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Void Chicken

I wrote a horse story once.



This story is a sequel to Stormy Nights 2: In the Clouds

Stormy is left wandering Equestria, running away from the consequences of her actions. In her travels, she finds the prospect of a new life and a new home, but in the end, no pony can escape her destiny.

Thanks to Shiropoint, Silicas, and my other prereaders.

Cover art courtesy of Voodoo-Tiki

Chapters (4)
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And here we are. Stormy Nights 3.

You saw my attempt at an OC fic where the premise went unstated. You saw my attempt at a sadfic that's only sad on the second read. Now see my attempt at romance. Here's hoping.

Like the synopsis says, Stormy Nights is a trilogy, and this is the final entry. Her story ends here, one way or another.

Glad to see this one get published finally. It's a fantastic read, and I think it brings Stormy's story to a fitting conclusion.

FINALLY! *devours story*


It ends here? But I want more D:

Well, you have my respect at least. Why? Because you have the commitment to write a good story, all the while having the discipline not to draw it out and needlessly ruin a good read. True, I'm sad to hear that this will be the last story, but I'm also happy to know that I'll have a good final read in this trilogy. Just do me a favor and don't cool a Christopher Paolini and realize that your 3rd story is so large, that you'll have to make it an Inheritance cycle :3.

Now, onto the story:

WHAT? I ALREADY FINISHED READING CHAPTER 1? GOD, WHY U MAKE ME READ SO FAST!? Anyway, no errors that I could see for the most part, and I've already put my ninjas on red-alert to abduct you and make you write the chapters non-stop while locked in a room with broken leg- erm... (I read too many books by Stephen King...)

Anyway, keep writing, keep surprising, and have fun. Now, if you don't mind, I have to be proactive on my 1st day of Summer...

Ok, which one of you bubble-blowing babies disliked this? *activates SNAPCOUNT*

Retaliatory strike inbound...

:raritydespair: The Last one in the Trilogy... this is gun be good :pinkiehappy:

You may now have my w00ts, because they are about to all come out for this fic

Wow. :twilightoops: I knew Stormy had a bit of an issue with her self-worth. But she makes Fluttershy look like Rainbow Dash by comparison. :fluttercry: :rainbowderp: Given the events of the last two stories, I suppose that's to be expected. But to go so far as to even hide the fact that she's a Pegasus... :duck:

That aside, I'm looking forward to finding out more about the general place Stormy has ended up in. Part of the fun of reading your stories come from your rich world-building and the unique settings you create. :twilightsmile:

Two things I forgot:

1) You know how Wobbler took the entirety of Stormy 2 to stop calling her Starry? Yup, pounding Starry = Stormy into your head so you don't get confused by the name here. And giving Stormy a name to use that's she's used to being called.

2) Would you believe that I (and totally not someone else I asked *applejack eyeshift*) came up with Baltimare before the show did? If I come up with a different horse pun city name I might go edit these.

More headcanon this chapter. I figure that unicorns can do weather, but it's very inefficient, and looks very strange (especially to a real weatherpony). The whole town is needed to do what maybe six pegasi could.

"I don't like sand," Stormy explained, clearly annoyed. "It's coarse and rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere." She provacatively rubbed a hoof across Spyglass's flank. "Not like here. Here everything's soft... and smooth..."

Spyglass became nervous. "There was a very old mare who lived on the island. She used to make glass out of sand - and vases and necklaces out of the glass. They were magical."

Stormy dreamily looked into Spyglass's eyes. "Everything here is magical," she replied, obviously romancing him.

Later on Stormy loses a hoof and a midget fights Trixie. Then Stormy chokes Spyglass on a volcano and Spyglass gives birth to twins and wait this can't be right.

Uh oh, this won't end well. Or will it? Can't wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

Oh boy, this gun' be good.


Did you overdose on Writer's Weed again? *Sigh* What did I tell you about using drugs to increase the... the... imagination of your writing?

Some people never learn...

And now I have to wait for Chapter 3 :C... Diablo 3, Nightmare Difficulty, here I come!

700423 it was creativi-tea just hope he doesn't make the tea with more then 1 bag... or with too much honey


Oh, I used to drink that stuff all the time... but then I imploded and exploded at the same time (and caused a paradox that ended this plain of existence). I still don't know how it fixed itself... something to do with a pink pony who bounced around and could break the fourth wall... whatever that means T_T.

702618 dude, the story hasn't actually finished yet... Poor Heartbreak is still hopped up on creativi-tea. Don't make me link the story, I'm too damn exhausted


What story? I am confused. My mind's receptors are not firing off! This is terrible! I... I don't know what you are referring to D:.

