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It's better to see death from her funny side. On my funeral there's gonna be a clown. I would hire Pinkie Pie, but sadly she only exists inside our poor minds.


Don was never interested in MLP or anything, while his friend Samantha (or Sam for short) is a total pegasister. One day he caught her up, as she was watching "Call of the Cutie", he couldn't help but ask what all the fuss was about.

He was never a fan of someone's destiny being predicted beforehand and in result the whole cutie mark thing went totally against him.

Sam isn't completely against the idea, just wants to have a choice.

Now, let's throw two blank flanks into Equestria.

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Fuck man This is a great start ;)

A good start, I'd like to see where it goes from here.

Nice thus far, keep it up. :heart:

"Mhmm. There is one thing that especially bothers me. You remember Twilight?"
"The stupid movie or the partly decent character?"

Giggle fits, ahoy!

Uhh... you might need to fix your description, somewhat.

One day he caught her up, as she was watching "Call of the Cutie", he couldn't help but ask what all the fuss was about.

What's he doing grabbing her and copping a feel at the same time? or is he throwing a net over her to catch her?

After a short explanation, he straightforward called the idea of someone's destiny being determined from the start just stupid.

While that word is for honest and open / precise / direct... it sounds very strange if you read that sentence out loud.

And how they got into Equestria I still needed to figure out after I was done with this summary.

Umm, is that part of your notes you forgot to delete?

5535132 I can answer the last one. It's supposed to be a bad joke.

"While this may seems unprofessional..."
seem or just get rid of may

You wrote this too? I faved this befor I read the I'm a God? story involving Faust ,hope to see these stories updated

The boy turned into a stallion recognized the symptoms immediately. Samantha was suffering from fangirl overload.

two things. first: stallion means boy automatically. maybe replace that with young. second, why does he already know what fangirl overload is? That doesn't sound like the kind of thing he should know about.

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