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I'm really bad at setting deadlines and self-goals and then completing those deadlines and self-goals. Chat with me, I'm usually free.


[NOTICE] This is more like a biography than a self insert if you have noticed something about the characters.

"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, so is a lot."
- Albert Einstein

A young inventor by the name of Cadet had made an interesting discovery. Unfortunately for him, that discovery had made him a criminal. What had started out as trying to find what they expected of him, had now turned into a trial. When he quickly discovered that his discovery had been illegal, he decided to covertly investigate his discovery more. He wanted to know why the discovery was illegal. And that was when he had found THE planet.

There may or may not be gore or something. The characters may or may not be changed during the story. Everything pretty much depends on how I feel while I am writing it. When I start to write a chapter, I will post a blog with a Google Docs link so that you can watch me type the chapter, if you are somewhat inclined, or you could send me a message on steam suggesting any ideas for the story. Also, I will be accepting any fan-art if you draw any. *cough*COVER-ART*cough* Any constructive criticism will be very much appreciated. Thank you, and enjoy the story.

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Run boy run? Whelp, I guess he's gonna be running for a while then. :P

I can't believe I forgot to turn off the 'center' option while finishing this. I'll fix it during my summer break.

Welp, that didn't work.

You don't happen to be holding a "Sonic Screwdriver" do you? :trixieshiftright: and I get the "Run, boy, run" :raritywink: That was a great movie. References aside. So it's been 15 years now? That also means foals like CMC have grown? :rainbowderp: And I guess it's too early for a revelation. But I have my eye if this turns into time travel. Other than that, I guess the one who left the note saw a potential in your OC. And grammatical errors BTW :twistnerd: Other than that, let's see where this leads.

I'll look through it with Grammerly or something. As per the time travel guess... Kinda? It's hard to explain, but it has to do with quantum physics, which still is all very theoretical. So, I guess it is time travel, but not in the same way where you are the one traveling. But, if (and thats a big if cause I'm a lazy writer.) I continue this story ( and probably will at some point) "time travel" will be apart of it. I got the whole story arcs planned out with major and minor events, I just have a hard time sitting down and writing the dots that connect the events.

It's also pretty daunting since I really want my story to be about 1.25 million words. Baby steps, though. I'll start working on a chapter that will probably turn out to be maybe 23,000 words. I don't know, I don't have a word counter when I'm on my phone.

Thanks for the comment, though! I'll definitely fix this one up while working on another chapter.

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