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Hello! I am a depressing girl with an odd love of miniature equines and Homestuck. I have a crippling addiction to Anime, but other than that I'm somewhat sane!


Featuring Derpy as Rose, Pinkie Pie as Dona, and Twilight S. as Martha, I bring you Doctor Whoove, a great big ball of wibbely wobbley, you know the rest. May include random chapters, and if you are allergic to pears, please don't read this.

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Hows the story? I see likes, but no comments on grammatical errors or anything. Tell me what could be improved!

It was a beuatiful day in the middle of spring.


the pegasus blcking the suns rays for but a moment.

I really don't need to point that out, do I?

Rare and exteremly um, burlap potato sacks


There was an emptyness to the main room that unnerved her.


Se was so busy watching the mannequins that she didn't notice the stallion until she bumped into him.


One night she remembered the Last thing that he said to her.

Darn random capital words!

As a newsreport on the sudden expolsion of the boutique rambled on about no survivors,

darn spaces! And explosion

Hey evrypony!


wow. This chat room.. is empty.

5793631 Thank you very much for pointing those out :facehoof: I need to go back through and edit now. Thank you for the comment, help is always appreciated, even when it's just pointing out mistakes. Dd you like the story?

5818069 It's a good start, can't wait to see what the second chapter has.:derpyderp2:

Dear Crystal_Chaos,
I LOVE THIS STORY!!!! Just how you ponified the first part of the 9th Doctor's first episode, was "FANTASTIC!!!"
Although, I still see you haven't fixed a few of the grammatical errors in the first part:

pegasus blcking the suns rays for but a moment

There also needs to be an apostrophe in suns, making it "SUN'S." Anyways, I just wanted to let you know this, so you can continue on your wonderful story!!

Allons-y!!!! Avante!!!! And Geronimo!!!!
-Brightly Litt

P.S. I've made a few stories, myself, and would appreciate it if you would read over my work and tell me what you think of it. Just click on my name and you can start whenever you want!!!! Thanks!!!!

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