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Courtship - the period in a couple's relationship which precedes their engagement and marriage, or establishment of an agreed relationship of a more enduring kind. During courtship, a couple gets to know each other and decide if there will be an engagement or other such agreement.

Celestia loathes Courtship day. She despises it for many reasons, but perhaps today will be different...

Featured!!! 11/30/2014 Yay!! :yay:

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 70 )

Continue, please? Or at least a sequel?

IDK, um... If enough people want it, I mean...

I have to think about it... :applejackunsure:

Beautiful story. A part of me really wants a sequel, another part of me thinks its perfect as it is. A beginning.

But on a more serious note, super cool story, just, like, come an. Get an editor. Heck, I'll even edit, if ye want. But still, cool story. You should do a sequel.:twilightsmile:

For being so short, it was pretty good. Nailed Derpy in my opinion. Hope you do a sequel BUT it is good as is.

Maybe just a short epilogue chapter or something instead.



But on a more serious note, super cool story, just, like, come an. Get an editor. Heck, I'll even edit, if ye want. But still, cool story. You should do a sequel.



come an. Get an editor.

Heck, I'll even edit, if ye want.

Most fuckin' ironic comment I've ever read in my life. :facehoof:

Awww, it's so cute.

It was good but sadly way to short. You can continue it and make some sheningams like derpy metting that guy who bought roses when he try read some chesse poem for celestia.

there is few misspelling like celesgtia or mnovere (or something like that search for 'mno')

I hope you gonna continue it it was very positive

and damn that 'scoot over' just nearly make me burst out of laugh (and im inside class, it would be interesting explaining to my proffessor why I don't listen to him about compiling programs)


... Um... Because... She made a wrong turn at Manehatten...?

Needs work on grammar and spelling, but is good nonetheless. Have an upvote. Will favorite it when the errors are cleaned up.


I fixed some grammar issues. I apologize, but I was so freaking tired...:facehoof:

That was super cute

Perhaps the sequel could be her disguising herself as a normal pony,going to Ponyville so she could live like a normal pony for a while.It must feel depressing for her to always be serious and never really have a chance to let her hair down as well as others to see her always a princess and never just her herself, Celestia.This could give her a chance to feel more like a normal pony for once.


Well... To be honest, I was writing an epilogue chapter to this fic before moving onto a possible sequel...

But maybe... Maybe...

"... why didn't she go with plastic?"

... I got it.

Paper feels better than plastic.

(Starts a slow clap) I'm impressed. Well done.

5331505 Duh, because if you put plastic bags on your head, you can suffocate!

It's all about safety!

And also plastic is made by evil Arabs who beat their wives and make global warming oil for their god who is the devil which is why he needs it hot so he can emerge and turn the whole world to hell. (See how must sense it makes?! DO YOU SEEEEEEE?!)




... That's not a meme! That's a giraffe!

5332049 I see your giraffe and raise you a badger.

I managed to find another nice one-shot story, but sadly it is over already.

My hat goes off to you. You've managed to create something extremely cute, sweet and touching out of a simple concept, and despite the lack of refinement in your style and odd portrayal of the characters.. It drew me in and left me wanting more. I don't think this much, but continue this, please! :))

I SHIP IT HARDCORE I mean...Great story, short and sweet.

Thanks for this I needed just something short and humorous and this was perfect. I may as well say I'm on board the sequel train.

Congratulations. You have won an internet.


sequel! sequel! sequel! sequel! sequel!

This story earned a like and fave. Chance for a sequel?

Sequel, sequel, sequel, sequel, sequel plz?

5332031 You know what (this might be silly), have you ever watch the show and ever seen any plastic bags? It's seems like the tech level is a little all over the place compared to us. Rule of cool I guess. Not that's a bad thing. Then again, no need to over think things cause over the years different writers and what not.

I don't remember watching a lot of shows that have a mix of highish tech and highish magic. Overthinking...

This is cute, but I have two issues. First, Celestia isn't really in character. I just can't picture her saying or doing any of this. You did, however, nail Derpy, perfectly. You really got the characterization of Derpy down. Second, your spelling is, especially in the beginning, horrid. There were so many errors that I couldn't get into the story, right away, and I found myself just searching, and easily spotting, all the silly mistakes. You really need an editor. But, you did say that you wrote this, quickly, so I'll just hope that you didn't spell-check or even proofread your story.

TL;DR: Celestia's characterization needs some work and this story needs some serious editing, on the grounds that you have, practically, a spelling error in every sentence from that first paragraph.

