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This is defiantly a great story I personally can't think or find anything wrong the would be a major issue. The story is believable and the characters seems to be in character most of the time. Lastly the sex is actually good especially considering there's no real fetish in this story overall I give a 9.3/10

There'd better be more chapters.

There can be SO much more done with this, I. Demand. MOAR.

“Here we gooooooooooooo!” Rainbow whooped, slamming her hips in one last time and burying her cock as far in as it would go.

So goofy I had to think of this

Otherwise, nice work.


As somepony said, this needs more. But even like this the story is awesome. You earned this:

Great story! You might just want to correct this part though:

He felt the whole head of Rainbow's slip dickin



6083889 6083923 6084219 6084377 To be honest, this was just something I wrote a while ago. I wasn't sure how well it'd be recieved, so I left it in a state of "complete but open for more" if people wanted it. Apparently, people want it :D And I am happy to write more of it. Genderswapping fics are one of my favorite things ever.

Pfft, that exists of Ambrose? That's amazing! (Hopefully he gets the title for real this Sunday.) This story looks like it answers half my clopfic prayers, so I can't wait to read it. Genderswapped Dash and Soar is gonna be amazing.


Instead of doing for depth, he switched to bobbing his head up and down as best he could, half imagining his mouth as his own soaking pussy.

Should this be 'going' for depth?

He felt the whole head of Rainbow's slip dickin, the slight flare making it easier for the rest to follow.

I shouldn't need to say what's wrong here. :P

If Soarin’ had been asked yesterday if he would willing become a mare and beg to be filled with stallion meat, he would have said a resounding no.

Awkward phrasing, and 'willing' should be 'willingly.' I'd rephrase it thus:

"...and beg to be filled with stallion meat, his answer would have been a resounding no."

Good story, good seed for more to happen later. Bring it on.

I'm rather curious how RD can know the pool has built in contraceptives when it's a magical artifact they didn't even know what it would do before jumping in.

Still, that tiny plot-hole aside, I really liked this story, and glad to hear it's going to be continued. :raritywink:.

Awesome. :pinkiehappy:

'nough said. :moustache:

6085050 needs more tiny plot-hole.

Know other people have mentioned this, but i for one loved it wether it was a mistake or not, it made me chuckle.
He felt the whole head of Rainbow's slip dickin, the slight flare making it easier for the rest to follow.


I can see why... You look like you had some serious fun with this.

~Skeeter The Lurker

“Good thing the pool probably won’t let you get pregnant, because there’s no way you’d escape that as a normal mare.”

Is that foreshadowing or lampshade hanging?

I love how they both think being the opposite gender feels like the best thing ever. That little detail would most likely be how it would be for anyone experiencing sex for the first time as the opposite gender, because it's a completely new sensation.

6084618 Genderbending is one of my favorite fetishes. Too bad we won't have anything in real life to replicate this until true VR comes in a hundred years or so. And by 'true' I mean matrix style that can send your brain any sensation.

Well, no fetish besides generbending, but I know what you mean. Plain vanilla sex is best sex I think.

6084618 excellent. When can we expect another chapter?


6084687 I asked a friend to do that seal of approval ;)

6084618 Ooooh, good, i'll wait here ^^


6084921 All fixed! Thanks for pointing those out. No matter how many times I read over something, I'll miss stuff like that. So thank you.

6085050 It's a guess on her part :raritywink:

6085974 Seeing as how I never intended to publish it when I wrote it... indeed I did.

6086345 Both. I left it open ended, should I choose to go one way or the other ^.^

6086728 It's new, it's exciting, it's something you've never experienced before. So yeah. Genderbending is basically one of the greatest things to write about ever.

6086964 When I write it. No set timeline yet buuuuut at least before the end of the month. I think.

6088565 well played... well played. Is it weird I'm hoping for foreshadowing?


It's a guess on her part :raritywink:


...Well, I hope she's right, or Soarin' is going to need some rather strange forms for maternity/paternity leave.

Triggers: Genderswap

This kind of thing is why nobody can take this "trigger warning" nonsense seriously. They're supposed to be used for stuff that might cause a sufferer of PTSD to have an episode. Nobody, nowhere has ever suffered from genderbending-related PTSD. It's just embarrassing.


He felt the whole head of Rainbow's dick slip in

There's still an errant extra space here, in "Rainbow's dick" (no, not literally a space in Rainbow's dick, that would be weird) :D

I'm always happy to catch the editing quirks people leave behind. :) Copyeditor by hobby, don'cha know.


6088746 Triggers, Tags, Contains, blah blah. Really, I just use them the same way. It's to tell people what's in, so, should they not like that thing, they can avoid it. Like foalcon, incest, genderswap. Don't like, don't read.

6088789 Dang it! Made a mistake when fixing a mistake. Thanks again~


6088569 Impregnation is another of my favorite fetishes, so who knows? I haven't actually thought out the next chapter in detail yet.

6088882 But of course, good sir.

6088886 I see. Am I right in assuming the pool would effect a pregnant mare? So, maybe Rainbow turns back the morning after, but Soarin doesn't, and they have to find out why, and then they figure it out, and there's a whole story on whether or now he'll get an abortion( which he inevitably choses not to)?

Bruce Jenner. Zing!

(I slightly hate myself for that one.)

Unusually solid clop. Well done!

6091314 Yo, I have heard that you like to close pools, so we put a pool inside a pool, so youcan close the pool while you are closing the pool...

Your making fun of PTSD girl has triggered my PTSD. Im so triggered right now. :pinkiecrazy:


Thats such a stupid name for something, triggered.

Ok, im done saying triggered.


6086735 Maybe that is why everyone in SAO is a girl...

Is this just me, Or does this need a F/F and an M/M trilogy/sequel/bonus chapters?


6118545 I maaaay also be influenced by this little fic :raritywink:

What a coincidence, I reread the first two chapters of that earlier today. So, you know the "possibilities of pools"


Incomplete, eh?

~Skeeter The Lurker

i could care less about the genderswapping.... im just happy for some nice good ole' kinky SoarinDash! can you just imagine what 2 highly athletic and sexy pegasi could do!?.................of coarse you could! so have at it and mak'em go at it like rabbits!:rainbowwild:

6193128 I see what you did there.:rainbowlaugh:

That was awesome,Can there be more ,Maybe one where he does get pregnet ?And they make opasete gender clones and fuck them.

Very unf story I liked it a lot!

I echo Master King. This definitely deserves a sequel! And if it’s one where they find out that the pool not only doesn’t prevent pregnancy, but rather promotes it, so much the better!

Kinda want hoping there is a sequel with another pairing tbh... This is good.

That'd be highly amusing, especially telling Spitfire...
Her spontaneously combusting like Twilight would barely be the start of it.

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