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Why is Fluttershy so painfully shy?

Why do we never hear about her parents in the show?

I have decided to answer these questions with my own little headcanon story. Enjoy!

Flagged teen for domestic violence.

Featured on 12-30-14.

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It's sad to know that things like that really happen in real life. Luckily, this story had a happy ending.

(despite Fluttershy's abuse) it was a good story

This story would be a whole lot better if the characterization of the father wasn't nearly so one sided/one dimensional. Why don't we get to see the root of his anger management issues? If he's not going to be conflicted about hurting his daughter, can we at least know why, as a character, that he's decided to be okay with it? Or for more sympathetic development, have him regret some of the choices that he had made with his ex-wife, and show why he had no affection for them. As is, the characterization is just one sided and silly, and it would be good to have more information about the mother as well. Why did she want to leave? Why didn't she love Fluttershy either? Aside from basic characterization flaws, the grammar in this story leaves a lot to be desired as well. For example, your use of incomplete ellipses should be replaced with commas, you used "a" when it should have been "an" in front of a word that started with a vowel among other basic grammar errors that made this story hard to take seriously. Nice try, but this is overall pretty poor writing.

This is very good. Side reaction, please.

I liked this story, it makes sense why Fluttershy is scared to upset anypony in fear of them hurting her and I loved how in the end she learned to love herself and move on after the abuse she had.

Congrats for getting on the popular list!:twistnerd:

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I'm wondering about what happened to her mother. Also, in that last bit about Rainbow moving to town on her birthday, did you make a reference to Inkrose's headcannon?

5444506 Well, I have thought about writing another one-shot to settle any questions about Fluttershy's mom and dad. And I wasn't talking about the Inkrose headcanon (even though it is very good), I was referring to the canon statement in Pinkie Pride when it said that Rainbow Dash moved to Ponyville on her birthday.

5442448 I was thinking about doing a sequel from the perspective of blue blazes that would expand on his and charm blossom's characters, but to be honest I really just intended this to be a one shot. Right now I really want to focus on my other story "5 years later".
As to the typos, I usually just correct them as I go along, but thanks for pointing them out.

This story is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The abuse parts almost made me cry, but I was so happy when Flutters finally escaped!!! Totes faving this:raritywink:

One of the better ; Fluttershy was abused and that is the why FS is the way she is one-shots I've read...

5442419 It really is sad.. but that's kinda the point. I wanted to create a real (or semi-real, since it's ponies) situation that explains Fluttershy's shy nature.

Good job! I feel so bad for Flutters. But I liked it. Plus, it has Flutterdash. That is my MLP OTP

5509201 Um, no. It does not have FlutterxDash. They are just friends like in the show. This is partially an explanation of how they became friends in the first place.

5509238 I know that, but I like to THINK Flutterdash because I ship it so hard!
The point is I like your story. I think next I'll read the CMC one.

5442561 what do you mean by 'side reaction'?

5583760 Sorry, my odd phrasing. I mean the direct feelings, like in their words, of how this all went down. Like, I don't get why they got together if it seemed like they never cared for each other. With their point of views, it could be cleared up. Love it!:pinkiehappy:

Finished reviewing this story for the Olympus Library. Long story short, I'm not recommending it.

I did a detailed explanation as to why I've made this decision here..

I think it takes much more than tragic subject matter to make a sad story, I'm afraid. I've pointed out areas for improvement in my review.

If one of the other people on the group want to let this in, that's fine, but as far as I'm concerned, I won't recommend it unless something changes. I do wish you the best of luck, however, and if you ever do try to change things, let me know and I'll give this another look.

This is a great story and matches up with one of my several headcanons for Fluttershy's past, though in my headcanon it was her mom that raised her. It's a great story! :twilightsmile:

All I want to do is fix all the little plot holes and grammar/punctuation mistakes. :facehoof:

I feel so bad for fluttershy, being abused by her father, Hell I’ve been abused in the past by my step-father (When I was a little kid) His name is Gary, I still wanna strangle him but he’s out of my life now, as my little brother’s dad -shudders-

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