P.S. I'd love to help edit, if ever you choose to make this grammar nazi happy.

Yes Derpy is so awesome she wins everything without even knowing

two more shots please

If you're willing to send me a message of the edited bits, I'll be sure to make the changes.

Also, I don't really know why people say she's out of character. I mean, if 1000 years go by and I haven't found the spark in someone, including those who drop themselves at my feet, I'd be pretty freaking out of it.

5328473 im pretty sure people want it

Aww. :heart: (Dang it, now I'm feeling things again...)
But seriously, good story!

5335059 As for Celestia's characterization:
She's normally mature, and sweet. I feel like, even in this scenario, she would remain elegant and wouldn't succumb to sulking about how much she hates everypony. Also, she seems far too young, in this, like she doesn't have the wisdom that normally accompanies her every move. And, she's actually a little bit rude, seeing as how she dismissed all of them without a thought, commented on Derpy's odd behavior even though in all her years she's seen far worse, and seemed taken aback when Derpy didn't know her name, which to me seemed kind of egotistical.

She has also spread harmony and friendship for many years, and I highly doubt that it never occurred to her to become friends with her suitors. I have no doubt that she would handle it all, beautifully, and would be delicate enough not to let anypony down or outwardly show her dislike in something or someone.

Everything she says comes out like some fascinated child, or a child that doesn't want to do something. Either way, she is pictured as being somepony that doesn't handle stress well, when I know that she can and stands proud in the face of adversity. She is calm, and would never get nervous, in front of another, especially one that she likes or may have feelings for.

Basically, Celestia isn't handling anything the way she normally would. And, she may get lonely, but it doesn't even seem like she wants somepony. She is just sick of their attention and would prefer if they left and they never got a chance, at all. Also, she seems strong on her own and I doubt that she's freaking out about needing somepony, because she is a special type of pony, with wisdom beyond humans, so comparing her thought process to your own would just be viewing something through your young eyes and not hers.

One main thing I'm having an issue with, is that I don't sense the sweetness in her actions, or the playfulness, or the need to make other ponies happy, since I know that in this story she is thinking more about herself than the ones who love her. Sure, she wants to spare their feelings by not holding the day, at all, but not giving them the chance is even worse. She would put their needs before her own, and would spend all of her time and power trying to make them feel special. Also, I don't think that she would want presents. I can completely picture her asking the ponies of the kingdom not to bring her anything, but that they sit and chat with her, instead. I mean, she did waste hours of time at the gala, simply greeting ponies because she wanted them to be happy, and that's actually kind of similar. She was happy then, even though she could admit that the whole event was boring.

I really admire Celestia, but in this story she isn't portrayed as the strong-willed, ever hospitable Celestia that I know and love. An odd day would not be enough to completely change her outlook on life.

As for the editing:
I will do that within the next day. I can send that to you via PM and just mark my changes in red.

You managed to create a mirror image of derpys personality:derpyderp1:

I'm impressed

I... I love it. So... So adorbes!:rainbowkiss:


Simply adorable. Thanks for the new chapter. It's finally complet---MOAR MOAR SEQUEL PLZ MOAR--ahem. finally complete. Yeah :twilightsheepish:

Kidding, kidding :derpytongue2: Good chapter, thank you!

Awww I want it to work so bad!!! Derpy is so cute and amazing and deserves the best!

"I'm okay. No need to worry..."

...For some reason my brain instantly chimed in with the cry of a Piplup.

5333337 *tosses it onto his pile of Internets* I got a million of em already. :trollestia:

Princess Bride, huh? Never read the book, only heard good things about it though. The movie was good, but it's bad to judge books by their movies.

Awesome story though, I love it. :twilightsmile: :derpytongue2:


I agree with you here, Celestia has shown a range of moods and behaviors that would match in this scenario.
While not necessarily a nit pic, if her Courtship day happen to coincide with hearts and hooves day it would help make a bit more sense. Since she is single I would believe that to foster hope that anyone could find love she refused to turn anypony away, despite her distaste for the holiday. Other than that I felt Celestia and Derpy's characterization was spot on!

"Nothing isn't entirely inconcievable..."

as a student taking a logic class, this is an incredibly vague and noncommittal statement That I will probably spend the next half hour converting to a more easily understood format and finding the logical implications of.
But anyway great addition and I look forward to the sequel when it gets put up!

I feel like this would have been better if it were friendshipping.


... I'm sorry. I'm missing something, aren't I? What exactly do you mean?

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