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The first in a three-part series, Sunset explores the origins of the Lunar Empire in an alternate universe where the Elements of Harmony failed to stop Nightmare Moon.

Five years after Luna's return, Celestia takes time to remember how Equestria became divided, and how her mistakes from eons ago greatly affected her in the future.

Meanwhile, something is brewing across the border, and its a matter of time before it is revealed...

This story is an introduction into the universe at which the rest of the anthology takes place. It explains the origins of both nations shown in the anthology.

The story makes reference to the 2000 Westwood Video Game, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 at points.

Art made by BlockEraser (aka Gigatoast)

First Published
30th Apr 2012
Last Modified
30th Apr 2012


Glad  you liked it. Second part of the series is coming out withing the next two months, so be prepared.

The next one's gonna be nearly twice the size of this one. :pinkiecrazy:

Pretty awesome series, cant wait for more. Heck if its going to the twice the size its going to be mega awesome. :pinkiehappy:

Some stuff isnt really bothering me but i dont really want to think about it to much, like the day night difference (there is some land between them that is in eternal twilight then?) the sudden jump in technology, 5 years being enough to exterminate half the world for the Lunars.

I guess its all been "rushed" so that Twilight gets to still be alive, but shes not in the main character tags so doesnt have to be that.

Im disappointed that Celly didnt keep a closer look at the situation with Luna, if she didnt trust her she should have done that and heck a mass scale invasion isn't that hard to read.

Luna obviously did the spying  if she knew the exact locations of all/most bases, cities(more obvious then bases) etc.

Sunset? Are you talking about Sunset Shimmer?

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