• Published 14th Dec 2014
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Crystal Empire lost friend - thenamless

I severed the Crystal Empire. Protect it with my life. All in the Empire loved me. What do I get from it? Celestia banishing me.

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Bro time

"Shining Armour you owe me a drink!" I shouted as I watched the running unicorn.

"Yeah sure!" He shouted back. Damn it! I just got stuck with Shining job for the day. Cadence needs him. Urgent! Sure... I turn and went out the castles doors. I wave back to the Crystal ponies when I see them wave at me. Man...Who would have thought the Crystal Empire would like me so much! Apart from Cadence...She likes my service and all. However she doesn't like my attitude... Also something about...stealing my Shining. Ew! I don't deal well with this lovely stuff.

After a short walk I arrived at my destination. My job...Well Shining ex-job was to guard the East corner of the Crystal Empire. Now how if that bad you ask? Well it's near the Crystal Empire school for fillies. Now I don't hate the Fillies. I love them and they love me. It's that most likely that I will get dragged in to help. I was just about to past the school. So close...come on.

I heard screaming. Damn it! I turned and saw an angry looking crystal mare dragging a filly across the ground. They stopped once they were far enough from the school. The mare let go off the filly and started to talk.

I sighed. I knew where this was going. The mare finished talking and looked up. She saw me and let out a small smile. Oh no... She was coming towards me. Crap! "Hey Andvari!" She called.

"Hey." I replied.

"I don't want to bother you but could you stay with that filly until she is ready to come back inside?" I raised a eyebrow. "Please?"


Her smile grew. As she turned and went back into the school while I went towards the filly. I sat down besides her while taking off my helmet. "Hey there little one you ok?" She didn't move nor did her gaze on the ground. I saw few tears hit the ground. "Hey don't cry now." She turn her gaze to look at me. Her eyes were bloodshot and full of tears.

"Andvari?" I nodded at her remark. In a second she flew into my arms. I hugged her tightly while she accepted with a flow of tears. We stayed there for a while.

"Hey...what wrong?" I asked. She raised her head.

"Well you see...I hurt Bulespear by accident...I feel so bad." She dropped her head back into my chestplate.

"Hey." I called out while lifting her head with my hand. "Did you mean it?" She shakes her head. "Are you sure?" She does the Pinkie pie promise. "Well if you didn't mean to then your not a bad foal." She stares at me for a while. "Here how about this." She looks at me with a confused grin. I take out a blank scroll and unsheath my sword. I then started to write with my weapon. I heard the filly smirking. "Look I don't have a pen so this will have to do." I sign the letter. "Now give this to your teacher and say your sorry to Bluespear. If you mean it then you will not be punish...Ok?"

The filly stared at me with confusion until it turns into a smile. "Thank you! Thank you! Your the best Andvari!" She cried. She gave me one last hug then ran towards the school.

Not much happened after that. The teacher thanked me and I played with a couple of fillies when they were on a break. By now it was dark and the fillies had already gone home and so has the teacher. I just watched the moon from there on out.

"Almost there..Yes!" I shout my time was up. I went towards the castle. I turn after reaching it and went into the the guards room. I entered and waved at the few guards in their. I took of my amour and went back out. Man the night sky is beautiful tonight. Good job Luna...

I look down at the floor. Luna...Celestia... I hate them so much!

"Andvari! Please wait! I did not mean for that to happen!"

"NO LUNA! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!" I looked down at my almost burnt body. "CANTERLOT HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT HORRIBLE TO ME SINCE I CAME HERE!" I saw Luna was taken back by this. Her ears had folded back onto her head. "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE! CANTERLOT IS NOTHING TO ME!" I threw my sword to the ground. It stuck out like Excalibur. Luna was about to say something. "NO DON'T TALK LUNA! I CAN'T HANDLE YOU ANY MORE!"

"Y..ou...don't mean that." She was on the verge of tears.

I let out a sigh. "I'm sorry Luna but I can't take it any more. Thank you and Celestia for taking me in after you brought me to Equestria after bringing me here by accident. HOWEVER!" My rage grew again. "YOU TREAT ME LIKE AM AN ANIMAL! YOU KEPT ME INSIDE CANTERLOT! YOU ONLY MADE ME A ROYAL GUARD OF DAY AND NIGHT TO KEEP ME UNDER CONTROL!"


