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I am a lover of James Bond who writes a James Bond crossover series and will blog about James Bond news. I also love Doctor Who and work as a private bartender. My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie.



This story is a sequel to Agent Con Mane in Mission to the Griffon Kingdom (to be rewritten)

Joe thinks he has been sent to a beautiful resort in the New Lunar Republic on vacation, but after meeting with LIA Agent Sky Blazer, it turns out that it was a setup to do another job for MARE. Princess Luna’s ability to enter the dreams of ponies has been fading, and in her dreams she has premonitions regarding Stellar Nightfeather-- Captain of the Lunar Guard. Joe is sent to investigate Nightfeather, who resides in the night skies of Cloudsdale; now a territory of the NLR. Joe has to stop Nightfeather from releasing a terrible power onto the ponies of Equestria. However, in order to complete his mission, Con Man will have to contend with Nightfeather's voluptuous lieutenant, Spitfire, and his deadly monster servant, Larry.

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