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This story is a sequel to The Winds that came from Cybertron

Kul'as had just recently raided a lab that was working on a serum that would enhance the Power Ponies powers. He injected himself with the serum and became a mighty demon powerful physically and magically. the power ponies came in and some were able to take the serum, Saddle Rager in present company of those that took it. But after Kul'as escapes and the heat cools down, Saddle Rager begins to lash out a little at the others. Timberwolf and Zapp get curious and try to figure out the truth behind Saddle Rager's origin, after she violently threatened Timberwolf. Will Zapp and Timberwolf figure out the reason her powers are suppressed? What is Kul'as' next big move? And the Biggest question of all, what is the truth Saddle Rager wants no one to learn the truth about her powers?
Cover art is customly by your truly and represents Flutterwolf

this is a continuity of my story The Winds that came from Cybertron but it is still in Nocturis Comics' Vengful Guardiansverse taking place before his story the Vengful Guardians: The Mercs of Justice. Red Horn may make an appearence in this. Parts of it take ques from Phantom Fan21's Power Poniesverse

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 6 )

..................... XD This is gonna be GREAT! That last line nearly KILLED me I swear. Brings back memories of The Mask.

5433237 to be honest that was my intention.

Fluttershy grabbed Timberwolf by the neck and lifted him off the ground a little. She than looked him directly in the eye, hers glowing a tinge of red.

“I’m in a bad mood. Understand?”

Timberwolf made a guttery “Uh-huh” through the choke and Fluttershy let him go

Obvious Beast Wars Reference. :ajsmug:

Pony Power up

That supposed to be a Power Pony version of Super Hero Squad's "Hero Up"? :trixieshiftright:

6029152 actually a reference to what Applejack said in thr actual episode

6029152 it was their hero phrase, kinda like hero up is yeah...

“That is the past, this is the present, and Frank Welker is the greatest voice actor who has ever lived.”


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