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We can be Heroes, just for one day.


In an attempt to make her life more exciting, Octavia joins a rock band.

Edited by The incredible Word Worthy!

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Oh boy, Octavia I hope have a breakthrough heh.

(P.S I won't judge your ideas origins. My best come from being bored or WHEREVER I can't write it.)


Yeah I know! Wherever I can't write!

Indeed. My first story was inspired by a dream. My others were inspired by my own drawings.

I want to enjoy this story, but I can't. Not even five paragraphs in and I'm tripping over all kinds of miswordings and typos. They instead of the, one instead of on...

Get a proofreader.

I wrote this in like 15 minutes last night XD
I was just too eager to get it out. Yeah, I'll have someone look it over. Thanks for pointing that out.


It's not the worst I've seen. The fact that I'm a HUGE Apocalyptica fan, and this concept is something deliciously close make the stumbles that much worse.

I have this tracked. I'll keep an eye on it.

Octavia in a rock band? .......Sweet! :yay:

You have acquired my interest. Favorite for you.

Do you have a melody in mind for this song?

Yeah, lyrics aren't the best, but to be fair, I can't make up lyrics either. :twilightsheepish:


Yeah, I'm not the most lyrically inspired, but I can write one heck of an instrumental.

Is it possible you can write a midi of this song? :P And the lyrics seem fine to me. I like them actually.


I can try. Can I ask why you want it?

I can write music and lyrics myself but I'm just quite interested, wondering how the music plays out.

Where did Rocky get all this stuff?”

Missing quotation marks here.

Liking your characters and the story so far.

Like it, though you do seem to get a little lost between tenses near the end with the cutie marks thing. Just a nitpick though, good chapter. :twilightsmile:

Very interesting idea with octavia. I really enjoy this setup.

Funny chapter and love the new cover art, very cute. :twilightsmile:

Wow, now THOSE are great words from Lyra. :pinkiesmile:

5917582 Her whole dang speech.


Right, Haha. This was based on a speech that a friend of mine gave me.

5917736 You must have an awesome friend.


Well, he can be.

I based Lyra's character off of him. But it's the other way around. He's insanely good, and I'm deathly jealous of him.
Key is my hope for finding my way to success
And Rocky is just rawness. He's 100 percent raw . That represents my want for me to be able to do things and not just hope for them.

I guess I'm just Octavia. Not sure what she needs to do with her life and has no idea how to do it.

Well, yeah. That's basically it.

Again, I wish I could have the like/dislike button for every chapter in addition to the whole fic like/dislike button.

But there is no such button, so I'll post my "like" as a comment.

You are doing it the right way!:twilightsmile:
In eight previous chapters, while I've read them, I've found some mistakes and things that I call "not_so_good_stuff".
But this chapter is different.
I read it twice and still can't find anything that I can consider as bad or usuitable stuff.
Keep writing that way, and this story will be very interesting to read!

Alright, now time to wait for the next update.

they are like children at the end there, but that's how it should be in a situation involving Lyra like that lol
Yes you are doing something different with the chapter now, I can tell. But I can't tell what you are doing differently... yet!
Bit it's a good thing, keep up the good work!

Enjoyable concept! The idea of Octavia in a rockband is interesting enough, and the story itself is well written! But, a bit of advice, some of your earlier paragraphs are a touch to long. I'd recommend breaking those up, shortening them a bit as it were. But still, good enough writing and concept for me to give it a like and follow! :twilightsmile:


Thank you very much! :twilightsmile:

Good work.
Love the dialogs in this chapter.
But overusing of the word "he" in relation to Rocky is a bit annoying sometimes.

Again, I wish I could like/dislike chapters...
*Mentally pressed "chapter-like" button*


Thank you! And I'll try to fix that.

you need to free your soul. And I’m not just talking about this. If you free your soul, you can do anything you can imagine. Your music is celestial and you can not only feel every single note you play, but you can see them. I’ve done it, Key’s done it and Rocky’s done it. I’ll be waiting for the day that you do, Octavia, and I hope I'm there, catching some of the light coming off you that day.

That was profound... :twilightsmile: good work.

That...wallpaper *Clutchs heart and fall down, death from cuteness overload*

Just buck already! :rainbowlaugh:

Good chapter and nice art, well done. :pinkiesmile:

Argh! Cuteness! Killing me!

Will this ever get continued?

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