• Published 3rd Dec 2014
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Scootaloo, Dark Angel - Dusk Melody

My name is Scootaloo, i'm a vampony. I'm 123. This is my story. My marefriend, interested about my life spent wandering across Equestria asked me to write it all out

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Shepard Moons

Shepherd Moons

Hey. So here we are again. The third entry in this little journal Sweetie asked me to write. I hope you're all still reading, ‘cause if you aren't I'm wasting my time. Not that I haven't got that to waste, there are just better things I could be doing, like feeding.

So, where'd I leave off last time? Oh yeah, the night I first met my Sweetie Belle. That was one hell of a night. I gave her a ride home after we kissed. Sweetie was hesitant at first to go anywhere near my baby, it seemed bigger than she was. I remember getting on and patting the seat behind me impatiently. Poor thing just stood there and shook her head. After ten minutes I lost my cool with her, getting off my baby I grabbed by the arms and bodily lifted her onto the passenger seat. She just squeaked at how strong I was. Getting back on I revved her up and cast a glance over my shoulder at Sweetie.

“Where to Sweets?”

“C– carousel B– boutique.” She managed to squeak out, trying to overcome her fear. To be fair to the poor mare, it had been a strange night, she had a lot to take in.

“No way,” I thought, “no fucking way, she lives right next to where I've been sleeping? What are the chances?” I had to chuckle at the wierdness of the universe then. Life sure did have a sense of humour huh? Little did I know at that point just how humourous the universe could be, and that very shortly I would be the butt of one of its despicable practical jokes.

“Hold on to me.” Sweetie did as instructed, wrapping her arms around my waist. I could've told her to hold the handle at the back, but hey, may as well enjoy the ride, right? Sweetie leant into me far more than was necessary, but I wasn't going to complain to her about her breasts being squashed into my back.

“Hmmmmhmm. It sure did feel nice.” I had to shake myself a little, “focus Scoots, you pervert.”

Revving my baby’s engine once more I took off, racing back towards that clothes shop. I'll grant you I didn't know where I was going but it was a simple matter to follow my own scent back the way I had come. Presently, within fifteen minutes we were parked outside the Boutique, Sweetie was shivering as I helped her off my baby, either from the cold or from excitement, mind you, when she put her hand in mine I was the one shivering.

I just couldn't understand it. Why in the name of all the Goddesses did this mare affect me like this? Now, I'm no tender virgin readers, you may have picked up on that. Over the past 123 years I've had my share (heh, some might say more than my share) of stallions and mares, even before I was turned I had more than a few colts and fillies. I know my way around bodies, how to use mine to get what I want, how to use others too, and I know more than a bit about sex. Yeah, I've had a bit of it, though I never thought I put myself about, just after living so long a mare gets lonely ya know? Plus the odd orgasm here and there never fails to liven up a dull night.

So yeah, I'd been intimate before on physical levels, sure. But this, with Sweetie, this was… what was this? All she had done was take my hand and suddenly I was like a trembling filly. I gripped her hand outside the Boutique. That moment, it was weird. I felt weird. I didn't know why she made me feel like this. Was it love? Did I love her? To be honest right then I didn't know. I loved her voice I knew that much, and she was easy on the eyes sure, but was it more?

Anyway, while I was stood there zoned out like an idiot, her hand in mine, I was totally unaware Sweetie had asked me something. I only realised as much when she turned to look at me with those beautiful eyes.

“I said, would you like to come in and meet my sister?”

"To eat, ya mean?”

I tried to walk off towards the Boutique but was halted by an unmoving Sweetie. I turned back to her and she was frozen in place, a look of utter horror on her perfect face.

“Y– you wouldn't, would you?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “maybe.” I said with a wink, hoping she’d catch on. I loved playing with her.

“You are awful!” She said with a delightful giggle as she swatted my arm.

“Uh huh, that's why ya love me babe.” I inwardly cringed, love? Where did that come from? Ugh. Lame! I reached into my jacket for the cigarettes, taking one out I lit up and took a long drag, calming my nerves.

“Um, I don't think my sister approves of smoking.”

"Fuck your sister," I thought darkly, taking another drag before blowing the smoke out. “Look Sweets if she don't like it I'll put it out, ‘Kay?”

With that she nodded and lead the way up the steps to the front doors, pushing them open and inviting me in. We just got inside when Sweetie called out to the empty room.

