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Rainbow Dash has a new problem to deal with. After talking with Princess Twilight, the Alicorn tells her that the Wonderbolts have some new "requirements" for their tryout applications this year. One of those being a required amount of community service hours. To help her friend, Twilight suggests to Rainbow that she go with Scootaloo and Spike on a upcoming field trip to finish her remaining hours. Eager as she is, the Pegasus takes up the princess on her idea.

The next day, everything was going alright... For the most part. When they come across a comic book exhibit at the Manehattan Museum, both youngsters convince Rainbow to go inside and take a look. As they look around, they come across one of the biggest setups at the Museum on a new comic book that has gained some popularity over the past few years because of the characters and the story as a whole. But when they check it out, the Cyan Pegasus gets a strange feeling. Like something about it seems... real?

Note: Takes place a few months after the events of Season 4. This story is a crossover that I came up with based off of Blizzard's newest game, OverWatch. This is a two part story that includes a small epilogue to the events that occurred. I hope you guys enjoy it.

OverWatch belongs to Blizzard Entertainment
MLP belongs to Lauren Faust and Hasbro.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 20 )

This is a two part story that includes a small epilogue to the events that occurred. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Shouldn't this be complete, then?

Overwatch is not even out for beta-testing yet and there is so much out for it (fan-art, fan-fics, etc.).

Activision-Blizzard is going to make a fortune before players and buyers come to their senses, and then the game flails, flounders, and flops. :rainbowlaugh:

5464525 Thanks for pointing that out. Just Fixed it
5464549 Well, it's caught my attention xD

To be honest, the part that was almost the exact retelling of the Overwatch trailer was the weakest. The start was funny and nice to read, the end tucked on a few feelings, also very good. But the middle part was quite easy to foresee and therefore had quite a lack of tension.
At the end, it's still a good story, but I hope future installments will rely more on your own ideas, you seem to have some good ones :ajsmug:

5502830 I have quite a few, but I try to focus on projects one at a time. Taking on too many things at once makes my brain hurt

i liked this.:raritywink: i hope you`ll make a sequel.:pinkiehappy:

Please be a sequel, that would be amazing.

7093320 I agree.

7255862 HERE HERE!:yay: A sequel at this point is a must:pinkiehappy:

5464549 honestly the game isn't bad, it just has little substance, but the promise seems to be 'bought full game? Most new added content is free'. I've had some good moments and am really enjoying Junkrat, mostly cause I played a ton of tf2 and he's similar to my favorite character there, Demoman

Are you considering on making a sequel? This story was really good by the way, curious on what it will be like if you continue it

7348365 xD. Wrong Esper. Still funny though

I enjoy overwatch crossovers, whether it's actual crossover or parody. Nice work here!

How did I know somepony was gonna use that?

Also, Yay! Pokemon!

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