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Yay, another Persona fic!

I already know which Persona Sunset will get.

5366892 I'm actually making all original Personas for the party, so she will not be getting Orpheus or Izanagi, but you probably know what her arcana will be.

Are you going to be using legendary figures from EQUESTRIAN myth for personae? Starswirl and Platinum and such?

And for some constructive crit...

"An extremely beautiful woman" early on. Cool. What makes her beautiful? Why does Sunset associate yellow eyes with demons?

Show don't tell is not very good advice because, well, put that way it's telling - not showing. So those are just a couple of concrete examples of what I mean by that.

It's an interesting stArting premise; just needs more polish.

5366906 I hadn't planned on it. For this story I was going to go with characters in Shakespearean and Greek mythology. You gave me a few ideas for later chapters though...

Happy to have been an inspiration, then. (Also, p3 was mostly Greek.)

I edited my first comment with criticism while you were responding; you might want a looksee.

5366914 Why not add a few Japanese characters, like an alternate version of Izanagi, but named different with different powers?

Aw shucks, you are very welcome! :twilightblush: I'm happy to help support you and your stories! Speaking of which, I really like how this one is starting off; I look forward to seeing how this story plays out! Now where did I put the popcorn bucket?

“You do know that I'm Vice Principal, right?” Luna asked, “Maybe if you got laid once in a while you wouldn't have such a stick up your ass.”

That line nearly killed me! :rainbowlaugh:

Honestly, with the few Persona crossovers that exist, this is the first EG/Persona crossover I've seen. It has potential, but I'm wondering if this is going to be a total Midnight Channel ripoff or if the "Mirror World" (sounds about right,right?) will have some unique features? Like how everything looks some what static-y in the TV world or how the Dark Hour from P3 has coffins and blood.

It's not a negative point out, but rather an honest question that I'm curious about.

Just an antique store no one visits, a few food stores like this one, and someplace called Daidara's Metal Works, whatever that is.”

I cracked the biggest grin upon reading this sentence.

Actually Sunset's past would better be represented by the reverse sun, the need to reflect on all the good things one already has.
Also Sunset post equestria girls is either fool or upright sun so heeeey, let's get this show on the road!

Also i know way too god damn much about the tarot and the fool's journey and am going to nitpick you to hell and back, be warned.
Applejack- Empress
Fluttershy- Strength
Pinkie Pie- Wheel of fortune
Rarity- Hanged Man or Star
Rainbow Dash- Chariot
Celesta- Hierophant since it's principal Celestia and not princess Celestia(she would be emperor)
Twilicorn- Judgement
Lovers- As the card representing decisions as well as meaningful relationship, I'd have it represent her bonds to the group as a whole.

Also nitly picky, sunset is a senior. After school ends high school is over for her.

I hadn't planned on it. For this story I was going to go with characters in Shakespearean and Greek mythology.

Persona 3 did greek mythology already, and no one wants to be reminded of that clusterbuggle of terrible charecters, symbolism failure(choosing to keep fighting is the route to the good end? With the Death card being central to the games symbolism, blargleflarglemargle.)

Go with egyptian mythology, then you can have like, Ptah as the world persona.
Ptah is the ballerest god. (Also Ptah is actually a world persona in the real sense since he has pretty much all the associations including the negative ones, creates universe, then makes toys.)

5369279 I actually already worked out everyone's Arcana, and you got some of them right actually. However, I read over all of the Arcana as well AND went to the Shim Megami Tensei wiki to see how they decide on what Arcana go to which character, so hopefully you'll forgive my decisions.

Using egyptian mythology... I already created their Personas... but maybe I could go over it all again. But you DID give me a great idea concerning Sunset Shimmer being a senior. That adds even more drama.

5368719 The Mirror world will be similar to the Midnight Channel, but overall different. This will actually lead into a major plot point later on.

You need to explain how and why Sunset is living with Celestia and Luna.

5371525 Everything comes to light eventually.

Gee, I wonder who the Navigator will be.

You're not gonna kill off Silver Spoon are you. I know she and Diamond Tiara aren't exactly beloved characters, but she's a bit young for something like that.

5374880 Wholeheartedly agree, plus the human Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon did nothing as far as we know.

5373987 You being sarcastic or sincere? Also by Navigator do you mean like Rise in Persona 4?

5376014 Yes to my second question?

Okay I only have two questions. First where is my controller. Second when is the next update?

5385410 *hands you a controller along with the next update* :twilightsmile:

Thank goodness they're to the mirror world before there are any causalities. Hopefully.

