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:applecry::unsuresweetie::scootangel: Dem poor CMCs. They just don't know what I got planned.

eh, why not, I don't read much of these anyway so why not let this one have a go? Keep up the good work.

It's great! It's got the essence of a clopfiction and straight to the point I like that :heart:

release the next part soon!

Eh, I'll read it. Will give my opinion when I'm done.

Edit: Not bad, not bad at all. I'll be watching this, so do release the next chapter soon good sir.

Looks interesting!

I'm not the kind of guy who takes clopfics seriously, but this ones caught my interest. I'll keep my eye on this...

Hmmm... So, in regards to the CMC, are we talking about straight up rape or is there going to be some sort of mind control or some such involved?

Thanks guys, you're really great! I keep thinking how amateurish this sounds, but I guess it's just me being over-criticizing of my own work! Heh :derpyderp1:. Details on the release of the next chapter - I plan to write it tonight or tomorrow, depending on whether I can get my computer for the whole of the night like yesterday - which is when I wrote the first chapter. As for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, it will kind of be like consenting molestation, seeing as they're fillies and all. I'm not going to tell you why they're consenting, but it's not technically rape, I'll tell you that much.

Finally, I just wanted to say that I'm doing these because Chrysalis didn't have enough stories - and none that are vanilla as far as I know. Everyone likes sex, no? So just laying it out like my favorite clopfic, 'Drop the (b)Ass' aka '40 oz. Bounce', seemed like a great idea. The only fetish the viewer in that one seemed to have was to asses. But fear not, I shall not limit myself to fulfilling one hole for you fellow bronies - I will make sure every bit gets their piece. I'm the kind of steed who wants to please everyone, if ya know what I mean ~ :raritywink:

Color me intrigued. I'll keep an eye out.

Never fear, for I have been working on the next chapter for this whole day!
I'm actually three paragraphs or so from releasing the rest of it.

526104 you are a saint friend
but you may have to wait for me to read it
its getting late
and i have my own fic to write
see you around

That's quite fine - it doesn't matter when you read it, just that you read it is all that matters!
Once you're done with your fic, I might take a gander at it if you remind me :J

526138 you could take a gander now
seeing as im on chapter 19
and the word count is pushing 105,000
but its almost done
and i may finish by the time you catch up

Aye, as soon as this is finished, then. :ajsmug:

526208 don't take to long then friend
a sequel is coming out after this one
so you wana catch up quick before the protagonist has to wait for you to finish
he isn't good at waiting

holy fuck me I finally got this done.
I'm not sure if I did the clopping to your likings, (this is my first clopfic actually) but do tell any suggestions if you have any!

lolwut, fun to read tho :P

I don't know about anypony else reading this, but I found it amusing that they completely ignored the bed and just screwed on the floor.

Here support, now make more!:yay:

full size about a foot?
you make me blush with your generous measurements :twilightblush:

But.. *sobs* I just got done with Chapter 2 :raritydespair:
*pulls on the ball and chain attached to his feet*

Well, y'know, if you don't got a huge instrument when dealing with ponies... you're screwed. More than likely anyway, though somebody like Fluttershy might appreciate something smaller. Horse dick is surprisingly gigantic, which is why when you're a girl, you do NOT want to present your ass to that horse D:< It'll rip ya in half ~ :derpytongue2:

526865 .........................
good think that image is now burned into my brain, and that im not a girl, or near any horses

This story is the #1 reason I wish I could teach things without faving them.

Teach things without faving them? Whatever do you mean?

I'm so sorry bro. I had to explains mahself.

526919 you have scarred me for life
which means i have to watch you now :pinkiehappy:
FOREVER!! :pinkiecrazy:

just got done reading.

got me half hard

Need to put more flint and steel into it.

size wise the ponies of equestia are about the size of a large dog.
so i would think proportionally everything would be roughly large dog sized

You couldn't have chosen a more accurate cover image for this story. There is so much 'lolwut?' going through my head right now.
I'm kind of dreading what will happen to the CMC, but I'll still keep an eye on this.

Oooh, the CMC will be fine.
As long as neither of my headcanons of Princess Celestia or Pinkie Pie personalities pop out..
I'll probably keep a Fluttershy attitude while writing the next one.

But, did you not like the second chapter? Recommendations?

I liked it, it was just odd. I'm still getting used to Chrysalis' huge popularity.

Oh, yeah. But, this isn't as odd as others that have popped out, in my humble opinion. I've read one where the viewer gets raped by tentacles from Chrysalis. I just wanted vanilla for this because.. well, not everyone has the same fetishes as everyone, heh.


Oh my god, my side hurts from laughing so much.

Oh, good story. More!

(Lol oops just figgered out this site has people who replied next to your name in a comment)

I VERY much enjoyed reading this!! Can't wait to read more!

You'll end up like Kenneth Pinyan.
How the fuck do I know that name?! :facehoof:

*looks up Kenneth Pinyan*
... Ah, I c wat u did thar. But, exactly! Maybe worse, if you're small enough. Or tight enough, for that matter.

Also, as I said earlier, I had to make the viewer's dick really big because most horses could top our cocks - meaning that I'm sure any girl pony that likes sex would prefer the horse cock unless the human had something to make up for it - maybe a huge dick, maybe excellent foreplay skills (horses would be second-to-none with foreplay, since they have no opposable thumbs like us), or maybe you're just really, really attractive, lol.

What's with the 'wut', my good sir? :duck:
Is there... something wrong with the story? :fluttershysad:

Oh, no. I always do that when I track stories...

Oh, alright then ~ :derpytongue2:

Dude... I got replied twice... new record!:rainbowkiss::derpytongue2:

534744 528557 527913 527681 527649 527447 526844 526820 526529 523618 523210 523202 522907 522889 522723
Oh, and the next chapter should be done today or tomorrow. I've been having a rough time of it - but it's sounding generally okay right now.
Right now I'm going for a sort of 'surrogate brother' feel around the CMCs, and a bit of prodding on Chrysalis's part to convince you to convince them to do it with you. It's pretty obvious how they'd fall for it, considering Celestial Bodies's first chapter and what the CMCs focus on, but just in case you don't get it, I won't say. :moustache:

But, I'm handling this in a gentler manner than that of Chapter 2's, because I don't think that kind of roughness would bode well in bodies so teeny. And because of the 'surrogate brother' feel I told you about before - so if you didn't like Ch. 2, or simply like ... er, passionate?... shy?... virgin?... sex more, you'll probably like this chapter better. And no, they won't bleed (except for the small burst of blood that obviously comes from cherries popping) or split open or anything grotesque like that.

Yeah, I've noticed that most authors don't reply back. However, I'm a fan of my fanbase, as I say.
And I've mastered the 'love and tolerate' thing, too. For the most part :pinkiecrazy:

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