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I think this is too... perfect. I mean, if Discord hadn't betrayed the Main Six, he wouldn't take friendship seriously, the box would be closed, Twilight would be kingdom-less, and All of the Main Six besides Fluttershy would still hate him. And really, Discord is, in my opinion, far to nice here. I think, before betraying the main six, Discord didn't take anyone seriously. Not even Celestia. He's just so respectful here.

First off, I think that Twilight would prefer keeping Golden Oaks Library than having that castle. Second, Discord scored some points with the Mane Six by doing the right thing.

Nothing of interest happens. Oops, that's my summary of this story in one sentence!

It's very boring. That's all I have say. Also, shouldn't this have an Alternate Universe tag?

cute alternate ending :3
sequel ? :D

5412292 that why he had that spark in the story ... xD

Maybe, but what about Twilight's key?


I would have to agree, it was kinda boring.

I like it. I especially like the idea, and the ending made me chuckle. I found the story giving me food for thought, and I found it interesting. As much as I like action filled-stories, I like to these kind of stories also, and it gave me a breather. I thank you for letting me enjoy this story.

Glad a few people liked it. I've mostly been getting comments calling it dull and boring. Also, if you liked the Discord/Celestia part at the end, you should read "Wedding of the Millennium". It's mostly a Dislestia story.

5443634 I will get to it.

I totally agree. Or at the very least give her the old castle in the Everfree. I mean we did see the mane 6 and Spike go to it on several occasions throughout the season. It would have made an interesting arc.

Well this story was okay, minus some errors in grammar. I'll give it a thumbs up.

Aww, that got so cute so quickly! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the compliment.This story hasn't been my most popular, but it's always glad to see someone who likes it. Anyway, if you liked that scene at the end, you should check out my Dislestia story "Wedding of the Millennium".

5587546 No problem :twilightsmile: And thank you, I'll bookmark it!

This was amusing

I've done a dramatic read on your fan-fic

This story... was too short...
It's a good idea, but I can't even give it a thumbs up...
This is the first time I've actually had to say that.

5413294 To be fair, if Twilight and her friends found out about "Our Town" from a source other than the Cutie Map, it would have probably made for a good way for Twi to earn the last key (i.e. she and her friends teach the ponies of "Our Town" about REAL friendship and Twilight gets the last key THAT way).

Hey there. Thanks very much for getting this posted. In all honesty, my biggest problem with the actual episode was that it was too dependent on Plot Induced Stupidity (particularly on DIscord's part for trusting Tirek in the first place). This, at least, made Celestia's trust in Discord look a little more well-placed. Excellent job on the exchanges, emotional content and wrap-up in all the right places.

As for how Twilight could get the final key, well, a reworked version of the Season 5 opener would probably be a good way to do it (perhaps Twilight and her friends get a letter asking for their help from one of their Ponyville friends who ended up a place called "Our Town" by accident and got captured. The Mane Six then arrive to look for this captured friend (the letter included good directions) and, after a lot of hassles with Starlight Glimmer, emerge triumphant through a combination of their wits and teaching Starlight's citizens about REAL friendship). This helps Twilight get the final key (albeit AFTER the main villain is ALREADY defeated).

Or perhaps Twilight could've received the key from Starlight herself.

Good work.

Not bad at all. I wish he had turned down Tirek due to his (very obvious) love of Fluttershy, but...alas, he learned the hard way that betraying friends is BAD. Very nice story...just don't like the inclusion of Flutterdash. Blech. No offense to your great writing skills, just dislike the pairing. I'm a Fluttercord girl, obviously.:fluttershysad:

Well, then I suppose you're a fan of DisneyFanatic's work. Me, I like to believe that Discord's a FlutterDash supporter (though there's a chance he might threaten to shoot Rainbow into another dimension if she makes a mistake) and has a thing for a certain alicorn of the sun, if the season four finale and that episode with Discord at the Grand Galloping Gala are any hints.

7835505 Discord totally just did that to try and make up with Tia. Haha. If not Flutters, I like him with Luna. They both have that reformed-villain, guilt, and afraid-of-becoming evil again thing going on...they can relate to each other. Plus, I loved the super Fluttercord-y finale of S6. Discord practically went insane when Flutters was kidnapped, then when they were reunited, they just held each other and blushed the entire time! Totally Fluttercord-y!:pinkiehappy:

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