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A series of oneshots for Hearts and Hooves day for different ships. I will take requests even if I don't ship them. No of them really relate to each other so pick the ones you want to read.

GOAL: 100 likes by Feb. 14, 2015 (feature?)/b]

CONTAINS: pinkiedash,twishy,rarijack,spikebloom,scootabelle, and requests from you!

These one shots are short ones, like maybe less than 1000 words. They are meant for sweet fluff for shippers of all kinds. Warning: some of these stories will contain proposals, just not all. If you request, you can say if you want one or not. Also the other tag is for everypony else because I can't tag that much :twilightsmile:

Chapters (9)
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More Scootabelle

SweetieDash (aged-up)

ScootaLight (aged-up)


I haven't done Scootabelle yet, but that's my next one!

I like your other ideas, they seem like they're going to be fun to write!

Hi! :pinkiehappy:

My avatar is my suggestion! :ajsmug:


Sure! I'll get onto that! I have already got a few ideas!:ajsmug::rainbowdetermined2:

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