• Published 30th Apr 2016
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The True Nightmare: Epitaph - Feather Note

Everypony thought life went back to normal. However, everypony has yet to realize that the Nightmare has been revived. Our heroines, The Element Bearers and friends must face this threat again. But are they truly ready to face this threat once more?

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Comments ( 16 )

Good job and keep up the good work.

7852393 Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it .:twilightsmile:

Setting up for True Nightmare: Resurrection?

7852537 Yes. But... a better version of Resurrection. :rainbowlaugh:

Foreboding... Nenne does not know what she will create, and that might be her downfall sooner or later.
When these creatures break free, will the mares be strong enough to stop it? Or will this new ordeal be the last straw and plunge some of them into the dark?

I can't wait to see the next sequel! Wonderful fic.

7852666 Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the story. It's nice to see that people enjoy my work. Even when I myself am doing it for fun.

Having fun is one of the main points. :twilightsmile:

From last year to today, this is one of the greatest fanfics I've ever read, the plot detail, the characters, all of it, wonderfully played out. I'm glad I stuck with this for months now, and while as I feel a sense of completion of a long journey, I feel sad that this kind of adventure won't happen again for 9 years in the story, not to mention the losses the characters have suffered.

Nonetheless, I love how Twilight and Crystal have reunited with Sunset, Twilight is getting the hang of her depression, and the possibility of cloning the leaders of Equestria being brought about by Nenne, that sneaky mule.

In any case, I give props to all of the great souls that've made this epic tale possible and I wish my thanks to them, this was an amazing adventure, thank you all for making such a wonderful, yet horrifying, adventure! LLAP. :)

The End.... for now. :pinkiecrazy:

7854020 Thank you alot! That really means a lot to hear the readers enjoying the story. (Best fanfic ever)? Ehh... :rainbowlaugh: That's probably a matter of perspective, if I'm to be honest. I feel like there are probably a few better than mine. :twilightsmile:

Well, here is another reader who considers you as one of the best author of fimfiction.net. :twilightsmile:
The reason why so much people who favourited and up-thumbed the first part of this arc didn't come back for the second, and even less for the third, still eludes and puzzles me.
I, for one, think all three parts of your MLP/AVP crossover arc should have at least 800 thumbs up!

8109992 Yeah... that part was definitely sad. Writing it was another thing. :rainbowlaugh: It even made me cry.

I can't help but remember a loose end.

What happened to Zecora and Cloudchaser?

Sorry it took so long for me to reply. XD Yes, those two are fine. Unfortunately I forgot to mention that in the story itself. I pulled an Akira Toriyama on those two. So my bad. :facehoof:

However, don't you worry. I'll make sure to talk about them in the fourth story just to make sure the loose ends do at least get tied up from the first. XD I'm not going to leave those two characters hanging.

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