• Published 3rd Dec 2014
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Scootaloo, Dark Angel - Dusk Melody

My name is Scootaloo, i'm a vampony. I'm 123. This is my story. My marefriend, interested about my life spent wandering across Equestria asked me to write it all out

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Only If

Only If…

I was pissed off. Properly, royally pissed off. The dinner double date was a few hours away and to be honest, I really didn't want to go. Not only would I have to meet and make nice with Nigh… ’Rarity’s’ marefriend Shadow Weaver, but I'd be under close scrutiny by Rarity herself, which I wasn't too keen on I'll admit. She had demonstrated her power and superiority quite well to me earlier, and I was under no uncertainty that should the mood take her, she could end my existence without breaking a sweat. There was only two things that had convinced me to go at all, seeing Vocal Chord perform live, even if the mare wasn't in her prime anymore she could still rock, and Sweetie Belle’s puppy dog eyes. Seriously! Those things should be listed in the Equestrian military under deadly weapons. One day, I was determined to find out her secret, bottle it and become rich!

So yeah, here I was outside the Carousel Boutique, pissed off and waiting for my marefriend and her sister, the angel of death itself, to make their appearance. Fuck knows what Rarity was thinking, inviting me to a dinner of all things. I haven’t eaten anything other than blood for one hundred and twenty years! I didn't know I could eat anything else. My body was dead for all purposes that matter, can I manage ‘regular’ food? How would I cope with it? Guess I'd find out soon enough.

I reached for ever present cigarettes, trusting to Mother Nicotine to sooth my nerves, which the Good Mother always did, Luna rot her soul. I lit one up as I reflected on my conflicted thoughts regarding Sweetie Belle. I was in love with her voice, no doubt, but was I in love with her? I thought so, but how could I be sure? Did I deserve her after all the ponies I'd killed? Definitely not. This introspection bought me to Nightfall and my feelings towards her. True she had killed my parents and I hated her then, but did I hate her now? I thought I did, but after sleeping on it I had to say no, not really. Heh, it'd be pretty hypocritical of me if I did, after all how many families had I killed over the years? How many orphans had I created to sate my hunger? I honestly didn't know. Too many to count certainly. I was no better than her, and I certainly had no right to judge her anymore.

Flicking the spent cigarette away the doors of the Boutique opened and the two mares descended the steps towards me. Sweetie was dressed in a very simple purple number that perfectly accented her light pink mane and tail, and which was cut low enough in front to hold my, ahem, attention, and which was low enough at the bottom to keep my attention. Rarity was wearing a similarly simple black shoulderless dress which went all the way down to her hooves, my imagination didn't have to work in the slightest on her curves, it was all on display beneath the black fabric. As you can imagine, I felt distinctly like the odd one out dressed in my old leathers. Meh, never bothered me before, wasn't gonna start giving a shit now.

“Darling, it is impolite to stare.” Rarity turned her withering gaze upon me, and extended a delicate hand to flip my hanging jaw closed. Sweetie merely giggled at me mentally undressing her.

"So, where's this restaurant then?” I huffed, I was still annoyed I wasn’t out eating somepony, but my mood had been made considerably better since Sweetie’s appearance. Especially as she ‘casually’ flicked her tail against my leg.

“Other side of town dear, we will be leaving presently.”

“We aren't walking are we?” Not that I was bothered much, but Sweetie and Rarity in those outfits were gonna draw attention, and not the nice kind.

“Well of course we are not!” Rarity exclaimed, in a manner of one explaining something very simple to a foal, “Shadow Weaver is bringing the car, my Pet should be here very soon.”

Now that caught my attention. “Your pet? I thought she was your date?” Confused was I.

“My dear, she is both, and I will thank you to be respectful when she arrives, which will be in a few moments. My Pet is never late.”

Sweetie leant in to me at this point, and whispered “my big sis has a ‘unique’ relationship, it's cute, really.”

Uh huh.

I was about to comment further but the sound of an engine growing louder put the thought out of my mind. I checked my watch, it was a minute past eight, Shadow Weaver was a minute late. “So much for not being late,” I thought with a sly grin.

Just then a beautiful flame red Chevrolet Chevelle SS turned the corner and parked up in front of us. Engine still running the drivers door opened and out stepped the mare I assumed was Shadow Weaver.

At this point in the evening I was convinced of a universal conspiracy to get me wet, and it was working.

