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i am a upcoming writer looking for helpful advice from the ponies here on FIMfiction. also Luna is best pony! :)))))


this story is based of an rp on Everypony.com Darky is a pegasus prince from over the seas whose brother is missing. Now Lunar will face a powerful threat. and discover some things along the way.

This is a CS for Darky:
Name: Darkness knight
Nickname: Darky
Race: Pegasi
Gender: male
Age: 18
Cutie Mark: A black sword (http://www.medievalcollectibles.com/images/Product/large/MC-KS-4903.png)
Bio: A knight from a kingdom far to the east, he was the guard of his brother, the prince of that kingdom. After some time his brother disappeared and he was blamed for that act. He was exiled from there and roamed the world seeking the ones who actually did that. He arrived one night to ponyville, tired and Princess luna found him. She gave him asylum and promise him to help him in finding the ones ho took his brother. The only thing he had from his brother was a black shield, with some carvings on it that said: "Always honor your ways".
Special skill: His shield is almost impenetrable, dark and light magic, skilled with the shield and sword
Occupation: Seeking the ones who took his brother
Personal life: Single, in love with the princess that help him, but doesn't want anyone to know
Weakness: Always has nightmares of his brother and his exile, nightmare magic is super effective against him.
Appearance: Gray skin, Black hair and blue eyes. He always has on his armor(similar to the one of the hero of the light of FF 1, but in black http://thelifestream.net/wp-content/uploads/dissidia_artwork_warrioroflight.png).

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