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Jonathon Smythe

I don't do much here.


Here lie the short stories I have written for The Writeoff Association, may they continue to be written.

Story Name - Write-off Name

All stories are unedited, so you can bask in their full glory! [citation needed]

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 10 )

May I humbly request genre tags for the entries?

Nice. You know the next day the CMC showed up at the library with zombie masks and a flask for collecting dragon sweat.

5500525 Heh. They probably did. If they managed to not be grounded... Ah, that's just a few days to wait.

Author Interviewer

You should consider expanding this, because it feels compressed.

Author Interviewer

I've been slowly picking my way through this collection, and I think I can safely say this is your best piece. :)

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