Shadow Weaver stood 6" 5' if she was an inch, which put her almost a foot taller than me, and certainly made her the tallest amongst us. She had a slight build for a unicorn, thin but not gaunt. She had a lavender coat, and jet black mane and tail shot through with red streaks. She had on a very elegant floor length crimson dress, what drew my eyes though was the leather collar she wore, in matching crimson, which even at this distance I could see had ‘PET’ engraved upon it.

She made her way around to the passenger door and opened it for Rarity while me and Sweetie got in the back. Rarity paused on her way into the car, and turned to face Shadow Weaver, who had her eyes glued firmly on the floor in front of her.
“You are three minutes late, Pet. See that it does not happen again.”

"No, Mistress, it will not.” Spoken in a voice so quiet it took my preternatural ears to actually hear she’d said anything at all.

Mistress and Pet huh? New one on me anyway. Each to their own though I say, after all when I do get blood bags I like to mix in some weetabix to give it texture sometimes so I can't judge what's weird. Didn't mean I couldn't have some fun with them both though, despite Rarity’s warning earlier.

The drive to the restaurant was uneventful, dull and boring. Took about fifteen minutes. A quarter of an hour I could've been on my baby or eating somepony. Still, it did give me an opportunity to come up with various means of winding up Rarity and her pet. Maybe tonight wouldn't be a total waste after all.

We made our way up to the doors of this fancy place, I can't begin to tell you it's name, probably french. Definitely foreign and unpronounceable. I held Sweetie’s hand in mine as Rarity lead the way, Shadow Weaver walking a few paces behind her Mistress, eyes down as usual. The suit at the door greeted us and was about to let us in when I spotted my first opportunity.

“Um, Rarity, are you sure we’re okay to go in here?” I kept my voice as even as I could, despite a small smirk playing on my lips.

“Perfectly sure dear, why do you ask?”

"Cause that sign says 'no PETS allowed'.” Sweetie giggled slightly, while Shadow Weaver’s cheeks went as red as her dress. A single glare from Rarity silenced Sweetie in a heartbeat, while an eye twitch in my direction told me I wouldn't be getting away with many more of these. Let's just see how many shall we?

After that we were shown to our table. It was one of those types of places where you had three different sized forks for Celestia knows what dish. Not my kind of thing. The waiter hovered over us taking our first course orders. Me, Rarity and Sweetie went for a soup, while Weaver just sat silent, eyes cast down to the table, then spoke in her quiet tone.


“Ah yes, Shadow Weaver, you shall have the goats cheese salad with dandelion dressing.” Rarity ordered for her before sending the waiter away.

“Yes, Mistress.” A tiny little smile ghosted across her lips, I realised she was totally getting off on this! Mind you, I have to admit it was pretty hot.

I leant back in my seat, taking Sweetie’s hand in mine. Giving the back of her hand a kiss I heard a little whine come from Shadow Weaver, whose hand remained untouched. “Jealous much?” Rarity picked up on this immediately, running her right hand delicately over Shadow’s hand and forearm, drawing out sighs of contentment from Shadow. “Just like you would stroke a pet,” I thought to myself.

“So, how long you been with Rarity then Shadow Weaver?”

Shadow’s cheeks coloured up again at being addressed directly – this was almost too easy – Rarity glared poisoned daggers at me before addressing Shadow.

“You may speak.”

“Thank you Mistress. Well, we have been together as marefriends for two years now, Mistress has been interested in me for a long time, you see I am a witch.”

Witch huh? Tonight is just full of surprises.

“Witch? How's that different to a regular unicorn using magic?” Now I was genuinely interested. A nod from Rarity prompted her to continue, Sweetie looked engrossed in the story.

“A unicorn merely uses magic as a tool, manipulating it’s brute force to do as they please, be it levitation, telekinesis and in some instances teleportation. I on the other hand use it more subtley, I can see everypony’s magic aura, the strands of fate that connect us all to each other. I can freeze time itself, change your future, or if I was so ordered, boil your brain in its own fluids while you believe you are sunbathing.”

At this point the soups and salad had arrived, Sweetie and Rarity began eating theirs immediately. I raised the spoon to try a bit and was surprised when it wasn't all that bad. Tasted very ‘odd’, then again I wasn't surprised by this really. Of course, Shadow Weaver was sat patiently awaiting her command.

“One last dig,” I thought. I couldn't resist, plus winding up Rarity was worth it.

“Pet, you may begin.”

“Yes Mistress.” Shadow Weaver had picked up her knife and fork and was about to start eating when I went for it. In hindsight I wish I hadn't.

“Sure you wouldn't be more comfortable with feeding bowls on the floor? Could mark one ‘witch’ and the other ‘bi…’.”

