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Human in Equestria. You have been warned

Jim Butcher Single Line Synopsis (TM): When Daniel Travers is forced to stop an all-powerful reality warping dragon from unleashing hell on an unsuspecting Sugar Bowl of a world…AGAIN, he grits his teeth and steps up to do so. But WILL HE SUCCEED when no pony believes his tale and everything from a griffon army to the voices in his head are trying to kill him?

As an aside there will be both violence and romance in this story but hopefully not enough to need either the "sex" or "gore" tags.

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holy shit... that was the most... screwed up HiE start out I have seen. It made it win btw. Tracked because I am like that.

Finally, somebody who plays it differently! I'm definitely interested to see how this will turn out - I'll be watching this!

Anything that has to do with Discord in anyway is gonna get my attention. KEEP IT UP!:rainbowlaugh:

And "Moar" you shall have.

I should have chapter 2 done in the next couple of days (or sooner). After that, who knows?

Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragements, and I hope to live to your expectations.

hmmm...whelp ya got my attention. lets see what happens from here shall we?

Very nice twist on the typical HiE starting - I eagerly await to see what comes next!

Heh, you did what noone could think of, good one!

I'm looking forward to the next chapter, write it fast!

this story just got awesome! Well... it already was but you get the point.

Alrighty folks I figure it's about time for a few author's notes.

Since I can't stand seeing them in the story itself, they'll be down here in the comments if anyone cares.

Right. Important thing one. This was originally going to be twice as long, with what will become chapter four tacked on the end. But since I hit a decent stopping point I figured you'd prefer a little something now rather than a huge something later. True that means we're still stuck in the Everfree, but hey, that can't last forever can it?

Thing 2: Another of my pet peeves is people linking stuff in their stories. So instead, if I use song lyrics at all, I'll provide the links down here, and the curious can click 'em at their leisure.

Put One Foot in Front of the Other
With Cat-Like Tread

Good chapter and hey, a fighting scene!
Can't wait to read more!

Hopefully there will be no more creatures around... this bounds to get something near, am I right?

Update...? Oh my God it updated! YEAH! It's so beautiful!
Can't wait for Chapter 5


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