• Published 14th Dec 2014
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Crystal Empire lost friend - thenamless

I severed the Crystal Empire. Protect it with my life. All in the Empire loved me. What do I get from it? Celestia banishing me.

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Damn it!

I was waiting in the throne room. Waiting for Cadence to speak. "So...you may be wondering why I brought you here today." I nod my head. "Well...you see...I have been Invited to a party." I don't like we're this is going. "I am required to bring some guards with me. Me and my aunties agree this will be a great way for Equestria to get to know you." Dislike level rising. "So therefore, I Cadence command you to join me, Shining and three other guards to come to the party held in..." Why is she having trouble saying the place? "Canterlot." Great...

I would try to fight the battle but I know I'm going to lose. Since I have the feeling the whole of Equestria was on Cadence side. "I hate you Cadence."

"Oh you don't mean it." Cadence replies pouting.

I can't believe this was happening. Here I am sitting next to the driver/guard on a chariot. That is on the way to Canterlot. No doubt Luna and Celestia are up to something. Cadence, Shining and the two other guards ride inside. The two offered me to sit inside but I wasn't in the mood to be with them...after all I'm going to have to be with them the whole night...

I almost fell out of my seat when the Chariot stopped. "Let's get this over with." I turn to see the guard was talking to me.

"Indeed." I got off the chariot. Straight away I saw ponies staring at me. Looks of fear and confusion. However it seemed my amour kept them calm. I open the door to let Cadence and Shining leave while the two guards got out the other side. Cadence smiled but my gaze was on Shining. When he look at me I whisper the words. "You own me big time." He nodes.

I follow behind Cadence and Shining with a guard to my left. The other two are on each side. The two guards I mention earlier went ahead and open the door for us. I saw how the party was held in one of Celestia gardens. The two guards didn't join us as I remember they were made to guard the doors. While I was made to guard Cadence and the other guard was for Shining.

I notice a pink hoof was in waving around in my face. "Did you hear what I said?" I look and say Cadence was talking to me.

"No my queen."

"First of all I hate it when you call me that." Great she was pouting. "Second was I said you are free to do what you want. Just stay at the party and keep an eye out for any trouble."

Was she really letting me go? Wait this is the land of Luna and Celestia of course she would be safe. Duh! I nod at Cadence remark.

I head towards the south were there seems to be some drinks. I could do with one. I saw all type of ponies staring at me but with curiosity and not fear. I was about to pick up a drink when I heard the loudest squeak ever. I turn and saw a purple unicorn with a dress of blue. Wait have I seen her before?

Oh crap it's Twilight! She was coming towards me fast. Nope! I turn to my left and start to jog the down the path. I hear her calling for me but I kept on going.

A while past and after a little running I manage to lose her. Boy did she not give up! Hm...I seem to be in the place where Celestia animals are held. However I see none in sight. I heard some shouting going over in the distance. I couldn't help myself so I went over to the sound.

I manage to see from my hiding place. A yellow mare with a pink mane. She wore a green dress and had a fake butterfly pin her hair. However what caught my eye was she was on the floor. Shaking. Two royal day guards were near her laughing their heads off. Are they bullying her?

"And they call you a powerful mare? Ha! Don't make me laugh! Your a waste to carry an element!" That quote made me realise who she was. Fluttershy the bear of the element of kindness. One of the guards raises his hoof over Fluttershy head. Oh no you don't!

I ran towards the guard and grab his hoof. They all screamed even Fluttershy. "What are you doing do this poor mare!" My rage overtook me. "You better not be bullying her! Cause if you are I'm sure Celestia will be happy to hear so after I deal with you two myself!" The guards were shaking in the armour. I let go of his hoof. "Know get out of my sight. Now!" A puff of smoke was all that remade of the guards as they ran away.

I turn my focus on Fluttershy. She was shaking. "Are you ok miss Fluttershy?" She doesn't answer. Her gaze full of fear locked onto me. I let out a sigh. She was scared of me. I turn to leave her and start walking away.

"Wait." I turn back to see Fluttershy walking up to me. "T...thank...you" I could barely her what she was saying.

"No problem. I help all who need it."

She pokes her head out of her mane. "Can I umm. Ask a question? If that's ok with you." She is looking at me with the puppy eyes. Where is this going?

I said yes and answered her question which was if I like animals. After that we sat by a tree and broke out into a conversation. She told me about herself while I did the same. We talk more about animals and other things here and there. As we did this I notice she was moving closer and closer to me overtime. Until she was resting her head on my shoulder. This is Fluttershy right? The shyest mare? This wasn't the mare I was told of.

"Hey Andvari?"

"Yes Shy?" She blushes at the nickname I gave her.

"Are we friends?"

This questions threw me off guard. Are we? Should I? She didn't treat me like the ponies in Canterlot. She was nice and kind to me. She did also warm up to me quickly. "Sure Shy." What I heard threw me off guard again. I swear she did a squeak of an chew toy. I look down to see her hugging my arm with the biggest smile on her face.

Time went by again with us talking for a while. Somewhere in between Philomena came and sat on my knee. Fluttershy was shocked at first but after telling her that I looked after Philomena when Celestia couldn't she just smiled again. We continue talking about animals. Philomena left sometime after.

We were properly going to talk all night. However.

"Fluttershy where are you? The princess want to talk to us!" I knew this voice. Twillight. Fluttershy ask for me to come but I had to turn her down. She asked why but I told her I tell her a different time. She was walking towards the sound of her friend when she stop. She turn towards me. She was now running towards me with a smile. Before I knew it she jumps into my arm while hugging me.

"Thanks for being there for me." I hear hear mumble out of my chest. I let here down and she walks off again. Just before she goes out of sight she turns and waves at me. I wave back and she leaves.

Maybe this day isn't that bad after all.

I went back towards the middle of the party. A guard came running up to me saying I was needed by Cadence and Shining. I follow the guards into the castle. We arrive at two huge doors. I don't like where this is going. The guard tells me to enter to which I do.

I enter to see straight away Cadence, Shining, Luna and Celestia. All eyes are on me. Cadence points to a sit next to her. Nope! I turn and leave.

I could hear a barrage of hooves coming after me. I start to jog. I hear them calling for me to stop and come back. Nope!

I turn a corner and...crap. There standing was Twilight. Her eyes went wide while she let out an gasp. I hear the hooves behind me slow down. I was trapped. Only an window was In the room.

Twilight was walking towards me. I turn to see the three Alicorns and Shining smiling and coming closer.


I turn to the window and jump out.

So want to know what happened after?

We'll I manage to get back to the Crystal Empire without the gang getting to me. Cadence was furious with me and gave me an hour talk. Shining gave me an hoof bump...oh right! Twilight was said to have banged her head on a wall for five minutes for letting me get away.