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I had no idea


Rainbow Dash is fast.
Rainbow Dash is agile.
Rainbow Dash is tough.
Or is she?

After a failed training session, Rainbow awakes in the middle of nowhere. By the time she gets home, somepony has took her place, there are ponies out to kill her, and the mailmare suddenly seems to make sense.

Can she earn her freedom?

Or will she fail before those who think the best are made, not born?

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Interesting concept, but terrible execution.

Great. She's the mare from Brazil...........

Hey this is sort of a neat ideEXPLAINEXPLAINEXPLAINEXPLAINEXPLAINEXPLAIENstop explaining Derpy I beg of you! (spoilers: she doesn't)

The scary thing is I had this exact same idea not a week ago, not a month ago, but earlier today. I figured it must have been done to death, even though it never showed up in my queue. BUT THEN THERE IT IS

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