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I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.


In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power, Green Lantern's light!!!

When studying the stars one night, Twilight Sparkle spotted a shooting star and it crash land in the Everfree Forest. Wondering what it was and hoping no one was hurt, she runs towards it. When she reach there, she meets a creature dress in green and it dies leaving it ring in her hooves. When Twilight accepts the ring, she become the first Pony Green Lantern! Now Twilight must use her new power to save her home and friends from the evil that invades it. However she not the only Lantern on Equestria.

"In blackest day, in brightest night, Beware your fears made into light. Let those who try to stop what's right, Burn like my power, Sinestro's might!"

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 41 )

Nice crossover, but there are a few things that bugged me. Some sentences need more words to give a better structure, some words are misspelled, and other words need an "ed" at the end.

Is thia after season 3?

5379948 I guess you can said it is, I'm just not using Alicorn Twilight.

5379977 so she's an Alicorn but you're not mentioning it?

5380235 No, she not an Alicorn, I understand it doesn't make sense, but this is another world where Twilight never became an Alicorn.

5379757 I well understand, it just that those words I need are tricky to write and the words that need an "ed" at the end, I didn't notices.

I have my own dc universe where twilight becomes green lantern

5380252 thanks. It's bene hard to tell since they removed the Alicorn Twilight tag

My guess this is mid-season 3 since Twilights doesn't become an alicorn until the last two episodes of season 3

Now things just got interesting

Can I be your editor or proofreader? Because like I said 2 chapters ago that some word need to be removed, fixed, and some sentences need more structure. Good story to, but I keep thinking of the 2011 film.

5394304 Sure you can. I'm using a bit of the movie to help me out with it. I haven't seen it in along time, but I have found clips to help me out.

5394375 How about the first Chapter? I send it in the PM.

Aww. At first I thought she had landed on Mogo. That would have been a novel introduction to the corps. Well, Hal's good enough. And Twilight's awfully reserved for the egghead who just found out she owns a portable superlibrary. Reserved as in 'not spontaneously exploding with nerd glee'.

You could probably do well to not make asides in parentheses, since it distracts a bit. I'm sure most of your readers aren't such hardcore comic fans that they'd rage over getting Hal's eye color wrong... and if they are, they'd tell you just to prove their cred. :twistnerd:

5394832 Thank you, I really had no idea what Color Hal eyes were and I even look Hal up. Sorry if I disappoint you on the location.

Nice storie, hope you carry on

I do like Trixie but talking in the third person is so annoying

Nice touch with the cutie mark constructs. It would be really cool if Twilight resorted to more of those, maybe using it as her leitmotif, unless you have something else planned.

Curiously, during the fight with Kilowog Twilight's name turns into Applejack's a few times. You may want to edit that.

5437379 Just did that. Not sure what happen.

how does nobody recognise her its not like her mask actually disguises her

Sorry, but you got the relativity of time applied the wrong way around. The traveler is the one for whom time passes slower, not the persons on the home planet. :twilightsheepish:

5471069 Sorry, another writer did the same thing.
5471016 They were too scare or Twilight was too busy notice that they might figure out who she was.

5471069 Well, the relativity of time and space is one of the things Authors always use just in the way it benefits the story, no matter what physics says.

5472016 no the elements spotted her and asked who's that

Awesome storie, is going all rigth, dont worry

I might edit this eventually. Like I usually do. Nice chapter, worth the wait.

Will the other Lantern Corps be appearing in this story?

7054945 In the sequel, I plan on having two more Lantern Corps join in. In another sequel, I'll have the Black and White Lanterns in.
7054917 It shouldn't take you too long, since it was a short chapter.

Sooooo, when will you start an MLP version of Green Arrow, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and other members of the DC Universe?

7509159 I'm thinking on them. I got the character for Green Arrow, it the rest I'm thinking on.

THERE'S A FLUTTERSHY GREEN LANTERN STORY!!!???:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

(I couldn't find anything about Hal's real eye color, so I make them up for now).

actually i did some digging and found out Hal's eyes were brown

I'm living proof that time actually moves slower in space

no, you're living proof that time moves faster on oa

7514138 I don't know how true that is and thanks for intro for Hal's eyes.

Just began reading Green Lanterns light, it's funny, but I was talkng to a friends about super Pinies, and he said they would stand out.

Although my reply to him was "Really, I don't think anyone of them would thing twice."

He paused for a moment and then just laughed.

I don't care what other people have to say, I like Green Lantern.

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