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Dunno what to say. I almost exclusively read and write AiE romance.


Anon is tired of Gilda bullying him, and he decides to follow Rainbow Dash's advice to deal with her. Needless to say, things don't go quite the way he wanted.

First person Anon x tsundere-ish Gilda, contains: spoilers for Rainbow Rocks, harsh language, mild violence, sexual references, and a lot of stupid shit.

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Painkiller. Nice

So Roseluck is secretly the Goddamn Loch Ness Monster?
I can see it

This was pretty good. It was a bit cheesy at times, but still an enjoyable story. You've earned my thumbs up.

"What does Flash Sentry look like?"

Heh. I wonder what they're talking about.

"Does he look like a bitch?" the orange girl asks angrily.

I gotta say, the references were well-placed and Anon is just enough of an asshole to be believable. Good job thus far!

..... The crack is strong in this fic. Aria was OOC, but this was still really fun to read.

:pinkiehappy:I like you and I want you we can do it is easy way or the hard way:pinkiehappy:

Yes, I am. I'm a man on a mission.

He, is a man, on a mission!
In armor, of high tech, ammunition!
Trapped on the air tryin ta win this game!
His teenage life'll never be the same,
In a dangerous world, he does all he can!

Awesome start is awesome, can't wait for more of your comedy style which never fails in making me laugh :pinkiehappy:

Aaaah this didn't disappoint me. Also high speed action drama! Okay, slow, stupid, drunk comedy-and-not-drama-at-all, but I loved it nonetheless :rainbowlaugh:

I can't help but feel as if our character is kind of a douche. I mean, I've met bullies nicer than this fella.

5373747 :eeyup:

Maybe my Anons tend to be even worse, but that's Anon for you.


5709168 Took someone long enough ta get it!
Pfft. Lol.


"I'll have two number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number seven-"

Nice San Andreas reference, Big Smoke. :ajsmug:

I honestly expected to hate this, but...... damn. Dis a nice fic. Nosfrat, you may be an asshole, but u a funny asshole.

Still needs more Marowak though.

The heart of his power is within him!
No force will make him give in!
When he's backed into a corner of
He takes the heat to the next degree!
He's more than a hero, believe what you see!

Honestly my 'I like you and want you' would be more of a shit eating, seductive grin with wiggling eye brows.
But hey, still funny as fuck!

'Call of Duty: Black Modern Ghostly Advanced Ops III'

Please, take all of my money Vondy.
All of it.

You should consider a sequel, or a prequel, something more involving nonny and gilda. Maybe tell us what happened to aria.

7473618 I would if I had better imagination. I really want to write another EqG story, I just can't think of anything worth writing about.

7474859 in that case I hope the bug of imagination bites you :)

I don't know if your gonna read this review or not, but I want to say that this is one of my favorite stories on this site for a specific reason:

You explore the difference between "nice" and "good". With Aria representing the former and Gilda and Anon representing the latter.

Gilda and Anon, well, act like total assholes. The key word being "act". But at their heart, they are decent, respectful folks. Gilda seems rough around the edges, but deep down she wants to date a man: as in, a person with enough self-respect and dignity to talk back to her. Anon seems like the opposite of the romantic type, but he does end up caring for Gilda and her feelings.

Aria acts like the "nice girl." She is outwardly charming and seems adorable in her obsession with anonymous. But deep down, she is just a controlling harpy who sees Anon as a prize to be won. And her cute obsession is rightly displayed as a twisted obsession.

Gilda and Anon represent real love and concern, while Aria represents entitlement and obsession.

That's actually one of the most interesting comments I've ever gotten. I'm glad you liked the story, and your analysis is pretty much spot on, that's exactly what I was going for - at least with Anon and Gilda. I really think I could have done a better job with Aria, I wrote her as "generic villain with an unhealthy crush on Anon because reasons" and I should have explored her motivations in greater detail, it's clear she has some serious issues.


Well, as we saw in "Rainbow Rocks," her desire is to be "adored", i.e. she wants people bowing to the power of her fellow sirens.

Despite her defeat, this desire to be obeyed seems to remain within her, which it would since she has walked the Earth for 1000 years using her magic to brainwash people. Hence why she is confused when someone turns her down. She has probably never heard the word "no" and thus can't comprehend someone turning her down.

I think "serious issues" is an understatement. You have to be completely nuts to hold your crush at gunpoint.

"Are you sure? That sounds really stupid, like something out of a bad fanfiction."

Woah. So meta.

"Do you, um, do you have a fetish?"

I'm feeling some deja vu...
Is she gonna try to guess it...?

Holy frick! Fluttershy rape attempts flashbacks!

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