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Trixie's life has been filled with sorrow and heartache. Her trip to Ponyville was no exception. Now after the attack of the Ursa Minor, Trixie finds her life has hit a new low. After sifting through the remains of her wagon, she wanders off nearly broke and dejected. That is until she receives a helping hoof from an unexpected pony.

A week later, Twilight Sparkle discovers a yearbook from her time at "Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns". She tells Spike the sad tale of a friendship between her and Trixie from when they were both younger. The discussion leads Twilight to Canterlot, where she hopes Princess Celestia can help her find Trixie. But when the two unicorns meet up, can they put the past behind them and revive their friendship or will they remain bitter rivals? And what secret about Trixie's ancestry does Princess Celestia finally intend on revealing to her?

This story was partially inspired by the events from "The Not So Great And Somewhat Powerful" a touching story by xxGamer101xx. I also wrote this story because Trixie is one of my favorite ponies. I can't help feeling for her plight, and have been sad that there have been no additional episodes with this inspiring unicorn in them.

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Comments ( 17 )

Wow! What a wonderful story. I actually felt a little teary here and there. Excellent job, friend.

All my D'aaaws belong to this. Great fic.

it's pretty good ..... but i never sheded a tear :ajsleepy:, do you know some more storeis that might make me cry, since youre a good writer i just might fave but i liked it :scootangel: it was sweet :fluttershysad:

I like this, though it feels a little rushed. I think it would really benefit if you went back and expanded on it, it could easily be twice its current length if it wasn't going so fast all the time.

I enjoyed this story. Very heartwarming.

That was my original intent, that and the secret Trixie discovers about herself will tie in with my Luna fic. :raritywink:

1734735 :rainbowderp: Really? Ooh, that sounds intriguing!

i very much appreciate your works, i have yet to find another writer who impresses me with (nearly) all of his stories.
but due to your other stories i've come to expect slow build-ups, a lot of detail in how the characters are feeling and well fleshed out dialogue from you,
and that seems to be lacking in this story :ajsleepy:
i realise ofcourse that this is one of your older stories and i have become spoiled by your improved writingskills :raritywink:
yet i feel this storyline has a lot of potential, and i believe you could make it live up to that like no other writer here could;
if only you would give this plot the room it needs to bloom.
as right now, the first word that springs to mind after reading this story is: "rushed"

P.S.: fifth paragraph last line, "wears" should be "wares"

I have to agree with you. When I wrote this, I thought I had done a decent job writing this, but now as I look back, it could use a lot of help. Sadly I don't have the time to go back and fix this right now. I did fix the typo you pointed out, thanks for mentioning that. :twilightsmile:

lol i do like it hto. :P i dont know how writers tell if a story is good or not but i liked it. im not just saying that cause i liked ur other storiees either i realy do love ur writings. :)

Im glad to see that Trixie is discovering a brighter side to her life. I hope she will be as great as starswirl was. by the way, I read in other fics, that starswirl was actually a mare, who put on the beard so she could attend a school, that was reserved for males only. such sexism!

A bit sappy, but still heartwarming. We could have used a bit of Snips and Snails in the ending scene, though.

Yeah, they would have helped add something to it. This story was lacking, as were my skills back when I wrote it, still, it was a learning experience. I do have a better Trixie story in the works, one that should be far superior to this one, it's just going to be a while till I get to it. Thanks for reading. :twilightsmile:

This was a truly beautiful story and I enjoyed it immensely! :twilightsmile:

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