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Twilight is preparing for the Nightmare Night, with a perfect gift idea for Luna as well. But then Rarity accidenlty gets in and things don't go that well when Applejack does the same.

And small RariJack craziness shall happen.

This one-shot was inspired by WhiteDiamonds.
Proof-Read by Kooshster

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Comments ( 3 )

Haha that was funny! It was a bit late, but eh, who cares? :rainbowlaugh:
My only complaint is that the RariJack could of been a bit longer, but then again I like the naughty parts :raritywink:
Pretty good either way!

“And it might also raise few… unwanted desires and cloud your better judgment.”

I like where this is going. And judging by the picture, it's going to end very well.

The diamond won’t do anything as long as you don't wear, or in your case, eat it.” she reassured him.

Don't forget Maud.

There had been something about Rarity's being and tone that made Applejack feel bit uncomfortable and made her cheeks infuse with heat.

Strong, powerful Apple thighs...

Tonight’s about you...and me...and right now I have a small, lady-like craving for some apples...and you’re just the mare for the job.”

Go on...

then conjure a small dream spelld on the dragon.

“Oh, an' can ya ask Twilight to make few more of those gems for next Nightmare Night?”
“Or maybe bit... sooner?

My pony waifu already has fangs. She doesn't need gems.
That was silly and fun.

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