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Ain't Life Grand?


It's been years since Anonymous has arrived in Equestria, and he hasn't exactly been welcomed with open arms. After being rejected by ponies for the past three years, he finds himself homeless and starving, stumbling around Ponyville. Can a certain lavender stallion help this lonely being?

Rule 63 Alternate Universe.

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Short, sweet. I like it. (And definitely wouldn't mind if the 'short' part was fixed)

YES MORE HAS BEEN DELIVERED DAAA DAAA DAAA:flutterrage::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

A teaser, you say? :duck:

Are you going to post the link in a new chapter, or will we need to find it on your page?

I haven't created the sequel yet.

Seriously, even as a "teaser" to a bigger story (which is just a really weird and kinda dumb idea when applied to fanfics) this feels really pointless. Absolutely nothing interesting happens. Everything that could be interesting is summarized instead of actually told as a story. Why even bother writing something like this?

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