• Published 30th Jan 2015
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Week of the unicorn - CrossRedstone

Twilight accidentally over-shot a spell, which went straight through the portal and by pure chance hit Sunset. Well, so much for band practice. Hooves aren't exactly made to play guitar.

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Unnamed (auto named on getting an idea for a chapter name)

"You met the Twilight from our world?" Rarity asked, as they all met up in the music room. The rest of the school day hadn't gone for Sunset any better and she was sitting in a corner, levitating a brush and getting her mane, as well as her tail straight again.

"Really? How was she?" the unicorn asked from her corner.

"Uh...well..." Fluttershy played nervously with her hair. "She asked a lot of questions."

"Questions?" Rainbow repeated a little frowny, but then her eyes lit up. "I bet it was about our awesome band."

"Seriously, Dash? I bet she hasn't even heard 'bout our band." AJ interjected. "We're just a school band."

"Well, Vinyl did put us on the internet." Sunset told the others, putting the brush back into Rarity's bag. "But we don't have a lot of views. But we got complimented for the "special effects"." she smiled and everybody else did as well.

"You know, we could hit the big times if we keep it up." Rainbow said, pumping her fist into the air.

"Yeah, well, we can try to do that after I get back to normal." Sunset muttered. "So what was she asking about? Is she going to attend the school?"

"No. She asked about...uhh....you know..."


"You know...that?"

"OH MY GOSH! THAT!!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed in an over-dramatic matter, grabbing her hair with both of her hands. She quickly "sneaked up" to Rarity, getting close to her ear. "I don't actually know what she is talking about."

The hobby fashionista gave her friend a look.

"Well outta it Shy. What did she asked you about?" Applejack got a little impatient.

"Oh, well...she asked about...the "incident"."

"Incident?" Rarity and Sunset asked at the same time. "I'm afraid you have to be a little more specific dear."

"She asked about, you know...when the school front had been-"

"Urgh." Sunset facehoofed. "About when I blew up the front of the school, right?" Fluttershy nodded timidly in response. Rarity bend down to Sunset's level and put a reassuring hand on the pony's shoulder.

"But why would she ask about that?" Rainbow asked.

Fluttershy then proceeded into telling how exactly her encounter with Twilight went and what exactly the girl found out. The five girls weren't so sure what to make of it, while the mare in the group grew quite nervous at this revelation.

"This might end bad."

"Huh? Why'd you say that?" Rainbow Dash asked. "If it's Twilight, she's gotta be awesome. We should totally become friends with her."

"I agree with Rainbow Dash, darling." Rarity stated. "It would be better if we explain things to her, before she finds out on her own that everyone in school already knows her. Imagine what would happen, if she bumps into Flash Sentry."

"On second thought..."

AJ didn't let the blue girl finish the sentence, already knowing what she had in mind. "Yeah, we should talk to her. But...ah don't think she'll just belief the whole magic doohicky. Unless we show her Sunset. If you're okay with that, sugercube."

"That's just it. I do want to meet her, but...I'm kinda scared that she'll overreact and tell someone."

"Eh, sugar? Who'd belief her in the first place?" the cowgirl pointed out.

"Yeah and besides, you'll HAVE to tell her eventually." Pinkie threw in her two cents, spinning around on her chair.

"That's just it. I know I have to tell her eventually, but only after the two of us have got to known each other. I don't want her to look at me like I'm some sort of freak."

"Aw, you're not a freak sunny. You're cute!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed. If the others wouldn't know better, they would say she meant it in a romantic way.

"Yeah...thanks. I think." the unicorn shook her head. "Anyways, I think we should speak to Twilight, our Twilight, first. She should be here any moment anyway, so I guess we should get to the mirror."

Everyone agreed and was about to exit the room, when the door was opened by one of the school kids. Unfortunately for Sunset, Canterlot High was not only a High School, but it included also a middle and a grade school. And right now an army of grade school girls was stationed in front of the door, equipped with brushes, make-up and everything else a girl could use for styling.

"There she is!" the one in the front exclaimed, pointing at the unicorn.

"At this point, I call animal abuse." Sunset said resigned and prepared yet another teleport. Only this time her horn stopped glowing and she fell on her knees. "Uff, I have used too much magic today."

"She can't run anymore!"

"I wanna make her hair!"

"Hey, I want to make her hair."

"Has anyone seen my scissors?"

"Quick, help me!" Sunset pleaded. "I do your homework for a week!"

"Deal!" Rainbow Dash quickly opened the window and placed a chair in front of it, so Sunset could jump out. Which she did and just in the nick of time, as the room was flooded with girls.