I walked over to the runes. These runes would teleport me to the Crystal Empire. I remember when I was seen by a Crystal pony in the Royal castle. In a day the Crystal empire knew about me. Lucky they kept it a secret. They didn't tell the rest of Canterlot or Ponyvillie. I thought they did this cause they had to. No. They did this cause the Crystal ponies knew what I was going through. The feeling of not being able to fit in. Fear. "Luna..." I turn back to her. "I trusted you and Celestia from the very start. However I gave you my friendship to only have you two break my heart."

"Luna." She was about to fall to the floor.

"No..." She whispered.

"I Andvari is no longer a royal guard of day and night. I also am no longer...friends with Luna or Celestia." I took one step back. One step away from the teleporter.

"Please...Andvari...don't leave me." I shook my head at her remark. This was a heartbreaking move as she and I were good close friends. We'll we were. She went out for a hug to get me to change my mind while the flow of tears overtook her.

I did a villain move. I hate myself for doing it.

When she was about to hug me. I took a step back...into the teleporter.

I teleported away.

Seeing a flew things just before I left.

Celestia running into the room. Flowing with tears while she screamed for me and Luna.

Luna heart broken face.

Was it the right move? I always wonder but I can't go back now. Lucky with the help of Shining I became a guard for the Crystal Empire. Cadence wasn't with the idea but after seeing how her subjects loved the idea she had no choice. Cadence, Shining and their subjects swore not to tell anyone about me.

Celestia and Luna tired to talk to me. I refused. Cadence and Shining tired to get me to talk to them...even order me. I still refused. I hate them so much.

"Andvari?" I look up and saw Shining.

"Hey Shining."

"I heard about the job. Nice job with the filly."

"Hey Shining you free?"

"Yeah why?" He replied with a hint of curiosity in his voice.

"You owe me a drink."

"GO SHINING!" The crowd yelled

Well some how I challenged Shining to a drinking contest. Loser pays.

We were on our fifth shot. Damn pony had it in him. However little did he know that Equestria alcohol was very weak to a human. Even their strongest stuff.

I took my shot. He took his.

I took my shot. He took his.

I saw he was about to lose.

"Hey Shining?"

"Y*hic*eah?" he replied.

"Wanna make it interesting?" He nodes. "If I can down this hole bottle and you can't then I win. If I can't or you can then you win." I heard the crowd gasp. However I knew Shining to never back down to a challenge. He nodes again. I pick up the bottle and down it in one shot. The crowd gasp. Shining barely picks up his bottle with his magic. He puts it towards his lips. He takes a sip and...

He faints. I hear the crowd burst into laughter. I give a tip to the bartender, pick up Shining and head out of the bar.

Cadence is going to have a long chat with me and Shining.

"Now you relies that I am going to have to punish you. For this?" Cadence pointed towards her chambers where the sounds of Shining having the time of his life with a toilet.

"Hey it was a bro night." I replied.

"I can't let you go after poisoning my Shining." I was going to ask what was she on about but I knew what she meant once I thought of the bar."But how to do it?" Cadence sat on the floor while going into deep thought.

A while past while I just watch the Alicorn thought of an punishment.

She got up. "So I have finally come to an conclusion. You shall receive two punishments. One is a..." She trailed off. I don't like where this is going.


What just happened?

I felt pain surge my left cheek. Did she just smack me?

"And two..." I focus back to Cadence. I don't like this... Cadence tilts her head to one side and drops both eye lids halfway. Were is this going? "You are to give me an massage."

"WAIT WH-" I tired to talk back but found myself being dragged by Cadence.

Here a fun fact. Humans to ponies...feel AMAZING to them. So a massage is like heaven giving you one. Plus she knew that I didn't like this touchy stuff. Unless it was for one mare...Not Cadence.

After...that moment and some...moans...you know the ones...I found myself free for the rest of the day as Cadence wanted me to...think of my punishment.

So I went to the one who always made me happy.

I walked toward a crimson blue house and opened the door. I continued walking until I reached the living room. There I saw a mare sleeping on a couch. Poor gal must of work herself to sleep. I went over and sat next to her. She instantly wakes up and looks at me. I swear this mare has some motion sensor. She smiled then throws herself into my arms. I accepted and fling my arms around her.

She nuzzle my chest and I hear her whisper. "I love you Andvari."

"I love you too Crystal Eclipse." We then spent a while staying like this. Just cuddling and sleeping. Now I know I say I don't like this lovely stuff but trust me. Love makes you do crazy things.

Love can make you do...crazy things.

Author's Note:

Why are we thrown in so quickly?
What did Celestia and Luna do?
More will be relieved.