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Moon Solace

One's skill is not determined by natural talent, but the determination of the person. Or in this case, a pony.


Have you ever had that feeling that your family is keeping dark secrets about you that you shouldn't ever know about? Welcome to my world then. My life changed dramatically when I discovered a spell book made for earth ponies, met the most amazing pegasus ever, and went on the adventure of finding out who I was meant to be.

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Enjoying the story so far, its pretty good. Solace's dad is an asshole for being so mean to Derpy, it makes me want to buck him in the face.

Thanks MacJack, but remember what Rainbow said, his parents might know more than he thinks.

Yeah I know. Its just that when a certain character is getting bashed by others it kinda strikes a cord with me. I know that Solace's parents will get to actually know the pony that Derpy is on the inside soon enough. And your right as well, his parents might already know but I guess that I'll just have to wait and see.

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