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The crusaders realize it's a bad idea to interrupt Twilight when she's using a fusion spell. Surely it can't have gone too bad, right? Right?

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I must say that th beginning is quite interesting. I wonder how they will survive in one body and what will happen to them in the process. Looking forward to next chapter :pinkiesmile:
The only bad thing I've noticed recently is spelling mistakes. Maybe you should get a proofreader or read the text multiple times?
Despite this, I can't say anything else. See you in the next chapter :raritywink:

The Summary does look short and to the point.
Though you could name the chapters, right?
Titles are not the same as Spoilers, you know.

You shouldn't have a wall of dialogue like that without any accompanying action tags. I think the description can be improved upon. Not too bad for a first try, I think!

Good start, just flesh out the environment a bit more.

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