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Every winter, Applejack heads off into the apple orchard after a heavy snowfall. This year is no different. She can't describe why she does it—to feel the wind chill, to test her endurance, to get some time alone with her thoughts...

All she knows is that she loves the journey.

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On the contrary my friend, I find meaning in this. I don't know if you do, but I know that I do.

Didn't seem pointless to me. I liked it.

Honestly I thought this was very good. Really a good portrayal of AJ you did Regi.

11 likes, 5 views...
am i high right now?

This was a great little read. Makes me wish I could have moments to myself out in the blistering cold. Going on walks by myself is a great stress reliever... doing it in the snow is probably exhilarating.

I loved this :twilightsmile:

Now I feel bummed because it doesn't snow where I live...

Man, Global Warming isn't fast enough.

she ain't satisfied 'till she's beatin' the others.

Just saying, "'till" isn't acceptable. While using "till" is technically wrong, it has been used for hundreds of years in modern English, so it has become acceptable to use. The correct way to write it, though, would be "'til," since you are taking away part of the word "until." But you combined both versions at once, which is both wrong and just might cause the collapse of the space time continuum. Regi, don't end the space time continuum! I want to contiuum with space time!

Anyway, this was an interesting little story. You say it was pointless, and if it truly is, then this is one of the better pointless stories I've read. It has an interesting mixture of little morals weaved within the story, and it is because of this that I can't pin down a theme. Whatever you did, you did it well here, Regi. Keep it up!

5546351 Alright, I'll go an fix it

Gracias, senor! Space time can now continuum.

Screw you Big mac! Scootaloo isn't the bad influence. You blind galoot. Apple Bloom may be cute and goofy, but she's the one being a bad influence on the other two.

Also, AJ you never settle for second best. You done left your family over 2nd place.

Still, cute story.

But seriously, lay off the pegasus you tribalist.

5545823 That pointless snow story has much re-read value. Nothing like pointless d'awws and pointless laughs with a pointless Rainbow mare to kick off another pointless day. <3

Hardy evergreens were the only trees with their leaves still intact

As a citizen of the Pacific Northwest, those are needles, not leaves. Conifers do not have leaves. :derpytongue2:

Now that I'm done nitpicking, I really enjoyed this one. The conversation between Applejack and Big Macintosh was a stronger buildup to Applejack's walk, particularly here:

"You're gonna freeze one year," Big Mac said with a sigh. "You're gonna get frostbite, and when you return, you'll just be a barely moving block of ice, and when Bloom bumps into you, you're gonna shatter everywhere, and then Granny'll have to pick up the pieces." He smiled softly. "How do you think that'll make her feel?"

Mac's a wise stallion, and he didn't mean that literally. :eeyup:

I have a feeling the snow stories are written in part because you haven't experienced it down there on that little island. You should sometime. It's beautiful.

Have a fave. :ajsmug:

Well that's one way to write a snow story.

5547302 I dreamt about snow last night. It was beautiful. My backyard had this hue fountain-pond waterfall thing that froze over, that everyone was ice skating on. There were large hills to sled down. Kinda wish I hadn't woken up.

As a citizen of the Pacific Northwest, those are needles, not leaves. Conifers do not have leaves.

:facehoof: And I knew that! Oops. I'll go and fix it.

5548403 Sorry about the length. I considered that while writing it—I could have easily made the journey much longer. But the story had been something that was taking me quite a long time to write, so I was just happy I got it finished.

I'm glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:


Sounds like a nice dream. :twilightsmile: Come to the Cascades for winter sometime when you can, especially early winter. You'll never forget it.

5548882 Maybe one day, when I have money.

Even if it was pointless, it's one of the more enjoyable pointless stories I've read. I quite liked it... nice thing to read before (not) going to bed.

5551136 I couldn't agree more. Brilliantly written, amazingly executed, completely inane.

It may be a pointless snow story Regi, but it's a beautiful one.


As a citizen of the Pacific Northwest

will i see you at efnw :pinkiesmile: sorry keyboard is broken right now so no capitalization or question mark.


Possibly. If not, then definitely at EQLA in October. :twilightsmile:

5570787 Nice! EQLA is my hometown con, but I wasn't a full fledged Brony the last time it went on so this will be my first time attending it. Totes excited. Also, I should really get around to reading some of your stories since Regidar holds you in such high regard. :moustache:


Sweet! I hope you enjoy my stories when you get around to reading them. :twilightsmile:


Could have just as easily been turned into a reflective piece. On her parents, her family, her friends... Rainbow Dash (though that could just be my inner-shipper talking). Perhaps it doesn't have too much of a story, other than a look at Applejack and her reactions to a first snow, but there's the ground work for something greater, if you were inclined.

5559813 Wouldn't you say that all art is pointless?

5748607 le ebin "Art is instrinsically nihilistic" opinion XD

5748897 >durrr im just going to post my ironic arrows and silence le opposition xDddddddddddddddddd

5546990 And yet like an ungrateful lazy bum, you forget to fav the story you upvoted but left unfaved!

That is a naughty, naughty, Past Me!

Now future Past Me which is Present Me has to go and fix this oversight!

P.S. Hope this becomes a tradition! Looking forward to seeing other characters in Snow style stories.

Wow, it's pretty awesome! :twilightsmile: It isn't pointless, I think. The descriptions of nature and weather are really good, and it was easy to read it, so the story is definitely fine. I will surely read your other stories and I think I'll like them too.

6360247 I'm glad you liked it!

I love all the descriptions of frost in here. :twilightsmile:

6668829 i myself love snow a whole lot
i tried to do it justice


You did it plenty of justice. :moustache:

It does also depend on the narrator's opinions and perspective as well.

You can have review

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