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I write pony words that people seem to like. I also review fics and draw purty pictures, apperently. I'm an older fan of MLP, so expect a lot of 80's references.


Twilight and Luna. Twiluna. Tuna.

The very generalized EQG-verse versions of high school senior Twilight and Vice Principal Luna illicitly hookup and have a spicy time together.

It should also be noted that the first two chapters were written well before Rainbow Rocks was even in production, let alone human Twilight's reveal. The story continues that AU and pays little heed to the actual EQG canon. While sex is very strongly implied, this is not a clopfic. Like most of my fics, I tend to update it when I feel like it and/or the Muse is slapping me around.

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And unlike a Spicy Tuna Roll, this is actually hot!

O I get it, because it's clop.

Can I have 5 servings?

Okay, i'm officially in love with this story. Please continue.

I really want to figure out what they are going to do. Please write a follow up chapter tp this one.

Cannot express how excited I am for this:rainbowkiss:

Now it shall make it even EASIER to enjoy one of my favorite series. And guarantees you will continue it! Also, spicy tuna is delicious and now I'm hungry.


but no really this is great and its continuation would be a pleasant sight

I wonder how long it’ll take her to realize those are her panties in that pic?

School Intercom: "Twilight Sparkle to Vice Principal Lunas office immediately."

Good chapter. I like how you actually took the time to make those texts. It was a pleasing visual you don't typically find in fics. Very well incorporated.

I have many things to say, so i'll put them all in one comment:

Which meant that she now knew there were 36 ceiling panels in this room, 28 students with a roughly 2:1 ratio of female to male students, 3 overhead projectors pressed up against the back wall, 7 pieces of gum stuck to the underside of her desk and 5 more under her chair.

And a partridge in a pear tree.

2. I could tell from the name of this chapter it was going to be funny, I was right because it was awesome.

3. It's nice to see the more insecure side of Luna, it's very human and adds to this awkward thing they have.

For me I find usually pictures incorporated into the middle of fics fall in one of two categories: Past Sins(good), and everything else(bad). This is neither, and makes the whole thing really pop. Makes what is already a really great read even better, and I am indescribably excited that you're going forward with this. Seriously a top-list favorite story

Also, if that's a real phone number, depending on how paranoid you are, might want to change it to a 555 number

Not a real number, so no worries. I faked all the images. and supporting documents.

Thanks for the compliment! I had the idea for it yesterday and it wouldn't get out of my head, so I typed up the fic while image searching and then started crafting the images as I went, so that the texts went easily hand in hand with the fic around them. I thought it would be a cool experiment and it really came through. Which makes me almost as happy as the compliments it generated.

I honestly considered using that at the end, only with Twi being called to Celestia's office. But I chose to cut that cuz this fic doesn't need that drama just yet.

Comment posted by Narshlog117 deleted Dec 16th, 2014

Pretty clever use of a visual medium here, fuzz. The texts read a little bit clunkily and sound a bit wooden, but I guess that's kinda the point cos >socially awkward

Still, very cool and hot

Socially awkward and poor texting skills on Luna's part, definitely.

But as a highschooler that's hip with the ladies and the electronic doohickies, would you say these look like actual texts?


Hmm. They fit Twilight's personality, but if you wanted to go full High School you'd probably have a lot more emoji and exclamation marks and shit, as well as less capitals.

You know, I'm kinda hoping Twi develops as close a relationship with Celestia here as in the pony world, just for the added awkwardness.

Nooks can't see the texts.


I thought the pictures were pretty did you draw them yourself

gj fuzz 10/10

(Personally, I really like the Luna you're developing here. She has a wonderful contradiction of outward confidence and internal anxiety, and I'm excited to see where you take this -- and her.)

We can has more of this amazing thing?

You do realize that you're supposed to put the NSFW in the NSFW folder for the Twiluna group, right?

Honestly, I don't even know what folder it is in. They've been moved around a few times, I think. Either way, I didn't add it to the group. Someone else did that way back when.

Additionally, while this certainly teases adult situations, that all happens off camera. This barely rates it's Mature tag in my opinion.

5931074 Ah. I apologize. I just, you know, thought it was a clopfic because of the sex and mature tags.:twilightblush:

Well shit indeed.

Glad to see this updated! I missed it. Keep up the awesome writing!

Well shit...

I really think this is one of your best stories, Fuzzmaster General. The TwiLuna dynamic here is incredible, and now you've dropped a D-Bomb into the mix

Well... bugger.

Fan-fucking-finally I love this story, not sure if I've read all your works yet but this I'm pretty sure is my favorite

Went from reading tiny pony lesbians to big people lesbians and I ain't even mad I'm super hyped and happy, glad to know this story's love and plot were just on the back burner and it looks like this just got heated in both ways

Get ready to turn up that oven because it's back on and these tuna rolls are spicier than ever

Well... It'll be interesting to see how this ends up resolved.

Best I can tell, the only real options they have is to A) Have Luna resign and continue the relationship, or B) Put a hold on things until Twilight graduates. It sucks, because they were together before Luna became VP, but that kinda story won't help your case.

Real world issues suck.

..Yeeah, 'Tia hit the nail squarely on the head.

Been awhile since this chapter came out. Really hope this updates soon so we can see what happens next. Love this fic.

I'm just being slack ass. I have about 3K writing for the next chapter, but it is in serious need of re-evaluating. I want to show some more of Twi and Luna being close before the shit hits their fan. So it needs some work. As soon as I do have the time and mind to do so, I will beat it into shape and plop it down.

Sorry for being so slow about it.:twilightblush:

Yay! Life! Love this fic, was so sad seeing it gathering dust. Didn't really feel like much happened but i'm just glad for an update. Hopefully next chapter will have a bit more going on and hopefully it won't be nearly so long a wait.


Yeah, sorry about it not moving things forward much. I wrote a brief handful of notes more than a year ago on Luna's response to Twilight's revelation about coming to her attraction recently. I wanted to get that out there, fill out her portion of the relationship before we hit the hard bit.


Cutting of without showing us Celestia’s email … :twilightangry2:

Here’s also hoping the next update isn’t over a year away. :raritywink:

Always a highlight when I read this, this is still my favorite story from you, or at least I think so, may have to re read your stuff to make sure though:twilightsheepish:

Hey Fuzz, think we could maybe get some update to this page that would let us read those texts?

All I get is Photobucket whoring itself: camo.derpicdn.net/0efab5bf671e21e145d23f1c70f5ab1aa9bcdb10?url=http%3A%2F%2Fi137.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fq237%2FFuzzyFurvert%2FSexting7_zps6c3bbb19.png :fluttercry:

er...shit. Forgot about those. Let me see about setting up a new host and finding them all on my hard drive

Looks like it's working on my end. Let me know if they still aren't showing up or anything.


You da man!

(Translation yes, working just fine :raritywink:)

Great work so far, hope this continues :)

There is a Vice Principal Luna Tag, and you are using the Princess Luna Tag. This is my only complaint. Please fix?

That tag did not exist when I published this fic. But it's updated now.

I figured that might be it. Thank you for correcting.:twilightsmile:

“Get naked while I put on the tunes and start the shower and I’ll show you.”

Whoa! Hold your horses, I think I know where this is going: shower sex:pinkiehappy:

When are you going to continue this, this is really good

To be honest, I have no clue. The rest of the story is outlined, but I've got all of a paragraph or two of actual writing complete (all of which is several months out of date).

This story sits fairly low in my priorities atm, but I do want to complete it. Sadly life hasn't granted me both the time and inspiration to do that just yet.

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