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Foolish hoominzez



rrincess Nightshade isn't evil. Sure she controls darkness. But her job is to make sure neither light nor dark takes Equestria completely. And with that jerk Sombra, and Luna's potential corruption, plus a Darkling outbreak.... you could say she's had her hooves full. But when the Darkling Queen pays a visit to Nightshade the princess of darkness gets to take a break involuntarily.

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rrincess Nightshade

Don't you mean: "Princess Nightshade"?

Every clichè in the book right here.

No. Just, I can't even *smashes keyboard*



Obviously it's a new breed of Alicorn.

I... why? Why?

what the fuck is on her wings? it looks like someone stabbed her with long rods of shrapnel

5395098 it's all of the edginess

5395149 well in that case,

We meet again, Evil Twilight!

It's because they don't read books.

I'm so sorry, author. But making your Alicorn OC the main character of your story is the #1 no no on this site.
The rest are as follows:
#2: You going to Equestria
#3: Brony going to Equestria
#4: Pony OC dethroning/killing Celestia/Luna/Twilight/Discord/Cadence

Hello my good sir how have you been?

Great. Actually, I'm about to change my name and Avatar right now. I'm tired of being a Twilight imposter. No, I have my sights on a greater persona! And now that I've been killed off in the last Changeling Panic game I was in, I can change it without confusing too many people. Maybe.


Also, you're missing a Crossover tag. No matter how much you people want him to be, Doctor Who is not canon in My Little Pony.

5395403 I see you are sauron now, very nice :pinkiehappy:

STILL no rage reviews?! Darn it, I can't even write a decent trollfic! :raritycry:

5397279 Rage Reviews don't review trollfics, sorry (though that line is blurred sometimes). I say you've a decent idea with Everfree being a town before the forest shenanigans, though.

Comment posted by lawefawdawdfsawadsa deleted Dec 18th, 2014

A wing-cut. It's unheard of. I just can't go on with that logic. Wings that have spikes. Hmm... if this was implemented into games I'd be requesting Game Theory for that. It just doesn't seem... I don't know anymore.

Everfree Forest.
Everfree Forest.
Everfree Forest.

Play some Assassin's Creed, or watch some Jackie Chan, James Bond, The Matrix, I DON'T KNOW, IF YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE A FIGHT SCENE, watching action movies and or playing games with fighting will help.

I think you replied to the wrong comment.

Well, that explains why this story sucks.
Please, this is an awful trollfic. Do something original and stop clogging the site with this garbage.

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