• Published 23rd Dec 2014
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Vinyl and Octavia's Christmas - Melanie Scratch

It's the best time of the year hearts warming eve with there two little ones Viola and Melanie.

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A Hearts Warming to Remember

" Okay you two it's time for bed." Octavia said to her two little fillys

"Aw... but mommy we want to see santa hooves." Viola cried

"Well if you two stay up Santa hooves won't come." Vinyl chimed in.

Octavia nodded " And you don't want him to skip our house because you two are up. Now do you?"The two little fillies shook there heads and ran to there rooms." And remember to brush your teeth!" Octavia yelled with a sigh.

Vinyl came up behind Octavia and started to rub her shoulder."Everything will be fine Octy I promise."

" I hope so."

The next day at sun rise two little fillies come taring into there mothers room. "Mommy momma wake up he came he came he came." the two cheered together.

" Ahh five more minutes." Vinyl said rolling over in the bed.Octavia shoved her out of the bed making a loud crash and a "ow" come from Vinyl." Did you have to do that?"

"Yes now get up so our fillies can open there presents."

" Fine fine." Vinyl groaned as she go up and put on her purple shads.

" Vinyl we're starting." That made vinyl hurry up. She grabbed the video camera and recorded Viola and Melanie open there presents.


After the twin opened there presents the family got ready to head over to Lyra and Bon Bon's aka Octavia's new family. "Viola give me back my bow tie."

"Then give me back my shads."

" Hey girls that is no way to behave now Viola give Melanie her bow tie and Melanie give Viola back her shads." Vinyl tried to get the girls to stop. " Or you would get any more presents when we go to aunt Lyra and aunt Bon Bon's house."They both sighted and gave each other there things" there we go now that wasn't so hard now was it?"

" Vinyl is every pony ready."

The girls nodded to there mother " yes Octy how bout you?"

" Yes dear let's go."

As the family walked down the street the girls were tossing snowballs back and forth at each other. Vinyl pick one up with a chuckle standing behind Octavia.

"VINYL! Don't even think about it."

Vinyl drop the snowball with a sight and a side comment " party pooper."

" I don't think it's party pooping if somepony doesn't want to get sick.... or hates the cold."

Vinyl laughed putting a arm around Octavia's neck.


Octavia knocked on the door as they heard running inside the house to have to unicorns answer the door. A small pink filly with long hair that was lyra's mane color. the other a much older filly red coat with a tomcoltis mane style with Bon Bon's mane color. " Aunty Vinyl and Octavia." They both looked down to see the other fillies " Viola Melanie." Tacking them into a hug

" Hey Sour Strings, Sweetie Harp we missed you to." Melanie giggled getting off the ground and ran inside to have Vinyl and Octavia greeted by Lyra.

" Hey girls I missed you guys so much" Lyra said hugging Octavia then Vinyl "Octavia Bon Bon is in the kitchen making dinner if you want to go help her out."

"I love to." Octavia said heading the way to the kitchen to help out. As should as Octavia left Lyra turned to Vinyl.

" Want to have a snowball fight?"

" Your on." vinyl replayed running out sided.


" Now where did thoughts to go?"

"Did you check out side Octavia? Lyra side she was going to try to win a snowball fight agencies Vinyl."

Octavia sighted "good celesta they're going to get a cold."

" Yeah I tried to get Lyra to stay inside and not to play in the snow but she won't lesion to me."

" Let me try." Octavia walked outside and can back pulling vinyl inside by her mane.

" Hey hey that's not far we were in the middle of a game."

"Which I was wining."

" I don't want to hear you two you are just as the fillies. Now go watch TV or some ."

The two lowered there heads and left the room. that made Bon Bon giggle"looks like somepony is more controlling ."

" Well I have to when Vinyl is the playfully mother in the family."

" Me and Lyra take turns."

" Vinyl and I should do that but I don't think we could do that." Octavia moaned rolling her eyes." she won't even ask me to marry me yet it's just we have two kids but she won't ask. It's just..." Octavia sighted

" Wish she would?"

" Yes. I just want to know that she is mine."

" Everything will be okay Octavia.... hey Sweetie Harp got a karaoke machine from Santa hooves that we can use tonight." That made Octavia smile wide making both of the giggle. Then they heard the door open then shut and some mumbling in the other room as somepony else came into the kitchen.

" Hey every pony."

" Hey Ditzy were is Sparkler and Dinky." Bon Bon asked still making the salad.

" The Doctor is watching Dinky and Sparkler is with the other fillies."

"That's nice to here how is the little one doing." Octavia asked giving Ditzy a hug

" She is doing good. did the cutes thing today she gabbed my hoof and said mommy."

" Awww. That so sweet. Well Ditzy we got karaoke for tonight."

" Sweet as soon as the kids go to sleep are fun will begin." that made all of the giggle


" Hey doc do you want me to watch the little one for a little?"

" Are you sure Vinyl?"

