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I'm a Soldier stationed in Fort Hood. I'm an aspiring writer/artist and am currently working on a Master's in Psychology.

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Chapter two with threesome? Come on. This is too good to leave unfinished :pinkiehappy:

Oh, I dunno. I wrote this mostly to get through a 24 hour shift at work. It could happen, though.

That was awesome hot :rainbowkiss: I second the call for a sequel.

This definitely needs a threesome sequel.

Well, perhaps not a threesome, but at least an epilogue.

Need a new chapter with threesome. I don't think there's been one Sparico clop fic.


I'm with those guys. We have to see a threesome sequel at some point. But take your time. :twilightsmile:

5394063 Yea it sounds too hot to not have a second chapter or a sequel to it.

Okay, this definitely needs a continuation of some sort. It is incredibly hot, and there's a real story here. Don't care what the continuation is - whether it's more voyeurism on Coco's part or the threesome everyone seems to want - but it plainly needs to go further.

I could only hear the song "Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva while I was reading this.

Okay. I did have something in mind, so I guess I'll do at least one more chapter. Consider this officially Incomplete.

Yeah, me too. Weird...

5395772 Normally I'm not really a sparity fan but... DAAAMN that was hot!!! Good show :raritywink: and have a like :moustache:

It's so irritating when i'm trying to watch a movie but people are fucking in the theater. It's a serious issue, please don't make fun of my disability. I don't know, i'm tired, and idfk what to write. Sue me. :derpytongue2:

I'll be thumbing up and favoriting.

5396879 you are so weird, fucking in theatre is like, super common, especialy for disney movie and other kids stuff, happen all the time

*hashtag sarcasm*

Do dragons have two dicks?


Yes, turn to the Sparity side. Soon your training will be complete.

Do I need to add a trigger warning?


Yeah, vanilla stuff like this is probably too safe to be interesting. Maybe I should have included more chains and sonic rainbooms?

5398188 5398404

Yeah, that's assuming dragons are reptiles. And not all reptiles have hemipenes. Marsupials are fun though. Some have 3 vaginas.

5399782 Amg, yes. You totally like, set off like, 50 of like, my triggers. I'm gonna go post passive-aggressively about this on my Tumblr. :trollestia:

5398404 What about Echidnas? Other than that they and the Platypus are the only species of egg-laying mammals? TO WIKIPEDIA!

[reads article on echinda reproduction]




- Christian 'WHAT?!' Harisay

PS: 5399782 ... WHAT?!?

… wait, that's it? No follow-through? No threesome? No confrontation about the peeping, or arrest for public indecency leading to jail cell sex between Rarity and Coco while Spike is housed in a separate cell? :pinkiegasp:

I enjoyed it a lot, but that ending cries out for a sequel, or at least a dénouement! :raritywink::moustache:

Ed. Just read the other comments and saw that more is coming. :rainbowkiss: :yay:


Yep. I've finally got some time on my hands, too, so it may be coming soon.

Tick that one off the Bucket-List

... That was... Something

Looks like Coco really enjoyed the show, and is looking forward to a cuntinuation.

Rarity the exhibitionist... haha nice! Look forward to the next chapter!

I cannot wait to see more!

Oh sweet Celestia my dreaded heart its ready.

Oh my. Rarity saw her, did she?

I suspect things will get steamier before the day is over!

Oh come on, when is the confrontation going to happen. It's obvious Rarity knows, and doesn't care, why not put poor Coco out of her misery already. Seeing Coco get all flustered about being caught is the whole reason I read this story.

Thanks for the update! :pinkiehappy:

That was amazing.

And I'm betting part three will be with them all sharing that bed big enough for three - at Rarity's insistence - and then Rarity initiating a threesome. Can hardly wait.

Imagine if he had 'double dragons'.

5670220 That'd be inconvenient and impractical.

Rarity "Coco, dear! Is your body ready!?":moustache::raritywink:

5670952 Many reptiles have hemipenis, two penises. They're stored inside the body and come out when they become erect, so not inconvenient at all. They also allow for more rounds, and therefore a better chance of impregnation, so entirely practical. SCIENCE!:twilightsmile:

Damn, that was voyeurific! But seriously, Coco enjoys watching and Rarity enjoys exhibiting, as does probably Spike who I assume is fully aware of whats going on. Can't wait to see what happens next.

5676558 Having sex with hemipenises is inconvenient. Either one hangs free while the other penetrates, or both go in one place. There is no benefit. Most who bring them up try for double penetration, but that's only believable if the penises are really big, because they are both anchored in the same place and there's a good couple inches between the anus and vagina, so you'd need them like a foot and a half long for that to work out.

5677773 That isn't really a inconvenience in anyway. Even with the one isn't in argument, it can go above the vagina where it's rubbing against the clit and there for provides sexual stimulation. And I fail to see how having both in would be considered a inconvenience even for the female as if that was the intended use evolution doesn't just happen to the male of the species, the females would have evolved to take both at once. Science!

There also animals with two vaginas but that's more of a sidenote as those are largely marsupials like kangaroos.

I don't know who's enjoying this more: Rarity or Coco :derpytongue2::trixieshiftright:

You're not wrong.


Ok, this story is awesome. You already earned this:

I'm ready to see more :rainbowkiss:

Once again your prose is tantalizing. Another very good chapter. As with the last chapter... DAAAAAAAAAMN!

How much longer until the next chapter!?:ajbemused:

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