You know, where was Rarity in all this?

5386443 That'll be explained later on.

You have caught my interest. Hope to see more.

There's a reason the anime just have the persona out all the time and don't give the kids weapons....
Except naoto who is a detective, and kanji who punches shadows anyways because FUCK YOU I'M MANLY

"We are totally sneaking into junes with swords."

Into the Mirror World they go, (un)ready to be confronted by their Shadows... hope Sunset's Persona will be able to protect them from the time they will need to make peace and accept their 'other selves'.
Vote: 10+++

5386420 yay now you just need to make this story in to a real persona game and then I'll play it for the next year

Dang I was rocking out to the P4 Arena version of Reach out to the Truth during the fight we got the that downer ending. I hope Silver Spoon and that others aren't dead but in some limbo that beating the villain will free them from. Also I know who Trixie's persona is based in terms of mythology but not not Sunset's, who is Cordelia based off?

Great update! Figured that Sunset and Trixie's Personas were ice and fire based respectively. Especially loved the moment between them in the end. A start of a great "friendship" indeed. Keep up the good work.

5397366 Cordelia is a character in Shakespeare's story King Lear. The king wanted to pass on pieces of his kingdom to his three daughters, Gonirel, Regan, and Cordelia, but first he wanted all of them to shower him with praise and tell him how much they loved him. Gonirel and Regan didn't really love their father, but to get the land he offered them they showered him with fake praise, that in his old age he fell for.

Cordelia was the youngest, fairest, and the king's favorite. Her love was genuine, but when it came time for her to speak, she had nothing to say. Her love couldn't be described in mere words. The king was outraged. He believed that she didn't love him since she didn't have any kind words for him. As punishment, she was disowned, banished, and denied a husband.

Why is sunbutt jr. using ice as an element?
Sun on her ASS.

Als pop quizz time, why did you make trixie the magician arcana? (I'm not going to agree or disagree til i hear your reasoning.)

Also so far this one's been a bit close to P4 in stuff,

Cordelia was the youngest, fairest, and the king's favorite. Her love was genuine, but when it came time for her to speak, she had nothing to say. Her love couldn't be described in mere words. The king was outraged. He believed that she didn't love him since she didn't have any kind words for him. As punishment, she was disowned, banished, and denied a husband.

Can't complain with that persona for sunbutt jr.

5398115 On the Shin Megami Tensei wikia, the Magician Arcana always goes to the main protagonist's right hand. This person is usually somewhat jealous of the MC's power, and ends up dealing with a tragedy concerning romance (both the girls Junpei and Yosuke loved ended up dying, and Kenji's love interest already had a fiance).

The arcana itself in Tarot refers to confidence, initiative, action, and the power to harness one's own talents.

So if you're wondering, it has nothing to do with Trixie's Equestrian counterpart being a magic user competing with Twilight.

where does Cordelia come from, what mythology

That was the first result I got when trying to look it up but wasn't sure.

Diamond Tiara is tower? That doesn't really fit her personality.

I could use a guide about this whole arcana thing, I think i may have heard it used in fortune card telling but only in names and not much more.

I just have to say I'm happy you didn't go the FEZ way and made Sunset miss a week due to her first summoning of her persona and ending up to exausted to wake up. I don't remember if that happend in persona 4 aswell, need to plug in my ps2 and play it again to make sure though

5415878 The Arcana is basicly a type for the personas, the higher lvl you get in an arcana the greater combinations of persona you can do to get new personas to use

Comment posted by Zelda Spectrum deleted Dec 23rd, 2014

- Loved that fight scene! I was jamming out to "Eclipse of the Sun" during the fight! (I love the Hyrule Warriors soundtrack!)
- Poor Silver Spoon, I had a feeling they would be too late, but I was still clinging on to a bit of hope.
- I look forward to seeing what other Personas will be seen.

I am thou...thou art me...
We're a happy familyyyyy
:rainbowlaugh: (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Question: Is Trixie crushing on Sunset?

5435763 The real question is, do you think Trixie is crushing on Sunset?

5435639 Thank you Black Jesuz. I'm glad you enjoyed it so far.

It feels like I'm actually playing the game. Unfortunately I would actually go out to an arcade or something instead of studying that night. Maybe there's a quiz game that can help boost my Academics!

5435790 That's the feel I wanted to give the readers. I wanted this to feel like a Persona game, like they were Sunset Shimmer, which is why she's somewhat of a silent protagonist in the story.

5435767 I would think so, but I could be wrong.

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