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The group, Three Winged Mares, experience the most suprising moments in their entire lives, when they notice not just a wall-eyed pegasus is near this, but a certain pony will also experience this odd moment.

Play around with this group as you travel with Mango Mixture Dolphin, Red Moon, Steamwink, Derpy Hooves(Ditzy Doo), Doctor Whooves, and 'some other pony' experience the the moment that changes everything in this choose your own story!

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 7 )

If you want to ask about ideas, don't be afraid to ask me! :derpytongue2::trollestia:

I'm very sorry, couldn't really find inspiration, but I forgot about the story. I'll try to finish the chapter.

How long has this been? Months?
Wow, I need to work on this more. Mango, remember to work on this more. Just, I'll try.

Please keep writting this, I loved it so far :fluttercry:

3708733 Ha ha, sorry about that! I'm going to attempt to change the story a bit, actually, but I'll attempt to work hard to finish it.

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