Several things happened at once at this point to cut me off, Sweetie Belle gasped, her mouth hanging open in shock at what I'd been about to say. Shadow Weaver actually had tears running down her lavender cheeks, streaking her fur as she started to rock back and forth in her chair. The silver spoon Rarity held in her left hand hit the side of her bowl with a ringing clang as she dropped it. She tapped Weaver’s left hand twice, she nodded at the signal and I felt a gentle wave of power emanate from her, spreading over the entire restaurant. Looking around I was stunned, there must've been at least a hundred ponies there that night, and each and every one was frozen in place. Some in midstep, some in the act of eating or drinking. Each one still and lifeless as statues, even Sweetie next to me, was frozen in mid gasp. Everyone except Shadow Weaver, me and Rarity.

Uh oh.

The split second I took to realise I was in danger was all the time Rarity required. She was up and over the table between us so fast, I swear to this day I never saw her move, even with my eyes. In the time it took me to blink I was hoisted from my chair like a rag doll, her hand around my neck thrust me backwards into the wall behind me, her magic pinning my arms and legs in place, the pressure crushing my wings into my back.

Her eyes glowed blood red, her lips pulled back in a feral snarl such as I'd never seen, exposing her deadly fangs. This wasn't Rarity anymore, this was Nightfall, pure undiluted Nightfall, and man was she pissed. Her finger nails extended into talons, digging into the flesh of my neck, drawing blood that flowed over her hand.

“That. Is. Enough!” Nightfall’s voice was little more than a savage hiss, but I caught every syllable. She released my throat, brought her fingers to her lips and sucked them clean of my blood, relishing the coppery taste on her lips. Quick as a flash her mouth was at my exposed jugular, and I tried then failed to suppress the gasp of pain as her fangs penetrated me for the second time in my life. Nightfall wasn't gentle this time, no, oh no. I could feel her very magic pulling my blood out of me, ripping it from my veins against my will. She was brutal in her ministrations, and I knew I deserved it. I tried to struggle against the magical bonds, but it was useless. I was as helpless now as I was when I was eighteen.

"P - please...s - stop...please.." I begged her, barely forming the words in my weakened state. Nightfall ignored me utterly, merely continuing her violation of my body. It was pathetic how quickly she had dominated me, as powerful as I thought I was this was a whole different league. I had foolishly whacked the hive one too many times, now I was paying the ultimate price for it.

“Mistress please stop.”

Nightfall turned to look at Shadow Weaver, not believing what she had just heard. I couldn't either to be honest, I mean, why would she help me?

“Give. Me. A. Reason.” Nightfall panted through heavy breaths.

"Sweetie loves her.”

That was enough. Nightfall, through a supreme effort of will, brought herself under control. Rarity turned back to face me, and ripped open her wrist, forcing it against my mouth and poured her blood into me as she released the magical hold over my limbs. I stumbled to the floor, unable to stand. Thanks to her powerful blood my body was recovering, albeit slowly. I felt Rarity’s magic roughly seize my mane as she thrust my muzzle into Shadow Weaver’s hooves. I heard her voice, cold and calculating.

“Thank her.”

“T – thank y – you, Shadow Weaver…” I barely had the energy to form the coherent thought, let alone the words.

“No, thank her properly.”

More magic poured from Rarity, forcing my mouth open and my tongue out, as Rarity ran it over her Pet’s hooves. The sheer humiliation almost killed me, and I wished the floor would open and consume me there and then. Her magical hold let go of my lips, I held them in place on Weaver’s hooves. I knew better than to move before I was instructed.

After a few seconds Rarity lifted me to my own hooves, and I stood shaking before her. “Insult my Pet ever again, and you will spend eternity believing you are a two year old filly. I'll even have Sweetie braid your mane. Am I clear?”

A hesitant nod was all I could muster in response. Rarity had made her point.

“Then take Sweetie Belle home and put her to bed. The exertion of the evening has quite worn her out.” I looked over at Sweetie, she had indeed been put to sleep. “Do not be at the Boutique when we get back. I do not want to see you till the end of the week.”

As I picked Sweetie up in my arms Shadow Weaver released her hold over the rest of the restaurant, the diners and staff going about their business as if nothing had happened.

I heard Rarity one last time before I reached the doors. “As for you, Pet, we will ‘discuss’ your actions later…” I didn't stop to hear Shadow Weaver’s whimpered reply, I only prayed Nightfall would go easy on her, after all the mare had just saved my life.