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I'm older than your average brony, but then I've always enjoyed cartoons. I'm an experienced reviewer, EqD pre-reader, and occasional author.


Much to her surprise, Pinkie Pie has discovered that the pen is a mighty tool, indeed. When she first tried her hoof at writing, she had no idea what the consequences might be. Now, more is at stake than she ever could have imagined.

Now on Equestria Daily!

Revised version of the third-place winner in /fic/ write-off #3 here and here.

"Author, author!" is often shouted by appreciative audiences at the premiere of a musical or play when the writer is known to be in attendance and they wish him to take a bow with the cast.

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Let me be the first to say that I found this a truly enjoyable read. :twilightsmile:

I found this fun and very clever :derpytongue2:

I like it. You've successfully legitimized Pinkie's fourth-wall breaking. Brilliant.



Fourth wall, you have been obliterated.

I must admit I got a little misty-eyed at the end.

Ow. My heart.

That's it. Time to write some good dreams.

My god, this story has touched my soul! Suddenly, there is newfound meaning to my stories; if parallel dimensions do exist, then we have to keep this one alive as long as possible!

My narration may be awkward, my situations confusing, and my comedy horrid, but I still have the heart of the writer. I'll keep writing stories whenever I damn well feel the drive, no matter how random or aggravating the material is to others! I'm nowhere near the greatest writer of any genre, but while I can still imagine and type I'll keep doing so until the end of time!

Writers all, hear my cry in following the banner waved by this story! Make your dreams reality on paper! Live to Create!

Alright, you've got me laughing, Steve.:derpytongue2:

The "Author, author!" shouting craze was started by Martha Jones in 1599 at the finale of "Love's Labours Lost," to which Shakespeare replied, "Shut your big fat mouths!"

I think the fourth wall can beer compared to Humpty Dumpty. Shattered so much that nothing could put it back together...interesting story ole chap. It was a bit hard for me to follow, but I enjoyed it nonetheless


I literally watched that episode a few hours ago :pinkiegasp:
You must be a wizard

910089 The BBC plays the same two episodes like three times a day. I knew it from memory, but I did notice it was on this morning on the guide

Wow... just wow.
Words cannot describe how incredible this was. Not only in a literary sense, but also philosophical as well.
I for one strongly believe in the Everett Interpretation, including the technical non-existence of fiction in regards to the multiverse, but have never imagined such a way of thinking of it. :twilightsmile:

Bravo sir, have a moustache, you've earned it. :moustache:

god damn ponies! WHY MUST YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME QUESTION MY REALITY!?!?!? I mean it's not enough that I FREAKING HALLUCINATED PINKIE PIE six years before the first episode aired! it's not enough that your world has haunted my dreams since then! it's not enough that the SAME FREAKING DAY the first episode aired I developed severe amnesia! you've gotta make me QUESTION my very EXISTENCE!

“I’ve done terrible, horrible things to my friends.” Pinkie’s suddenly vacant eyes focused on a point beyond the opposite wall, and her voice flattened into a monotone. -- I knew Cupcakes was going to make an appearance somewhere in this story!


Dash flew so fast that she could turn around and watch her own image catch up to her. -- Somepony make a gif of this please.

You tore my heart out and gave it back to me. Thank you.

Author Interviewer

Damn, yo.

I remember there having been an "Author, Author" in a writeoff not that long ago, but for the life of me, I can't remember having read this story. You must have done a major, major changearound on it. This was compelling and poignant and made me feel a little guilty somehow. It's So Meta Even This Acronym.

Wonderful story . . . I'm glad it ended on a hopeful note. :pinkiehappy:

Wow. I NEVER thought of Equestria being like this. I always wrote it as a real place , , , but this was very good, I think I might do something like this.

Yup. Good catch.

The very same story. Yes, there was a fairly extensive overhaul to it, but not to the premise, just some of the scenes. Nothing that I'd expect to change your mind that completely...

This is a great story concept. Good job! :twilightsmile:

Amazing. "Houston, we have a problem. There is a massive blast of awesome heading towards the ship." "That's not a problem, silly!" "It's beautiful!"

Absolutely fantastic. :raritystarry:

I am so confused right now :pinkiecrazy:

But that was a great story, keep writing

my TV just recently started getting BBC, and I'm new to the show, so I can't complain too much about repeats :twilightsheepish:

Deeper down the rabbit hole we go!

This was great. And philosophical. Mostly just great. The thought of Pinkie writing the script is mostly just... scary, though. *shivers*

But please, take all my moustaches. You've earned them.


i hope everyone keep this story of yours in mind when writing a fanfic...

congratz, you can be proud, this story is awesome :pinkiehappy:

Author Interviewer

Did you perchance originally have Lauren Faust or another actual person in the early scene where Pinkie shows up out of an animation notes binder? Because that would have made me go "NOPE" and downvote without finishing the story.

This is easily one of the best fanfics I've read in a long time. Thanks for sharing it.

Yup. That'll teach ya to give up so early.

Author Interviewer

No, that will teach you to not use real people in your fanfics! >:B


Hehe! Well, I'm glad you liked it this time around.

Author Interviewer

Me too! There's a lot to think about with this story.

And then Equestria was Dragon Quest 6. :pinkiecrazy:

Wow. This really makes me think. I kinda identify with Pinkie in this fic because whenever I create a bad situation for my characters I always worry that in somekind of parallel universe my characters are suffering and grieving because of some idea I came up with. But, I guess either I'm a crazy person or every author thinks that. Enough of my ramblings, though, this was a great story and it deserves a fave.

This story...
It's beyond glorious. It won't be entering my headcanon, sadly, but that doesn't detain its gloriousness in any way.

Wow, seriously awesome story here.

Fantastic read. Really makes you ponder about the Many-Worlds Principle, and the possible repercussions of our fan content.


Loved this in the Write-Off, still love it now. This is the best metafic.

Slice of life? :pinkiegasp: More like crumbles of life. I totally didn't expect anything that earth-shattering from the description, even if it does state as much. It took me a while to actually accept what I read. Once I did, however, I must say I do have to agree with 1034095 this is unquestionably the best metafic ever! :raritywink:

Pinkie rolled a Critical Hit on the 4th Wall and felled it.

Very interesting way of expanding the concept. Very nice!

That was very satisfying. I hope Celestia eventually lets Luna in on this-- I doubt that she can really bear the entire world's problems for eternity.

Forget throwing money at my screen, now I'll throw entire notebooks!

That was enjoyable! And thought provoking.

AUUUGH! I need MOAR stories like this!

2071986 Normally I'd never use a comment like yours as an excuse to advertise for myself, but I actually came here to read Author, Author specifically because Pascoite himself said that my own story, Shutdown, is similar in some ways to this story and written around the same time.

Pasco, I'm glad you brought Author, Author to my attention! Good stuff. Thought provoking is good. I like thinking.

Wow, I really don't know what to think after this story. Deep thought provoking story, and I am just lost in it. I understand what is addressed but at the same time it just feels like it is heartbreaking. I mean the three years bit is like how long can all this last?

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