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Meet Stephanie, a young girl with no plans for future plans whose only concern was beating a next boss in her newest game.

She kept her normal life sane until one day, when she was given a chance of meeting somepony very special

Well she didn't really have a choice.

Rated T, cause I don't trust myself.
First time writing from a first person perspective, I wonder if I'll do a good job in this matter.

Chapters (3)
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Pretty short, huh! Oh, well. First chapter. I'm having the same problem with my story. I am typing the third chapter today, and still don't have 1,000 words. that's why no one can read my story yet. But you will! Keep looking for my icon in the New Story section. Or, follow me. Please? :fluttercry: I don't have any followers yet. And I will follow you if you follow me. Depending. But for you, yes. Trust me, I will. They do say that my element, the element of friendship, is all the others combined. Which includes Loyalty and Honesty.:twilightsmile:


5429096 I'll follow you only if I will get interested in your stories mon amie, this is how it works for me.
I don't like this follow for follow system, what's the point? I'll follow you if I'll want to read your stories.

I think you should use arts instead of are when Luna speaks, I could do some research about the old English if you want to...

Also, another great chapter, good job. :twilightsmile:

NEED MOAR NOW. Uh That is if you are okay with that.......

“Fair citizen? Why did thou faint?”

Because you forgot how to Modern English

I like where this story is going. A few pointers on Middle English, if you feel like using them (this is how I wrote my Luna):

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