Whoah... I just had to come down here to the comments before finishing the chapter to say this:

I LOVE the name "Tamfoala." I have no idea where you got that, though I guess the "foal" part is a standard ponification. Maybe it's from some mundane river name near where you live or something, but I don't care. It's an awesome name.


It is actually named after Mount Tambora. In an earlier draft, Mount Tamfoala, an extinct volcano, was a significant part of the story, but it fell out in a re-write. The name of the river coming out of it stuck, though. I don't see why the mountain can't still be sitting near Baltimare, come to think of it.

So, Stormy, what's it going to be?

>Why can’t I leave?

It's cause you love him, you fool! :twilightangry2:

Later tonight, you will be shamelessly promoted to about 600 people.

So... Yeah. Hope you don't mind.


Females are so indecisive and blind to their true feeli- *gets bitch-slapped* Ow! What do I d-

...Just... give Stormy time... *flinches as shadow rises over me*


Cake or death? Er, I mean: that's ironic. It's your story to write, and we can only guess (who knows, you could do a troll ending just to play mind games with us.)

I'm pretty sure I know what's going to happen but I'm still wanting to shout at my computer. Don't run stormy, Go back!!!


Well it's a serious part of the story and I didn't want to crack a joke at it, but if you really want the mood killed...
First I dangle Stormy off of a ledge, then I have a cliffhanger.


How evil!

Wait... oh, wow! I see what you did there. Very 'punny.' T_T


That's how you know it's a good story. It plays with your mind and heart.

I swear, if it turns out that that wandering mailman was married to a mare named Shining Way, I am going to buck your face in.

I... my wings. … I tied down my wings.
Oh geez! I forgot! Please don't die Stormy. O_O

All I have to do now is just... fly away.
Don't you dare.


What mailman? The mailmare from the start of Stormy 2 was a mare. But uh, Stormy and Spyglass aren't blood relatives, if that's what you're asking.


I was referring to that undefined stallion from behind the scenes of part 1, who apparently was not in fact a mailman.

Glad to hear it.

The End.

Thanks for reading.

As usual, the big A/N blog is here.


Want more!

Very emotionally satisfying! :pinkiehappy: Just one thing: how did Strawberry Blossom know that Stormy was in Baltimare?


Celestia ex machina.

Well there's a substantial time gap before the last 2 scenes (you know, building up a weather team, working out the red tape, boring bureaucratic crap). And I figure that's time enough for Strawberry (who's no doubt been scouring news articles) to hear about an unusual royal visit. Something like that.

Or this works too.

731327 I'm glad I'm not the only one

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I hate you now, Void, you Commie (too much Fallout 3 and New Vegas)! It feels like there's room for another chapter or a sequel to the sequel of the sequel. Also, I have a bone to pick with you: it seems like some of the scenes were a bit rushed, mostly just the Princess Celestia scene and a bit of the Guards scene. The dialogue seemed a bit too fast-paced, and it had plenty of space for more detail and emotion conveying. Not knocking you for anything, and it may just be because my expectations are really high, but this just doesn't feel like the end...

INB4 you make another chapter or throw a wild card at me

And so ends my favorite series on this site. I shamelessly promoted the Stormy trilogy to the 600-ish people following my story. Hope that's k.

Know what? It doesn't matter if it's k. I REGRET NOTHING.

So that's it? No more Stormy Nights stories? :raritydespair: No stories of her becoming a mother? :applecry: No stories of her possibly reencountering her father? :raritycry:

MOAR NAOW :flutterrage:
nice chapter mate keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Great story, and a great trilogy. Things seemed a little too perfect at the end, like the previous events had all just been a terrible nightmare that the cast of the story finally woke up from, but that did not detract from the heartwarmingosity. And again, it's been a great trip!

If you don't mind my asking, what's next for you, Void Chicken? (I'm interested in reading it!)


I'm not sure on what (or if) I'll do next. I don't get plot bunny attacks very often. I'm kicking around an idea or two, but no promises. But I'm thinking something more lighthearted.

I just read this entire story, from start to finish, over the past 3 hours. The power was knocked out about half an hour in, (thank goodness the wireless router has a battery!) and just came back on moments ago, due to a short-term storm that spontaneously sprung up a little to the southeast of where I'm at. We haven't had rain in over a month, and were 1 degree away from matching the all-time record high temperature for our area. Coincidence?

Needs way more views. This is one of the best fan fics (trilogies) out there. I love it, and I really wish you'd write more, but I understand the story came to it's natural conclusion. Thanks for the great writing!

Oh My Glob!! like the best ending, fanfic ever!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: Im soooo happy for Stormy Nights!!

Thine own self: arguably, no other creature is more worthy of thy fear, and yet 'tis a terrible fear indeed when it takes root.

Tia has way to much free time.

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