" Yeah I miss holding the little fillies it will be fine" vinyl replayed flouting Little dinky over to her"shes so cute."

" okay so I was wondering how is it going to go down tonight?" Lyra asked scratching her head."I know about the karaoke but what after that?"

" Well I am going to do baby it's cold outside and after the songs over that's when it's going to happen."

" Okay I guess that make cent."


" Diners ready." that made everypony run to the table.

" Lyra can you get Sour out of her room."



They heard a groan from upstairs and hoofs steps. The group at in silents in till there was a knock at the door. Lyra got up and answered it" Berry, Colgate it's great to see you."

" Good to see you to it's just Berry took for every to get up... And take some median for her hangover."

" It's fine come on we just started to eat."

Both of them came in and started eating with the others.


After eating and opening all the presents all the kids went to bed except Dinky who stayed will her mom and a way from the drinking ponies.

" Hey can we start karaoke please?" Vinyl asked

" Sure why not." Bon Bon replayed plugging in the machine.

Vinyl grabbed Octavia hoof." come on let's sing a song together."

" But you never want to s...." she was silents by Vinyls hoof

"Come on I am barely sober asking you to sing a song and you are trying to remind me I never sing."

" Good point."

Vinyl chuckled putting on the some"okay ready?"


" Okay you start first"

And the sang started " I really can't stay."

" But baby it's cold outside"

" I've got to go 'way"

"But baby it's cold outside"

" This evening has been"

"Been hopin' that you'd drop in"

"So very nice"

" I'll hold your hands. They're just like ice!"

" My mother will start to worry."

"Beautiful, what's your hurry?"

" And father will be pacing the floor"

" Listen to the fireplace roar!"

" So really I'd better scurry"

" Beautiful, please don't hurry"

" Well maybe just a half a drink more"

"Put some records on while I pour"

" The neighbors might think"

"Baby it's bad out there"

" Say, what's in this drink?"

" No cabs to be had out there"

" I wish I knew how"

"Your eyes are like starlight now"

" To break the spell"

"I'll take your hat. your hair looks swell!"

" I ought to say No No No sir!"

"Mind if I move in closer?"

" At least I'm gonna say that I tried"

" What's the sense of hurtin' my pride?"

"I really can't stay"

" Baby don't hold out"

"Aw, but it's cold outside" the par said together giggling .

" Hey Octy I have something to ask you?"

" What is it Vinyl hon."

Vinyl grabbed Octavia hoof "Octavia Philharmonic I know you have been waiting for this but here it is now well you make me a happy mare and be my wife?"

Octavia stayed still for a little complete speechless and shook her head fast as vinyl levitated a ring on a chan. That's when Octavia started crying as she saw the ring. That's when vinyl pulled Octavia into a kiss.

" Hey you support to do that under the mistletoe" Berry giggle head on Colgate's shoulder.

" Your drunk. so I am going to take this." the doctor took her wine glass "and no more tonight."

"Ahh." Berry cried which made Colgate giggles. She leaned in and kissed Berry witch made everypony in the room stair.

" Wait wait wait are you to together?"
Octavia asked laying on Vinyls lap.

That made Colgate blush and nod as Berry started to kiss Colgate's neck.

"Well it's hot little dentine is the one who made the first move and that's really why we were late." Berry giggled.

"Well it's great to see you to together." vinyl pointed out.

Colgate nodded then leaned down and whispered in Berry's ear "if you still wan something to drink you can drink out of my glass."

That made Berry's eyes widen and fill with tears " I love you so much." she said grabbing Colgate's glass and taking a drink.


A few hours later it was just Bon Bon, Lyra, Octavia, and vinyl who was sucking on Octavia's neck. but She wasn't complaining it actually felt really really good.

Berry and Colgate slipped off to guest-rooms to have some... "fun time". the Doctor and Ditzy went to bed after putting Dinky to bed. Bon Bon and Lyra were thinking about slipping off to have some fun time.

Octavia switch spots with Vinyl and now was licking her neck. vinyl stopped her by picking her up and heading to there guest room. Vinyl laid Octavia on the bed and laid right next to her snuggling closer " hey Octy?"

" Yes Vinyl" Octavia raped her arms around vinyls wast.

"How is your hearts warming this year."

" Magical."

" I was also wondering..."

" Yes hon?"

" Do you want to have another foal?"

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Comments ( 3 )

Vinyl and Octavia's Christmas

It's the best time of the year hearts warming eve

Make up your damn mind!

It's the best time of the 1A.)year 2.)hearts warming eve with 3.)there two little 1B.)ones Viola and Melanie.

1AB.) Missing commas.
2.) "Hearths."
3.) "Their."

This REALLY needs an editor to go through it with a fine toothed comb. The premise is a good one, but the execution is lacking. There is not a single line that does not have at least one mistake. This story could be so much better if you found someone to fix it up for you. I suggest going to the Looking For Editors Group. They have a lot of people who are very helpful.

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