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Star Phantom

I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.


Applejack, an Earth Pony rise on a farm and having a great friends. Applejack had no clue on who her parents were after Apple Bloom was born. Then one day, Applejack notices some strange things about herself. She far stronger then any other pony, she can out run a speeding cart, and was able to leap over tall building in a single jump. But the biggest surprise is when she learn she from another planet and is the only savior. After learning about her past and learn why she was on Equestria, Applejack become the Mare of Steel, Super Mare!

Takes place in the the same universe as Green Lantern's Light.

Chapters (4)
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Justice League of Equestria:
Twilight- Green Lantern
AppleJack- Superman
Rainbow Dash- Batman
Rarity- Wonder Woman
Fluttershy- Aquaman
Pinkie Pie- The Flash

Can I still be your editor?

5412399 Yeah you still can. What to go over this chapter as well? I feel like there could have been some things added, but it was late when I work on it.

You stole my App-le name and my story idea.

5412576 No I didn't. You haven't even started yours yet. I even say that App-le was not even my idea. So how can I steal your idea when one, I started on this story two days ago. Two you never did yours. And three, I thought of it on my own.

5412601 I posted a blog last month saying I'm going to be doing this I gave you a link to it on your blog and if you didn't see the link the link is the word blogs.

5412616 I'm not mad either. Just don't say I stole something of yours when I never really did. It could get both of us in trouble.

5412620 Sorry and you got a point I haven't started my story yet. Also is it just going to be DC Comics characters or are you going to have characters from other places?

5412631 Well, I got Hal Jordan for my Green Lantern's Light story. So is Applejack going to met Super Man, I don't know. Since Super Man and Green Lantern are the other ones that can travel through space without a ship. They might be the others one to met my Characters.

5412643 I meant was is there only going to be heroes based on DC Comics characters or are you going to base them off characters from Marvel, Nickelodeon, and Dark Horse?

5412656 I don't know. As now, I got DC characters.

5412410 I would like to look over this story! And if you're making a Justice League pony series, that's awesome!

5412663 I made a blog about it. Pinkie and Rainbow's I'm still thinking on. At the same time I doing another Green Lantern's Light chapter. I'll send the chapter in the PM.

5497356 :rainbowlaugh: Is there anything you want to see in any future chapters?

5497392 Hm, just let me get the Fortress of Solitude out of the way first and then I'll have Applejack save some ponies.

5499325 Sorry man, but I need words this time, your picture has been block.

5499568 Question, what do you do you want to see next? I'm blank right now.

"Sorry about that, Ah didn't know I was returning so soon. If Ah did, I would send some letter to ya all." Applejack answer.

It should be y'all not ya all and I should I say y'all a lot.

Hey have you ever heard of grammar? Cause this chapter doesn't have any.

5502294 When is the next chapter coming out for this story.?

5502294 Hope this story continues with a new chapter?

7758516 I plan on to. I just got other stories to get taken care of.

Looks like we found our lex luthor, now we need to shave him bald.:rainbowlaugh:
Also I know your busy and all but when chapter/update coming?

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