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A collection of various character defects with few redeeming qualities masquerading as one of you.


Santa Hooves brings presents to all the good fillies and colts all throughout Equestria on Hearts Warming Eve. When he stops in Canterlot he makes a long stop at a member of one of Celestia's Own.

This is a retelling of "Merry Christmas, My Friend" by James M. Schmidt

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That was sweet. :pinkiehappy:

This was wonderful to read. :pinkiesad2:

Only a shadow box with ribbons in a neat row,
was the only decoration to show.

Perhaps you could remove that first "only." That line came across as a bit redundant...

5346407 yeah, think I will, thanks for the kind words :scootangel:

A nice little read.
Only a few minor issues to be found.

bag of present to give

Should be presents.

a strange site to see,

Should be sight.

everpony knows a Royal Guards don’t cry.

A Royal Guard doesn't cry or the Royal Guards don't cry.
Beyond that, there were a few spots where it didn't feel like there was any particular meter to it, and there was one seemingly forced rhyme, but neither detracted from the enjoyability of this.

5346553 thanks, totally missed those going through it a hundred times, will try to fix the meter but I'm kinda burned out from work today, that's a weekend thing

I wrote a review of this poem!

It can be found here.

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