, she was inclined to take the soft, gentle touch with it, which suited the plant's purposes just fine.

The plant = the perfect parasite
Fluttershy = the perfect host

Part of me likes/dislikes this but the other part is just too conflicted by either choice to care :rainbowwild:
I do ,however, like the premise and overall feel of this story. (There might be something wrong with me...) :twilightsheepish:

This has never happened before for me with a story on this site. This is genuinely excellently done and yet the amount of NOPE, JUST NO, NO, NO!!! that has risen up means I cannot give you the fave and like you probably deserve for well nailing the concept as solidly as you did.

Now I'm going to go somewhere else and try very hard to purge the story out of my head. Alcohol may well be involved.

5443141 - this comment is worth missing out on a fave/like for. Thank you. And sorry. XD

5443141 - also, your avatar seems way too appropriate. :)


It so frequently is :pinkiehappy:

darnit , i thought she was going to turn into an alura une or something similar :/ .....

...Where can I find this plant? :twilightblush:

Welp, I'll be rooting for a sequel, and may or may not be going on a stalk for you... that flower may still bloom;)
[Insert leafy argument about liking this story here]
Disclaimer: Any and all puns made here WERE intended. We advise readers discretion. ;D

Cool story! I really like how Fluttershy ACTUALLY BECOMES a part of the plant (dont judge). I wanna see the rest of the mane 6 (and maybe even the PRINCESSES(mostly celestia)) become plants!! (Still dont judge) :twilightblush:

WHAT! :pinkiegasp:
SHE'S NOT A TREE?! (Not hating)


She wondered if Pinkie Pie had snuck into the forest behind her to serve some refreshments, which wouldn't be too unlike her.


Well done.

That ending was my theory on what would happen at extreme levels of pleasure state.:pinkiecrazy: Nothing else matters but pleasure.:rainbowwild:

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