“Sis! I'm back, where are you?”

“Upstairs Sweetie darling.” A voice answered. The sound of this voice stopped me cold, I'd heard it before somewhere, but where? Certainly nopony I knew or could remember spoke like that. It sounded like it belonged in Canterlot high society, not the slums of nowhere town. Sweetie took off for the stairs, and disappeared upstairs, telling me to wait for her.

Since I was alone, I took the chance to have a look around. The inside of the boutique was very nice, I thought. It certainly was a large space. Opposite the doors was a large counter with a cash register on it, behind which on the wall was a large glass cabinet holding various accessories. I personally had no idea what they were, as I said before fashion wasn't my thing. Along the left wall were five life size mannequins, all wearing different dresses and outfits. I assumed these were for customers, two had name tags on them. One was for “Shadow Weaver” the other for someone called “Rarity”. The opposite wall was lined with shelving holding various materials and equipment. A set of stairs to the left of these shelves went to the darkened upstairs.

I wandered back over to the dresses on the mannequins. They really were of exquisite quality. Whomever had done this was skilled indeed. Try as I might my mind kept wandering to that voice I heard from upstairs. I couldn't shake the weird feeling I'd heard it before. Nor could I shake the feeling of unease that voice instilled. What was it with me tonight? I could hear muffled voices upstairs, still on my own I took another cigarette and began to inhale the smoke. I watched the smoke from the tip make little rings as it wafted away. Distracted by the smoke I didn't hear the hoofsteps coming down the stairs behind me. Just as I lifted the ciggy to my lips for a drag I heard what I assumed was Sweetie's sister.

“I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to put that out, darling.”

I spun on my heel, ready to tell this stuck up mare where I wanted to shove my ciggy, but the insult died on my lips. She stalked down the stairs like a predator after a wounded animal, never once taking her eyes off me. She literally took my breath from me, this unicorn mare. I felt the spark of recognition instantly, even after all these years. She looked exactly the same as the last time I saw her. Alabaster white coat, and a lustrous purple mane and tail, perfectly styled ‘coiffed’ I think is the right term. Her elegant beauty was astounding, made more so by the simple black dress she was wearing. Accented by her cutie mark of three blue diamonds on the left side.

Absentmindedly I squeezed the cigarette between my fingers, snuffing it out as I continued to stare at the last mare in the world I expected to see again. She reached the bottom of the stairs, looking me over like I would someponie’s neck.

“Darling, it is rude to stare.” The disdain in her voice was almost palpable.

“Nightfall.” My voice was a low growl, as full of anger and hate as I could manage. It had been 120 years since I last set eyes on this mare, her image burned into my brain. There was no chance I had this wrong. 120 years, and here she stood before me, a look on her face like she didn't recognise me. How could Nightfall not recognise me? ME!

“I do sometimes go by that name, yes. And you are?”

“Where's Sweetie Belle?” I was angry sure, but also concerned as to Sweeties safety around Nightfall. Did Sweetie know about her? What in Tartarus was the set up here?

“Sweetie, my sister, is upstairs showering as we speak. Now, for the sake of good manners, I shall ask once more. Whom are you?”

“You don't recognise me at all, do you Nightfall?” Anger was building in me, I could feel the rage in the pit of my gut. How dare she not recognise me, after everything she did? And how was Sweetie Belle this monsters sister?

“Dear, is there a special reason I should?” Nightfall barely managed to suppress her irritation, clearly bored by the situation.

“Oh I'll give you a reason. You killed my parents.”

Nightfall casually made her way over to a weird sofa looking thing next to the counter, and reclined on it, not bothering to keep eye contact anymore. Smoothing her dress around her legs she turned to look me over once more, clearly not impressed with the leather clad me on front of her.

"I am afraid you will have to be more specific darling, I have killed a lot of people's parents.” Her casual tone infuriated me ever more. She wasn't even denying it!
With a supreme effort I pushed my anger to one side, and in an even a voice as I could manage I said to her,

“Trottingham, 1909. Middle of a thunderstorm, you knocked on the door of our house. My parents took you in, gave you shelter, food, warm clothes and a clean bed for the night. In return for their hospitality and charity you slaughtered them! You– you forced me to watch as you ripped out their throats and drank them dry before discarding them like used toys! T– then you held me in your arms, and drank from me, a– and you gave me the choice they never got, join them in death or live forever, like you.” I flashed my fangs at her in proof, “I chose the latter, and you made me.”