"That was a close call." Sunset breathed out. Her relief was short lived, as something came to mind. She was outside of the school, only a few feet away from the open street. If anyone would see her, she'd be in deep trouble. Looking for a place to hide, which was not the school building, she quickly jumped inside the bushes.

Slowly moving through the plants, she made her way to the main entrance, expecting her friends to come out from there. A good amount of students were already outside and Sunset was not in the mood to deal with them.

While she was still thinking about what to do, she noticed a flash of light from the corner of her eye. Sure enough, looking over she found Twilight who was seemingly mentally switching from a 4 leg to a 2 leg body. Hopefully excessive amount of using the mirror wouldn't have any side effects on her.

The girl out of the mirror stunt got the attention of the surrounding students. The unicorn couldn't understand a thing, but it was obvious that they were pestering her about the mirror. At least some of them were nice enough to help her organize her papers.

Wait, paperwork? No, not papers. Parchments. Hmm, I could make some money out of- getting off topic Sunset. Hmm, looks like she managed to get them off her back. I hoped she warned them not to go through it. Although it would be pretty funny- oh, here she is.

"Psst! Twilight!"

"Huh?" The girl looked around for a few seconds. "Over here!" Sunset's head popped her head out of the bush.

"Sunset Shimmer? What are you doing in there?" Twilight asked completely perplexed.

"Hiding, what else? I used up almost all of my energy reserves and now I can't teleport anymore."

"Why would you-"

"Pshh! Someone's coming!"

Sunset hid again inside the bushes, leaving a stunned Twilight. She was about to speak up, when she was approached by five familiar girls. "Oh, heya Twilight!" Pinkie Pie cheered and gave the lavender skinned girl a tight hug, which almost caused her to drop her papers.

"H-hi." the princess replied meekly.

The rest of the girls approached and Sunset came out of the bushes. "Phew, it's just you girls."

The girls giggled at her expense, only adding to Twilight's confusion. "Anypony mind telling me what is going on?"

"Oh, Sunset here's gotten a lot of attention, to put it mildly." Applejack explained.

"Don't worry, Sunny. The kid's have all gone out through the side entrance."

"Good to hear."

"Kids? What about children?"

"I...don't want to talk about it."

They walked back to Principal Celestia's office, in order to get the headmasters of the school into the situation. The unicorn noticed Luna's hand twitching, at the sight of the cute little pony unicorn. She made a mental note to keep her distance.

"I did all the necessary calculations, I made some copies for everyone." Twilight motioned at the papers she brought in, which were now lying on the tables.

"Twilight, I doubt anyone besides us is going understand. And I really need a refresher. For that matter, I have a simple question. JUST HOW STRONG ARE YOU?!" she shouted, levitating the paper in front of the princess of friendship. "And, what the tartarus?! What's this about a friendship multiplier? I know friendship is magic, but...I never took it that literally."

Twilight smiled knowingly. "Belief me, it surprised me too. But there's a real difference and to be honest, I wouldn't take the numbers on that one too seriously. Friendship isn't really something you can or should put into numbers."

"And you still did..." Sunset mumbled.

"No offense or anything, but that sounds like total cliche, like out of a cartoon." Rainbow Dash commented.

"Cliche? After spending a week on this world, I noticed Equestria is filled with them. Just look at me."

Celestia actually giggled. "I think I know where I spent my next summer vacation, if that is okay of course."

"Oooh, oooh! I wanna come too!" Pinkie raised her arm.

"Let's get back to the matters at hand, shall we?" Luna spoke as the voice of reason. "Miss Sparkle, how long will this condition last? Our teachers had problems keeping their classes in check, while word spread out. Especially in the ones Miss Shimmer attended."

"Luckily she managed to keep the student body calm, by promising you would answer every question they have. I'm sorry to put this onto you, but it would help us a great deal out if you could satisfy their curiosity." Celestia added.

"Oh, it's no problem. I just would have to go back real quick and tell my friends I'd be out for a little longer. Or...Sunset, could I borrow...?"

"Sure thing. So, the result?"

"Oh yes." Twilight nodded. "Now, keep in mind, I'm not sure how much this world in itself might have affected the spell, so the final result might vary a little bit. But all thinks considered and thankfully the magic mirror weakening my overcharged spell, my prediction is you're stuck in this body for about week. Plus, minus a few hours."

"A week?" Everyone repeated.

"Well great." Sunset head-desked. "I'll have to stay hidden for a week."

"Don't worry Sunset." Fluttershy came closer. "We'll help you go through it. Though, we probably better give you a few shots against rabies for example. Just in case." she spoke softly with her motherly voice.

"You know what I hate? I don't have a good argument against that."

Author's Note:

I assume this school has multiple entrances. Every school I attended had at least two.

About the friendship multiplier, a scene in S5 Episode 2 gave me the idea.