A portal on Earth is recently discovered leading to another dimension entirely. A strange land inhabited by even stranger creatures. And for the humans, that's... really lame, actually.

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So now it's Post Nuclear Apocalyptic Borderlandsque HiE? Those pain meds must be pretty good. =x

This is utterly ridiculous.

Majin Syeekoh

Holy shit you actually published it.

I have no idea what I just read...

...but I'm intrigued.

And so the next portal led to a very sarcastic dimension where we all experienced the total bliss of being a mind slave.

"Soon I, Marik Ishtar, shall rule the world of Steves."

"Yes master."

"Frigging hell Odion, stop looking wistfully at that portal and obey me. They already closed the one that led to the Gummy Bear dimension anyway."

"Maybe I can reopen it."

"Can you un-nuke it too? No? Yeah, didn't think so."

Well then... Steve is pretty dumb. Must be the Hotpockets.

Damn and i though its gonna be crossover with romanticallyapocalyptic.

You sir, have done a fantastic job yet again! And even for a 1,200 word chapter, the pacing is pretty damn good! I'm guessing it's going to be a very fast paced series if you do continue this

Some dimensions are incompatible due to subtle changes in fundamental constants. Some are incompatible due to mutual incomprehensibility. And then there are those that experience the jerk/lame-o paradigm. So close, and yet so far.

Amusing stuff. Glad to have you back, Bob.

peace, love, and gas masks

I'm loving the Yugioh Abridged references. I'm absolutely loving it!

Excuse me... Sir.... Sir! Sir... Where are my hot pockets? What do you mean sir? I have to go off gallivanting across dimensions, sir? It's in another dimension, Sir? I demand an explanation sir!


So, Sir, My dear friend Steve Sir, Sir, is stuck in MLP: FiM Sir? That is correct sir? And he somehow managed to wreck the space-time continuum sir? I would sincerely like to know, Sir, if we are insured against this, Sir.


No, Sir we are not insured.


Dammit Sir! You had one job sir! One Job!


And what was that job sir?


To make sure we had hot pockets, Sir! And always call each other Sir, Sir!


It appears we have a Sir, Sir problem, Sir...


And what is it Sir?


That the hot pockets are raining down upon us, along with Mt. Dew, Sir!


Call in Africa and all third world countries now Sir! Sir, this is O- Day, I repeat O- Day!


Hai, Sir! Operation Obesity Day is a go! Operation Obesity Day is a go!


And everybody lived happily ever after, forever hailing Steve as the God for he brought peace on Earth by wrecking the space-time continuum so that we could eat junk food that rains down forever more and watch awesome kaiju fights along with other equally awesome things!

You got Mt. Dew, good. But...what? No Doritos? They go good with hotpockets.

"Old York City"..... York (aka Old York) is located in the UK :P

Oh my mighty lord of war and honour, that was actually the funniest fiction I've read to date. Don't stop, ever, please. Else I won't be able to pray to Tyr about how amazing this is any more.

5382387 He's thinking of Old Old York.

isn't that already fucked up and filled with radiation?

You can always add more radiation!


on a differnt note i would like to see japan...

a horrible and fucked up japan, that or russia

5381679 someone get Jim Gaffigan on the phone damn it!

Santa's Workshop (North Pole /real one)

A parody apocalypse meets Equestria, and that's about it.


There's a place called Equestria somewhere in South Africa... just saying...

Want a parody of post apocalyptic japan?

Add more tentacles!

Canada! Canada! Canada!

Let the ponies know of beer, and syrup and lumber!

great, the only people who survived are the ones who had played fallout and metro... no wonder the human race is boned.

I vote for Victoria Island of the great Amerikan Japanese empire (which only consists of Victoria as the Wake Island rebellion launched nukes at the rainbow republic and the rest of the empire in their "blaze of glory 420")

Sorry, too much brainfuck,
this is a too nonsensical for me and also, I only schmunzelt (chuckled) weakly one measly time.

I'm out of here.


And don't forget the Mad Max references. We must see cyborg Mel Gibson.

*Rushes off to change name*

I think 'friednship' was the funniest slip-up I found :V

We have Reagan Supreme.

Does Germany have MechaHitler?:twilightoops:

Is New Jersey going to be the last chapter?

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