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It's Pipsqueak's first Hearth's Warming in Equestria, and it's a lot different from Trottingham. New food, new songs, and new traditions. But for everything new added, it seems like something old got left behind.

In the hopes of finding at least one Hearth's Warming tradition from Trottingham he can share with his Papa, Pip hatches a plan to go looking in Canterlot. Will he find the Hearth's Warming he's looking for? More importantly, will he be able to find his way home again?

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Whew! Finally got the chance to read this, six weeks late. What a heartwarming and beautifully written story. I can't believe how neglected it's been... only eight votes, and am I really the first comment?

I have a hunch that most (almost all?) of this unfair neglect is due to the lack of chapter divisions. I've been trying to make time for this for a while now, but I found tackling that single 36,000-word chapter to be an unexpected psychological barrier-- which is something I don't feel with 36,000-word stories that are split into five or six chapters. Chapter divisions at least imply that you can work your way through the story at your own pace, rather than having to pound back an entire novella in one sitting.

I hope this story finds its audience. It deserves it.


Huh... that's actually a good point about the length. I never really considered it that way. I had written it in such a way that I couldn't really find good places to chop it into chapters... but then, when I had started writing it I expected it to be much shorter, in the range of 15K words or so, heh. That probably does explain it...

Well, still, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This story needs to be made into a Christmas Special full length movie. I don't care what Hasbro says, this has to be a full length Christmas Special on TV!!!! I DON'T CARE!!!!! THIS NEEDS TO BE MADE INTO A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE IT A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE IT A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flutterrage:

thats is... um... I- if you don't mind... :fluttershyouch:

“Furheim has many ministers,” Prost answered. He took on a long-suffering expression, adding, “Many, many... many ministers.

After everything, all the drama and the heartwarming moments, all the character development....

And then suddenly, there's this line that makes me laugh. Someone needs to draw that moment.

Also, is it okay that I imagine all those nice ponies in the alley got to see their friends and family again? Seems a shame to not imagine a happy ending for them, too.


Absolutely! To be honest, as I was writing I kept trying to find a place to mention that Prost and/or Luna would go back to help them out or reward them in some way, but simply couldn't find anywhere to put it in. Seemed kind of unfair not to, but it messed with the flow too much, unfortunately, and I was running up against deadlines on top of that.

But yes, Prost did return and help all of them out, after returning Pip.

Finally getting back to your 'verse! This was certainly a lot to take in- not just in length, but emotionally, what with the ups and downs in Pip and Diamond's relationship and their situation just getting worse. Kind of reminded me of Home Alone 2, or what I recall of it (or even shades of After Hours). All in all, cathartic affirmation of the season, subtle worldbuilding, good times.

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