“I see.” That same tone of voice again. Not once in my tirade did she lose her composure. Nightfall merely looked at me as if we were discussing the weather. “When I spoke to Sweetie upstairs, she mentioned to me that you saved her life earlier tonight, and that the two of you kissed. Is this correct?”

Her question caught me squarely off guard. It was all I could do to offer her a sullen ‘yes’ as a response.

“Then I am in your debt. My sister is very precious to me. As such, to you, I apologise for the hurt I caused to you and your family.”

“That's it? You're sorry? YOU’RE SORRY?” I rushed at her, my rage wanting to tear her apart.

A blue light emanated from her horn and caught me in a magical field, halting my movement towards her and pinning me in place. I thrashed about like a fish out of water to no avail, I was caught and going nowhere. Once more, I was at her mercy. If she had any that is.

“Do not misunderstand me. In three hundred and seventy two years I have not apologised to anypony or anything. I merely did what I had to do to survive, as I am sure you yourself have done over the years.”

I had to admit, she had a point there. Begrudgingly I stopped trying to fight her magical hold on me, and with a thought she ceased the spell.

"Now, I have no trouble allowing you to continue seeing Sweetie Belle. However I have rules. Do you agree?”

I nodded to her, knowing full well she could overpower me in a heartbeat should she so chose.

“Very well. Number one, I will accept no violence under my roof. Two, Sweetie does not know about Nightfall. To her I am her sister Rarity, and that is how it will stay. Three, should any harm come to her by your doing I will dismember you where you stand, drink your carcass dry and scatter the remains to the four winds. Are we clear on these rules?”

I spat in my left hand and extended it to her, only for her to wrinkle her nose in disgust and use her magic to clean my hand thoroughly before she took it in her own and gave it a shake.

“Yeah, ‘Rarity’, I reckon I can live with that.” Don't get me wrong, I was still angry with her, very much so, but Nightf…’Rarity’ had demonstrated her power and dominance quite well. I may not be the smartest pegasus in Equestria but I knew which way my bread was buttered. Here she was giving me her blessing to be with Sweetie, and I wasn’t about to let a grudge get in the way of that.

“Thank you, for apologising. It– it means a lot, I guess. My name is Scootaloo, by the way.”

“You are very welcome, Scootaloo.” For the first time in our exchange, she offered me a smile. “Now, I hear Sweetie has finally finished in the shower and is on her way down to us. One last time, you agree to my rules?”

I merely nodded in agreement.

“Excellent, then let us never speak of this again.” Rarity then raised her voice to Sweetie in greeting as the young mare came bounding down the stairs. “Ah Sweetie, enjoy the shower did we?”

“Yeah sis it was great! You two been okay down here? I thought I heard shouting…” Sweetie skipped over to me and planted a soft kiss on my lips, looking over at Rarity I could’ve sworn I saw the ghost of an eye twitch as she did so.

"Nonsense darling myself and Scootaloo have gotten along famously haven’t we, dear?”

“Sure we have Sweets,” I pulled her into a huge hug and looked Rarity square in the eyes, “your sister’s something else babe.”

With that I noticed the time was fast approaching four am. Time to make my excuses and bail back to next door, although I had a feeling I wouldn't be there many more nights. Sweetie looked disappointed I was leaving but I did offer to pick her up for a date later, which she seemed thrilled at. I was on my way to the main doors when Rarity stopped me.

“IDEA!” She all but squealed out at us, “my marefriend Shadow Weaver and I have a dinner date at a restaurant later tonight. Why don't you two join us, we can double date?”

I was about to respectfully decline when Rarity dropped her secret weapon. Vocal Chord would be performing there. The Vocal Chord! My idol herself! Now I couldn't refuse, regardless of how weird this double date would be, I'd be there with Sweetie, listening to Vocal Chord! I had to accept, there was no other choice. I gave Sweetie a last lingering kiss as I left the Boutique and hurriedly pushed my baby around the corner out of sight down the alleyway.

Have to admit, I felt really good as I settled down to sleep that morning. Yes I was nervous about the upcoming date, but it was nothing I couldn't handle surely? I mean, it was only dinner right? What could possibly go wrong? Nothing I thought, except upsetting Sweetie and being horribly murdered by her insanely powerful vampony sister. See? Nothing to worry about at all…